Astrology holiday romance

 Sure, the summer — it's the holiday season, entertainment, travel and, of course, the resort's novels. Although all the seasons of love submissive, however, as shown by an impartial statistics and simple observation of life, it is spring and summer, feeling overwhelmed, and we need to go.

What could be better than a romantic evening under the moon and stars, gentle warm sea, chirping cicadas and a loved one close by. Is it true? About the same as it will take your love affairs, told those very moon and stars. So, the word astrology.


Aries adore adventure holiday romance thrown in, headfirst, caring little about the consequences. And allow yourself as an exotic way of entertainment, not only those who are still free from the bonds of marriage, but even those Aries who have long and firmly legally married (of course, if they come to rest without its second half).

Often, women around the casino that mark the rivalry flares up, which they themselves had warmed up, they have many fans among the male guests.

Aries men are on vacation turned into a kind of Kazan and Don Juan. Aries stands half-naked on the beach, play volleyball, badminton or table tennis in his (or her) will certainly fall in love with the whole team and most of the audience.

Interestingly, fans of Aries often do insist on continuing the relationship after the release (if they, of course, bound by ties of Hymen). Even if the summer does not end with dating and happy marriage, then at least develop into a strong friendship.


Attractive and languid women Taurus in its most confident that the situation in the rest does not contribute to serious dating, so annoying to the Cavaliers does not allow.

A love affair during their vacation may not happen, but strike up an acquaintance can lead to friendly relations, or even a marriage after the holidays. However, this should be preceded by a fairly long period of courtship.

But free from the bonds of marriage Taurus men do not even against the love of entertainment — burdensome, bystroletnyh and without mutual obligations. In the continuation of even the most fascinating love story is born under this sign is rarely ventures.

After the usual introduction to the life of a new relationship with a man — a great event, and change anything in his way of, Taurus agreed only in exceptional cases. To the credit of married men and women of this sign should say that, leaving the resort without their mates, they are in most cases, keep them loyal.


During the summer vacation windy and changeable Gemini needs only a flirtation, but not deep feelings. Most of all, they would not want to complicate his merry pastime of dramatic experiences.

Both men and women of this sign are usually very popular among the public a rest — they are clever, they know how to please, but in the art of flirtation and courtship virtuoso they have no equal. Twins give birth to a large number of friends, flitting among the many fans and admirers, and with the end of vacation, enjoy success, safely sent home.

Anyone who twisted romance with Gemini, remember: they do not want to keep in touch after the holidays. All the above applies equally to both twins, married, and to be free. This is a sign of a very free manners, and of adultery, he does not see anything wrong if it is not about feelings, but only on the call of the flesh.

Thin and vulnerable unmarried Rakini, going on vacation, hoping to find my future half and everyone he met a man lay corresponding expectations. They seriously fall in love and by hook or by crook trying to bind her lover to her.

Frivolous representatives of the stronger sex, who decided to walk a bit, represented by Rakin faced with over-affectionate. Sentimental female crabs are suffering from short-term nature of light novels.

Cancer-free men is very easy to fall in love with himself, but when he returned home, do not insist on the extension occurred during the holidays due. Quite differently and behave Cancer Rakini married.

First, it is almost inconceivable that they went on vacation without being accompanied by husband / wife, and secondly, even if this takes place, and be about any non-marital, fleeting relationships, they even do not dare to contemplate. And in any case, do not allow themselves to be seduced. Fidelity once and for all the selected person is in their blood.


Do not be mistaken if we say, quite categorically: the Lions to rest a lot of fans. They can even be regarded as champions of the number of holiday stories. Female Lioness its magnificent forms, charm and grace usually attracts the attention of a whole crowd of men who are willing to dig in its heels, just to get her royal position.

The man-lion charm the fair sex muscles pumped and proud bearing. Like anyone else he knows how to care for his vending women (and, it is possible that a few at a time), the situation recreational awakens his aristocratic power in all their splendor.

He is generous, beautiful and seems like a handsome prince, who was on holiday wants to meet every woman. Both men and women of this sign is very sincere in his affections the summer and all the forces trying to extract from them a little more pleasant moments. Most of the Lions and Lionesses are not averse to maintain a loving relationship after returning from vacation. Moreover, the marital status of an obstacle for them is not.


The modest and eminently respectable Virgin, even when free from the obligations of marriage, rarely has an affair on vacation. They do not trust random acquaintances, and natural prudence does not allow them to behave thoughtlessly.

But they often like to visit other resorts (especially the various sanatoria and rest homes), and also to communicate with different people, among whom may be the applicant and the heart.

Love with a woman and a man of this sign is not immediately tell about their feelings, but there will be a long time to look closely to the object of his interest. Only carefully making sure the subject of adoration in accordance to their expectations, they will try to go to a romantic relationship.

