What is Satanism?


Not take photos of your reflection in the mirror!

Can i make a picture in the mirror?Sometimes you need to quickly make your own photo. But the house is unoccupied, and time is short. And then many are proven method — photographed his reflection in the mirror.

time for magic rituals

To magic ritual went to maximum effect, all matters and used accessories and ritual objects, and time of the ceremony. Traditionally magicians used the lunar cycle, knowing him, you can properly calculate a favorable or unfavorable for the rituals.

How to call a good spirit?



NumerologyNumbers from ancient times an important and multifaceted role in human life. Not surprisingly, they have always attracted attention on the part of the mind.

White magic consequences


Signs and superstitions in aviation

Most superstitions arose from the fact that in the unconscious pilot clearly laid the ban: — No! And if the You want and do not want, then you constantly think about the fear of punishment, and instead of the normal flight, the pilots normal internal nervous trembling, sometimes well concealed.

Magic of Blood- part 2


Free learning magic


Broken Mirror


Signs of the Last Day - Revelation of the Prophet Muhammad

Humanity is at all times, thinking about the nature of the universe, believing that the universe is eternal and has no end. This understanding formed the basis of materialist philosophy. But today science has conclusively proven that life on earth was the exact moment of the beginning of our Universe is finite, as well as mortal and all men and creatures.

The opening of the chakras in a child

The opening of the chakras in a childThe baby was born. He was tiny. He was defenseless. It is vulnerable to a huge world. His body is not formed. His vital systems are not developed. In such a defenseless state of the child is a long time.

Salem Witch

Witch Hunt — one of the most shameful chapters in the history of mankind. Swept over several centuries in Europe witch processes claimed the lives of over a hundred thousand people. However, one of the bloodiest ship historians believe the events in Salem (USA, Massachusetts).

Armageddon. Instructions for survival. List of needed items

Preparing the family for survival must begin by making a list of lists, and then — rough list of priorities of things (if you're a fan of computers can make them in electronic form, the main thing — do not forget to print them before the world lost electricity).

Output from the body for 3 days. Astral projection is real!

This video is guaranteed results within two days with a probability of 50%. And 90% for the week with daily attempts!To whom videseminar:- For those who want to learn how to exit from the body and lucid dreaming; - For those who can not stand idle talk and theory; - For those who need real practice and only practice; - For those who want to discover a new world;Video seminar that will give:- The evolutionary transition to a new level of existence; - Another world is even more clear and limitless; - Ability to leave the body and knowing how to do it right; - Ability to manage the out of body experience, and all its components; - Ability to travel around the Earth, the universe and time; - Access to relevant information; - A totally new and amazing way to self; - Ability to see again and communicate with the dead; - Mastery of the most powerful extra-technology; - And many others.

Can the people pass through the wall. Scientifically proven!

And it would be cool, right? At night, in a rich bank quietly so through the wall, just sniff… protection does not hear anything, the apparatus is silent… I'm rowing, rowing coin… The next day, another bank, even bigger .

Friday. 13

Another Friday of the month falls on the 13th number, and we, without being overly superstitious, with a shudder of the heart from the dark forces expect all sorts of mischief and trouble… How can they be avoided? Enough to follow some simple guidelines and you will not have this day special problems, psychologists and parapsychologists are advised.

Space superstition

Cosmonauts think perhaps the most superstitious people on the planet. In flight they take on the tradition with a sprig of sage, as it keeps longer than other plants, and smell like the earth, and on the launch pad crew decided to accompany the song «Earth through the porthole.

The secrets of shamans, doctors revealed

Researchers have discovered why an uneducated witch doctor can sometimes cure hopelessly ill personDrain SoulThe word «shaman» sounds fascinating. And he seems mysterious fakir, the fluttering of a ritual dance maniac — a special cloak of animal skins.

A heavy blow to the sorcerers

Romania has long been a worldwide reputation of the country in which witches and wizards play an important role in all spheres of life. Thus, until recently, their work was not regulated by law.When at the end of last year, the Romanian government tried to control the scope of the occult and fortune-tellers and witches enrolled in the category of entrepreneurs, who now must pay income tax at 16% and deduct part of their earnings to pension funds and health insurance funds, its adherents have expressed extreme dissatisfaction.

Civilization Mermaids on the ocean floor

Under the water there is a civilization rybolyudey, and people are sometimes faced with them. Anthropologists believe that in the Quaternary period, when the cold snap, the ancestors of the people were semi-aquatic lifestyle in the Indian Ocean coast.

Rule the world ... mages?


Can I change your fate?

Is there a human destiny? On this issue fought by the ancient philosophers and sages. But these days the answer is not found. Who ever can know how the world works, except for the one who created him? However, if future events are in time and space before they happen, and people can get information about them, which means that they have a destiny.

If a man will purify your chakras, no troubles are not inclined to

In this article we will talk about the chakras and their properties. But what is it? Many take the chakras as a centralized power and consciousness, which are stored inside the human soul. According to Hindus, chakras are somewhat similar with the plexus of nerves and glands.