Sexual astrology

Surely even those who do not believe in such a science as astrology, yet heard of what she identifies four elements, such as Gemini, Aquarius and Libra — are Air signs, Aries, Sagittarius, Leo — Fire signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn — Earth signs, and by the Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.So, astrologers believe that to achieve sexual harmony is possible in the first place, only if there is compatibility of the elements, which belong to the partners.

By the way, astrologers and push a theory that Aries and Scorpio can be called the most tireless partner in sex,
and if you talk about the propensity for treachery, the quality of this «sin» Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius.

But as an air sign, for them sex in a relationship is far from being a dominant role. And now let's go back to the main topic of our conversation and see how the theory should arise, our sex life in accordance with the opinion of the astrologers. If you agree to the «bed-range» two signs of fire, in their relations mandatory attributes are a great desire and passion.

To a great extent these feelings manifest themselves in the initial stage, when sex can obscure the mind to such an extent that even the current problems go by the wayside.

Unfortunately, such a call lasting the wild passion is not possible.

The fact that it was winding down «in there», and in a short period of time. If the fire will connect, at some point in their lives, their own destiny with the Air sign, it will be probably the best option for sexual intercourse, as between the partners will always contain a complete understanding, and the bed is not in this case is no exception.

Although, to this relationship persisted for a long time, partners must learn to give each other because they both aspire to leadership, which often causes conflicts.

But with the water signs Fire is not just to establish a happy family life, and it is quite predictable, because in nature there is no peace between these two elements, the same can be said about sexual relations between people of these signs as a whole in his life, they are simply all over the «quenched» one for one.

Emotionally, there is a wonderful combination between the signs of fire and earth, because both of these characters can easily find common language with each other, they are a force to resolve the seemingly most difficult issues and to understand the situations of conflict.

With specific regard to issues of love, then this understanding manifests itself in full, the couple is not afraid of any kind of experiment in bed, trying to bring each other maximum pleasure.

And yet, these signs are encouraged to enter marriage later in life. If the air sign selects a partner of the same element, there is two people should be good to try to find common ground, common interests, which, unfortunately, it happens not so often as desired.

But if it did happen, then this pair may well be ideal.

And although sex is not in their relationship leading position, the partners very sorry about it. If life brings air from the water, then these people is quite difficult to achieve harmony in sexual relations, which, in effect, becomes a source of conflict between the partners.

The fact that preference is given to the Air signs fast sex without long preliminaries, but the watermarks are not satisfied with such an alignment is perfect.

Since they are no long affection is simply not able to achieve complete satisfaction. Virtually impossible to build a harmonious alliance between Air and Earth signs, as explained by the fact that the monotony, including, in cases of bed (and more) for the air signs — like death, but the signs of the Earth is pretty cool perceive what- or innovation, and experimentation is not their «horse.»

And this imbalance often leads to the fact that the partners get bored together. But such a combination as the Water-Water is very good between them is possible to build strong and happy family.

When combined together, watermarks become one, making it virtually impossible any attempt to destroy this «stone». As for the alliance between the Earth and Water signs, then it can be called quite complex and conflict between partners often occur quarrels and scandals, as a rule, the reason for this is trivial jealousy.

And this is due to pathological jealousy, which is inherent in water signs, which differ excessive suspicion.

They need constant confirmation of the sincerity of feelings to yourself from your partner, and the signs of the Earth are not capable of such a «victim.» Do not talk about the harmony of the union between two characters of the Earth, since they are distinguished by «painful» intelligibility.

If such people still want to be together in the future, then it takes a long time for courtship.

Yes, and sex are both earth signs are in need of long preludes, but in this case, you can count on a full-fledged sex between them and the creation of a harmonious family unit. Of course, you can not believe astrologers, but still, in our opinion, to draw attention to their advice still stands.

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