Thus, the prior knowledge may take the entire vacation. Excessive Initiative partner is able to deter prudent Virgin, so fans should be patient. But for Dev, consisting in a legal marriage, the subject of novels on the side of a taboo. And it is unlikely that they willingly break.


A great interest and some frivolous love Libra holidays, and vacation novels take place in their lives quite often. After Leo are second in the ranking. Resort atmosphere acts on the representatives of this sign, so that within a few days they start to look for the object to which it would be good to send tender feelings. And fast it is found — an attractive balance of the day or do not remain without attention.

They know how to live a holiday romance according to the rules of the genre — with a beautiful courtship, flowers, walks under the moon and the night full of insane passion (often in very exotic places). Summer familiar scales do not forget after the holidays — a relationship going, and sometimes extend to marriage.

While the aesthetes, Libra is not always easy to connect, festive way to elect someone who will face them in everyday life. Those scales that are in union, being on vacation without my partner in life, it is unlikely proslyvut great champions of morality. At a minimum, they flirt afford. And if successful will form the circumstances, then what Pobol.


Scorpions are almost always filled with holiday hot African passions and incredible sexual adventures. Both men and women of this sign have a reputation for rock and wherever they were, instantly hot Acquires army of fans and admirers who are ready for them to desperation.

Scorpions during the holidays would not mind shlestnutsya in ecstasy with several partners. When their vacation comes to an end, themselves firmly to get all the places: some loved ones say goodbye forever to the other and continue the relationship after the holidays.

Scorpions, unmarried, on his return home, will do anything to drag their resort is not floated out and did not cause any inconvenience the family. Relationship with a lover or a mistress, they are unlikely to stop, simply transferred them to the secret level. In case, if the summer romance becomes a threat to family life, Scorpios certainly disrupt the connection. It is futile for them to beg. In such cases, it comes hard.


Jolly Archers behave on vacation in Hussar, writing at his own expense a lot of victories. The man knows how to look beautiful, but quickly changes the attachment, it is easy to forget about the recent girlfriends. The woman, too, rarely enjoys a truly, to love adventure, it pushes the irrepressible character.

However, the Archers — the people are honest, no one is lured into their nets empty promises. They rarely come to the resort to find a life partner, so fans do not look for a serious relationship.

Most often give birth to Sagittarius on vacation good friends, which can then be long and loyal friends, even living in different cities and even in different countries. But here the stories of their victories on the love front on his return from vacation to tell the car and small truck. But that is in them is true that fiction — and do not differ.

The main thing is that they then started to respect. Married and married Sagittarians, staying at the resort without their mates, except that a permit flirtation with elements of protection.


Capricorns do not like surprises, especially when measured rest, so the love affair could happen in their lives only when they will schedule it. If a representative of this sign has you attention, count on more than a flirtation.

Capricorn can appreciate the affection and are often suited to summer friendships with far-reaching intentions, because in everyday life to private life he did not have enough time. If the novel is not in his plans, fans can not entertain hopes — Capricorn bravely stand the most furious attacks. And absolutely nothing to expect reciprocity from Capricorns are married.

On vacation, they will indulge in doing nothing, sunbathe, swim in the sea, walking in the mountains, explore the local attractions or improve my health, in short, do whatever supposed to do at the resort, but do not love adventures. His partner in the marriage, they always faithful and loyal.


Witty Aquarius prominent in the company's easy-going and willing to take part in any adventure, including a romantic. Man, Aquarius, as no one else can zamorochit head of his admirer, but only for this reason that in the future together with him should not count.

Aquarians are usually not interested in continuing relationships and disappear just as suddenly as they came. The resort attracts love them in small doses. Although, if during the holidays Aquarius meet a truly outstanding person, he will insist on further meetings.

Aquarius Woman on vacation bring their fans a lot of pleasant minutes, and almost all will keep a friendly relationship at the end of the holiday season. Say anything definite about the behavior of the resort of men and women of character who are married, it is not possible because of their unpredictability. From them, you can expect anything — and unwavering loyalty, and wild debauchery.


Mysterious Pisces love summer romantic adventure around the
their diversity. Flirting, passionate affair, a few fans at once, or only the long-awaited choice for a lifetime — all these tend to happen with Pisces, regardless of whether they are in the family union or not.

Champions for a secret affection, support fish appeared on the rest of communication and are not weighed down by them. Usually, people close to and even marriage partners are not even aware that Fish has a new fan or a fan.

On the other hand, when people idealistic, impressionable, easily influenced by others', Pisces often allow themselves to be deceived. Many representatives of this sign of the love affair after a few days of joy turns into a big disappointment.

Even the fish can rest before the end suddenly grow cold to those who have recently caused a tremor in their hearts. In this case, they quietly float away to an unknown destination without leaving any of his address or telephone number.

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