Astrology. Your Personal Natal Chart

Astrologer. Your Personal Natal chart

Natal chart shows the principle on which are built all occurring in the lives of the people of the event, only reflects its potential. And as the people implementing it depends on him.

Why horoscopes? Agree a lot easier for people to live, if he knows about his potential, a possible choice in their lives, but in this case, it is truly the master of his fate.

Natal chart is much more accurately reflects the potential of the people than, for example, numerology and palmistry. It is like a storehouse of information about the potential of people, but only the people determines the degree of their development. Therefore, horoscope will never give you the answer to a question like: «Can I do this?», «I achieved success in this matter?».
This horoscope will never answer you, and the question: «There was a relationship I have with this girl or guy?». horoscope will only help to find out whether your characters are compatible, interests and attitudes. Tell you where it will be easy, but where it is difficult. And builds his destiny man himself.

I am professional astrologer, I will make your natal chart analysis of birth, and answer your concerns in the areas of love and relationships, career and finances, good luck and prosperity. I will make a prediction for you on a private 4 elements (Fire, Water, Land and Air), the forces of nature, which have a huge impact on your character, your actions and deeds in your life in general. Using the knowledge gave me a buyout presented to the Universe and Nature, I'll tell you a secret control elements and attract into your life good luck, love and prosperity.

I will do for you:

-Personal natal chart of your birth
-Analysis of the natal chart of your birth, the planets and their influence on you
-Astrological analysis of karmic manifestations
-Forecast of key areas of your life on the natal birth chart
-Astrological Trends in love, relationships, family, career or business
-Identification of the dominant element in your zodiac sign and a detailed analysis of the elements which influence your life is weakened
-Tips and tricks to achieve a balance among the four elements

— I'll tell you about the possibilities of overcoming the crisis: how to return the love, how to strengthen the relationship, how to get a job and Money

To get your natal chart, do the following:
Enter your name (specify the correct name — it will be indicated in the text of the natal chart).
Tell your correct date of birth and time. If it is not known, enter 12:00.
Enter the city where you were born (eg, New York ), and select your country from the list (eg, US).


Price natal chart -500 $ us


Strict Privacy Protection Policy.
No matter what info you give us about yourself, i will never reveal it to any third parties, or sell your details to any list merchants. Your order will be personally interpreted by Witch Reddy. 
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