Horoscope jewelry - amulets for All Zodiac Signs

Jewelry and characters that have the function of a talisman, and protect women from negative 12 zodiac signs. Rocks, minerals, sacred symbols, the right style and design jewelry with the occult meaning. The desire to adorn themselves is a specific feature of the female character. The history of jewelry is the most ancient roots, and it's hard to imagine what desire was first: the need for clothing or jewelry.

The oldest archaeological sample was elegantly dressed lady, referring to the Paleolithic era, with beads and bracelets. Most of the accessories and decorations were also a function of talismans and amulets to protect against evil forces.

Horoscope Amulet can find stylish jewelry, focusing on the magical powers of stones and sacred symbols.


The best charms of this fire sign — things with pointed shape: an arrow, a sword, a torch, stick, horn, claw, etc., as well as images of a horned animal. Has a special power, «Hammer of Thor», symbolizing the creative energy and opposition to anything that disrupts the natural order of things.

The symbol resonates with rune «Thurisaz» (Turizas or Uruz). This rune can be applied to any jewelry, accessories, as well as on the skin as a tattoo. Rune removes and neutralizes the threat of any film.

Among the ethnic style jewelery, amulets sign of Aries corresponds to the symbolism of ancient Egypt. The most revered ancient Egyptian images are: the Egyptian ankh, scarab beetle and the figure of Osiris. Deity Osiris is projected onto the zodiacal constellation Aries.

The main stones of Aries — ruby, bloodstone, heliotrope, and a diamond. The stones in the jewelry better give up their power, if located in an area of the head: earrings, hoops, barrettes, body piercing on her face.


Taurus charms are the predominant function of preserving the love and harmony. The stones in the jewelry better give up their power, if located in the neck: necklaces, pendants, pendants. A necklace of turquoise blue, Taurus helps girls to attract into your life love, and a piece of turquoise, sewn into the clothes the man she loved, retains his loyalty.

Turquoise, sapphires, blue topaz, as well as other gems the sky-blue and blue are the main mascot of lovers women and brides.

The ideal number of repetitive elements — five, and all numbers divisible by five.
Mascots, figurines of Taurus are the golden calf, dragon, snake, coiled into a ring, a winged bull.

The ruling planet of Taurus, Venus, makes any aesthetic value of objects, for example, inlaid jewelry boxes, fine cupro-nickel and brass statues.
Copper bracelets on the hands of Taurus are the most simple, but powerful talisman.


Jewelry-amulets Gemini — is a small delicate objects, creating a feeling of lightness, but not cumbersome. This suspension on thin chains or filaments of invisibility. Divert the evil eye: Silver and Golden Key, bells and mirror medallions.

Special patrons sign Gemini: a hand wand of Hermes, a hand mask and a star. Twin rocks associated with the planetary influence of Mercury, are: chrysoprase, beryl, agate and jasper. The stones in the jewelry better give up their power, if located on the hands: rings, bracelets, fancy forms of the avant garde. The ideal number of stones in the rings — 3 and 5.

Twin magic items that have a positive impact on the professional sphere and material prosperity: decorative red pen, a tiny book with a scarlet hidden in her banknotes.

Among the occult symbols of Gemini are most favorable complex Kabbalistic symbols and pentagrams. They can be engraved on the medallion or the inside of the ring.


Metallic decorations differ Cancer smooth and rounded lines. Metals and alloys — predominantly white and silver color: white gold, platinum and silver. Stones, talismans Cancer — transparent or translucent, iridescent, with wet reflections or change its color, for example, adularia (moonstone), quartz and rock crystal.
Lucky number of stones in jewelry: 8, 4 and 2.

Among the magic symbols of the most successful are those that are borrowed from eastern mythology and Buddhism: a crescent moon, lotus, lily, sink, multipath, «flower of life», the «wheel of rebirth.»

Happy images and figures related to the planetary influence of the moon: a cat, crab, octopus and owl.
Representatives of this sign in particular need of a sense of security. This helps any quartz crystals as polished and natural, unprocessed.


The magical decorations that mark the brightness and underscore the essence of their royal owner. They are bulky, big and shiny, as they are under the influence of the sun. These properties have precious metal — gold, as well as the special design of jewelry — with elements of exclusivity, for example, massive frame, a very large stone, or the name of the owner of a talisman, engraved to order. The length of the chain of medallions and pendants must match the scope of the heart chakra, which is the main energy center of Leo.

Any «solar» characters (the Sun) are suitable for Leo. These can be found among the sacred symbols of ancient Slavic and Celtic cultures. Signs of the sun — a source of strength, energy and luck Leo.

Among the images and figures may be noted ladybird, an eagle, a swan, a gold coin and amber beads. In the colors of the stones of fire-wards dominated by shades: red, orange and yellow — red spinel, ruby, garnet, jasper, alexandrite, tourmaline, as well as stones with inner radiance, such as opal.

