What dreams presage a profit?

Money, like it or not, one of the main things in our lives. And always want to make it bigger. How can predict in advance, will the finances in your life — say, if you plan to leave? One way to — to pay attention to your dreams! Yes, our subconscious is never wrong and will help us adjust financial plans.
If you dream of just money, it does not mean that they are to you halt. It all depends on the context of the dream. For example, if you dream that you got some money, especially if you are giving them to someone or give a loan — it promises high costs. Counterfeit money — the loss of inheritance. But if you think money is a dream — it is for wealth.

Dream that you are rich? This success in their careers, but there is a big chance that you will achieve the heights of career, having made some unseemly act.

Losing money in a dream — to trouble, but not necessarily a financial plan. Perform financial transactions — to the addition to the family. Save money — for profit. To ask someone for money — you are waiting for care.

If you dream that you have gone bankrupt — you have to quarrel. And not necessarily for financial reason.

See a lot of paper bills — to the ambulance arrived. If you dream that you found money bills — will soon get news that is associated with money.

To dream of small coins — often to the chores. If you dream that you are minting coins — you will make efforts that will be in vain. Gold and silver dream, unfortunately, but the coppers — fortunately.

To see a poor person — perhaps you will be generous to someone. And if you dream that you found a treasure — one that, in contrast, will make you a generous offering.

In fairness, it should be noted that the «money» dreams can be a direct result of our thoughts about money.

For example, if we really need them, we can dream that we find a bar of gold, or come to the bank, and it is closed… But this is only our thoughts, and nothing more.

There is also a set of symbols that are not seemingly directly related to money, but the dream always point to the upcoming earnings.

For example, if you dream a lot… Yes, the same, then expect that in a short time on you unexpectedly fall nehily amount of money. And if you're in a dream, and even managed to plunge into the heap — wealth is stable. And what are you surprised? Money, as you know, the thing is dirty!

Dreams that run past you people? This means that you can earn money by their own labor, but working in a team.

A barrel full of water, said that the money you earn exhausting labor.

Sign any documents in his sleep? Directly to the dream of money does not say, but it may portend inheritance, the conclusion of any transaction or transfer to a new, more lucrative work.

«Good» to dream of cockroaches. The more, the more you will have the money.

To dream of ivory — a benefit, but do not expect it immediately. First you have to work hard. But the beaver promise is not just cash flow, and a life of luxury ...

The fish, especially large — you have to deal with a variety of activities that will bring good dividends. Growing fruit on the tree promise good prospects in commerce. The larger the fruit, the higher your income. The fruits in baskets suggest that you get a good job. If you dream that you are ruining the fruit of the tree — is to receive an unexpected wealth.

If you dream that you are growing a beard — is a systematic increase in the property. Wart in the dream suggests that you can wrap yourself in favor of the known disastrous business and make a profit.

Pregnancy and childbirth — to the income from own business, but it does mean that they will be hard to come by. But to dream big belly — definitely a big profit.

And now — attention — «unprofitable» dreams!

If you dream you are eating an orange, then it may very well be that you take for a cause for which you do not pay.

Burning wood in a dream means that you may incur losses because of their own excitement. Crooked legs — also a loss.

See the pharmacist — a loss due to illness. If you see a horse shoe and an empty jar or keg, you will face hard financial times. A hole in the garment speaks of future debt.

If you dream someone is speaking to you with a request, you'll soon find yourself in a difficult financial position.

You dreamed of something from the aforesaid? Do not rush to grab his head. It is better to try to protect themselves, creating a reserve for a rainy day, as well as abandoning the dubious transactions or enterprises. And do not go into debt!

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