Secret anticipation mechanism

Many of us are able to predict the future? Of course, sometimes there are misgivings at all, but here we are always aware of them? It was only later, remember: and yet it was, a premonition! But for some reason at that time did not pay attention ...
Night of revelation

Most clairvoyants and mediums are able to «prophesy» only while in an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes the information comes to the man on the verge of sleep and wakefulness.

For example, the famous psychic Joon Davitashvili recalls his childhood: «I was awakened in the night and ask about something. As I learned later, my half-awake unintelligible answers carefully interpreted, deciphered, because perceived as a revelation. „

Many years ago, the author of this article, there was a mysterious story. At the time I finished the first course of the correspondence department of Moscow State University journalism. I wanted to transfer to full-time department, but there were rumors that it needs to pass all the examinations at five, and I was not a round excellent student ...

In the Moscow group of external students was a girl my age with which we are very good friends. It is something just passed her exams with excellent marks, and together we have handed over the documents for translation. One friend spent the night with me. We slept in one room, but in different beds.

And shortly before that I read somewhere that if the boundary condition (ie, he fell asleep, waking up or not yet), ask some questions and concerns, you can get an answer from some subtle reality. And then, feeling that I fall asleep, I mentally questioned.

And ask about yourself afraid — asked whether transferred on day my friend department. And the same thought came the answer: “It will translate. And you transferred too. » You could write it off on a fantasy, a sick imagination, but the prediction has come true!

After a long ordeal I have been able to move with little chance of this — the decisive role played by the dean of claim presented to the city charter in Journalism Olympics obtained before entering the university.

Fatal phrases

Sometimes people drop random phrases that are fatal. In the old listened attentively to the speeches of the blessed and holy fools, hoping for word fence to catch a prophetic sense. And sometimes really caught… However, it is thrown in passing sentence acquires special significance only when the prophecy comes true.

August 13, 2007 was wrecked by an explosion, «Nevsky Express», en route flight Moscow — St. Petersburg. Many people remembered how the little boy before leaving the train asked his mother: «We shall not fall off the bridge?» It laid the explosives under the bridge ...

For some reason, most such coincidences concerning the tragic circumstances. One of my cousin, acquired for his daughter's mink coat, said jokingly: «Well, you bought a fur coat — now you can die peacefully!» A month later, she died in a car accident.

I myself have repeatedly happened to throw such «reckless» about it. I once complained to an acquaintance that he was abusing alcohol, does not care about their health… «Who drinks a lot — the sooner die,» — I responded. The next day the man died ...

Recently I was talking with an old friend. She talked about her father — supposedly had a heart attack, well, that at this point, all family members by accident during working hours were at home, otherwise you never know what would be all over, God has saved ...

To which I replied that sometimes God really saves, and sometimes, on the contrary, leads toward death. Exactly two weeks after our meeting, I learned that this woman died suddenly of a heart attack 36-year-old husband. I was not myself ...

Do not program the film!

Some people like spontaneous prediction pulled out often enough, that is the reason for the accusations, saying that nakarkal! Although people usually do not even think about what he was saying — the words are pronounced as if by themselves. Curiously, if the same person knowingly ask, «see what happens», then most likely it will fail.

Familiar parapsychologist told me that «nakarkat» consciously influence the destiny of man is almost impossible, unless, of course, do not use special magical techniques. But now unknowingly read the information about some events is quite real.

We are rarely able to understand or that are born of thought in our own mind, or come from outside — from the information field of the universe, for example. Yet the future may also exist in different versions.

Therefore, it is not necessary to program themselves or others in the film. First of all, avoid phrases which refer to death, injury or illness, for example: «I feel bad, perhaps I will soon end,» «Look, you fall and break your leg,» or «easy to put on, now catch cold! „

Always tune in a positive way, experts advise, and even the most hopeless the situation may turn for the better.

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