Good number of identical symbols or stones in jewelry — 1, 5 and 11.
The best protection of women from Lvov whammy — amber amulet or occult significance expensive inlaid with amber.


The most successful of the Virgin amulets — runes are (Germanic, Celtic and Slavic). A universal charm for women Dev — Rune necklace that protects from all evil and daruyuschee female strength and calm. Suitable as amulets, made of ceramic and clay, as these materials are elements of the Sign of Virgo — Earth.

Jade Stone — Virgo source of health, so any objects and jewelery made of green jade amulet considered, as well as jewelry with citrine, green jasper, malachite, carnelian, onyx, yellow sapphire stones and any greenish hues. Good number of stones, three and six.
Happy images and figures: the cup and the girl.


Jewelry, charms of Libra is very harmonious in form and content. Happy symbols and images: Scale, a butterfly, a flower with five petals, sunflower, lily of the valley, the heart of the swan, and swallow. The most favorable defensive energy, related with Libra, have rocks and minerals: onyx, opal, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, Hawkeye and «Venus hair.» The power of these stones is increased in the rings and rings, worn on the ring finger.

The ancient Greek magical symbolism is most favorable for jewelry, amulets Libra, for example, «Odin's Eye» in the form of interlocking crescents, the god Cupid (or Eros), the Pythagorean signet ring featuring a five-pointed star.

The elegant symbol of love and warmth preservation of the home — a magical souvenir in the form of a bronze bowl (Grail). This is the personification of the feminine Libra, and the water drunk from the cup, harmonizes the subtle energy body and strengthens the woman's health.


Scorpio itself has a powerful energy, so any object that dear to him, can become a guardian.

A special sense of magic to have the Scorpion figurines, accessories and jewelry from the blackened silver and iron: beetle, scorpion, snake, phoenix, pyramid, and a shield.

Ideal decoration and design that has a sacred symbols of India and Tibet, as well as Vedic talismans: Grozovik, Perunitsa, Kolyadnik, flower fern, bangles and beads of mixed semi-precious stones, the stones — pyrope (garnet-red light), tiger eye, red coral, Bloodstone, Ruby and all the minerals have a crystalline structure.


In jewelry, preserving the sign dominates the priestly style: patterned bracelet with Celtic and Scandinavian ligature, complex multi-tiered earrings and necklaces, belt buckles with embossed copper.
The main protective images and figures of Sagittarius are: Centaur, Horse, Horseshoe, and the rune of victory, in the form of facing upward, arrows.

Stones wards Sagittarius: jasper, topaz, yellow sapphire, turquoise, chalcedony and beryl. In the favorable combination of both rings of different stones. Lucky number of stones and recurring images — and all four numbers are multiples of three.

Powerful Home Charm Sagittarius — a decorative sword with a hilt inlaid with colored stones.


Universal charms of Capricorn — the symbols of the earth, so preference is given to the magic stones.
The main protective images and figures: a turtle, frog, crocodile, lizard, god — Janus and the particular mythical creature of Capricorn — the front part of the body like a mountain goat, and back — is a flexible fish tail.

In jewelry, preserving Capricorn dominated rocks are very dark or black — obsidian, jet, black agate, and morion (black quartz). Ideal decoration, in which there is a contrast of black and white, for example, a ring of white gold with a black stone.

The ruling planet Saturn gives the material elements of the old forms of Capricorn, so the mascots can become objects and antique jewelry, decorated initials, vignettes, and nodules.


In jewelry, preserving Aquarius is dominated by sharp-angled, zig-zag shape and asymmetry.
Safety symbols and images: the wings, the bird, violet, narcissus, wood, monogram «alive.»

The ancient version of the monogram is found in many cultures around the world, it is nothing like the astrological symbol of Aquarius and the period of the Aquarian age, as the most progressive in terms of spiritual development. The prototype is still alive character, resembling the letter «J» (a tree). This is the best example of magical tattoos Aquarius.

As a female talisman pendant actual miniature jug with woody aromatic oils such as sandalwood.

Stones are Aquarius charms violet, purple and blue-green shades of amethyst, ultramarine, sapphire and lapis lazuli.


Pisces women's wards — are objects, and jewelry with mother of pearl and pearl, images and figurines in the form of a musical instrument, the dolphin, swimming in two opposite sides of the fish, shell, spiral, an ancient sacred symbol of «Nautilus» and the characters movements «Feng Shui» — Amulet «Yin-Yang», «Heart nodes», etc.

The symbols and totems of Pisces can be engraved on the medallions and the rings, or a volume form, and are also plotted in the form of tattoos.

Protective stones in jewelry Pisces — mostly shades of green and navy blue: demantoid (green garnet) aquamarine, chrysoprase, beryl, aquamarine, malachite and resplendent symbol of alchemy — an emerald. They should wear the ring on his pinky.

For girls, Pisces is happy feet decorations — a thin chain at the ankle in the Indian style.

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