Love Horoscope: Ice and Fire

Each zodiac sign has its own opposite sign, understanding which will be difficult, even though the overall attraction. This is one of the most curious fact of the marriage of astrology, which studies the compatibility. Opposite signs do very often drawn to each other, like a magnet. When the passions are, there are omissions and conflicts.
Love the union of opposites is not always doomed, because people of opposite sign can mutually enrich themselves, to balance and get the quality they need, feelings, thoughts and emotions. As a result, can not become enemies, and the perfect complement to each other!

So how do you get around sharp corners in the relationship, if people have already broken out between the spark of love, and what awaits them in the future?

The following astrological relationship model sheds light on the mystery of unity and struggle of opposites.

Aries + Libra

Not opposed, but differ with respect to each other, just like a man and a woman, both feminine and masculine Mars, Venus,… Especially partners have a mutual sexual attraction, if a woman — Libra, and the man — Aries.

Claims to each other are mainly associated with «Venus-'whims and» Martian «rudeness.
Both sides just like the shortcomings, the partners have a harmonious marriage prospects in the patriarchal traditions (the man — the boss).

Conversely, if a woman is representative of the sign Aries, and the man — Libra, the woman will dominate in such a pair, at least, the impression of a leader.

Libra can push stubbornness and conflicts of Aries, and Aries — Libra's weakness of character and tranquility. But it scales with affection and with quiet conviction can pacify „the raging“ Aries.

In general, conflicts in this pair is very primitive, occur at the household level, but for some reason, everyone is always ready to make mountains out of molehills.

Taurus + Scorpio

Like the previous model of relations, under the influence of Venus and Mars. Taurus — Venus day, and Scorpio — Mars (albeit in conjunction with Pluto). The partners are much more common than it seems! Both are interested in the welfare and property. Both are sensual in the sexual sphere. Secretive. Do not always say what they think or feel. Just a lot Scorpion „explosive.“

By combining your goals and plans, the partners can work together to achieve what is impossible with others. Especially when it comes to family business and creative affairs.

Strategies for Taurus and Scorpio tricks contribute to the successful conduct of any business.

The internal heat is established Taurus seemed to melt the icicles in the soul rebel Scorpios, can not only love but also the spiritual connection.

Only a large share of selfishness and inability to forgive these people make enemies.

Gemini + Sagittarius

They have much in common: a high level of intelligence, sociability, the need for communication and new information. After all, they are under the control of communications and knowledge of the planets (Mercury and Jupiter). Both — curious, prone to adventure and travel.

Sagittarius men can be especially annoying women, duplicitous Gemini. However, in the face of Gemini, they are erudite and interesting interviewees. Together, they will not be bored.

If in a pair of man — Gemini, a woman — Sagittarius, she must be able to create comfort for the man-Gemini, let him relax mentally and physically. Stress significantly reduces the health and energy of Gemini and Sagittarius is so dynamic and restless, which sometimes begin to irritate a man-Twin.

On the other hand, in partnership with representatives of the sign Gemini Sagittarius significantly expand their horizons. At the same time everyone has their own hobbies and interests, the need for „day and night“ to be able to communicate with people and, of course, freedom of expression.

Relationships can be damaged if someone starts to restrict the freedom of each other, suspecting infidelity. The signs do tend to betray, among them — the highest number of divorces.

Cancer + Capricorn

In this pair of partners the opportunity to compensate for those qualities that are lacking. Capricorn teaches Cancer to be more cold sensitive and responsive, and listen to the voice of intuition, not intellect. Instead, the cancer becomes aware of the techniques and methods to achieve much faster in the life you want. Capricorn has a Cancer support, inspires him to new endeavors, encourages ambition.

Conservative Capricorn teaches Cancer nervous or non-assembled self-discipline and calmness, and when the moon (mobile), and Saturnian (slow) nature merge into one, then a very strong alliance and a strong marriage is based on the best family traditions.

Adversely affect the relationship only such similarities as despondency and pessimism. If someone in a pair of inclined to depression, then instantly „infects“ other negative emotions, in the end the relationship does not bring pleasure.

Leo + Aquarius

There are many similarities between these signs: creative self-expression, courage, love of experimentation, self-esteem. Between them are more often the opposite Marks runs a spark of attraction. But Leo is most interested in sex (physical) domain relations, of Aquarius — intellectual (or spiritual).

In such a pair is not a leader. Each „pulls the blanket over himself.“ Someone needs to give way. If the so-called leader will lead the relationship and will not be venturing quarrels rivalry or conflict of opinion, the partners become lovers and passionate, and loyal friends.

Lions and Aquarius can be faithful to each other for real, despite the natural desire to attract attention, desire to please the opposite sex, shock, surprise.

At the same time are able to „know“ each other to infinity and make the relationship the original flavor. The contradictions in this pair can be overcome if at the outset they have a compatible sexually.

Virgo + Pisces

Very strange, but common union. With a kind of emotional and cool, but inside — sensitive people, both dream of „a strong shoulder to lean on.“ Are able to annoy and harass each other, finding fault with trifles, but when they come to the decision to leave, then suddenly realize how lonely without each other ...

The fact that the Union calls to come to creating relationships creatively, emotionally and spiritually transformed, and sometimes make sacrifices for the sake of love, which is not always easy. In addition to this couple is characterized by „moderate dose of affection and love,“ when the partners are reluctant to vividly express their emotions and passion. They prefer the calm and confidence in relationships, they no longer appreciate the mutual respect and tact.

Virgo, a woman can be annoying chaos, which is the source of male fish. She never tired of cleaning up, but manage to fish again and again to „move“ objects to the right place ...

Rational Virgo Pisces are extremely useful both in life and in everyday life, as taught to be more prudent, economical, accurate. In return, Pisces can help Virgo to relax, soar over the tedium of life and bustle.

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