Why dream of exams and dropped out teeth?

 Dreams — a reflection of our subconscious, or rather, the depths of the subconscious, dark corners, which you might not guess. And, if we analyze the dreams, the stories that dream of all men without exception, not a lot: flying in a dream, fallen teeth, the failure of the exam, be naked in a public place and, of course, erotic dreams. And what is it all a dream?
Some modern scholars say the nature of dreams come: dreams are generated by the electrical impulses in the brain. Traditionally, however, is that dreams have a strictly psychological basis.
The interpretation of dreams and there was ground for endless speculation and pseudo-scientific studies of dark superstition. Written by millions of dream books, which are in the XXI century are no less popular than in his time in the villages.
Dream illustrates our fears. Let us analyze the most common themes. So, many psychologists are involved in the analysis of dreams, love to be considered as an example of a dream Rodion Raskolnikov that he had a murder on the eve of old money-lender.
His dream a nightmare — it is, according to psychologists, his doubts and fears, as well as the voice of conscience for all imperfect, but the details thought out crime. In Dostoevsky's no mystery there. The solid psychology.

A typical plot — you dream that you are in public without clothes. Usually the story we are somewhere in a public place and suddenly find: clothes disappeared, and you in front of everybody in the buff. The feeling of fear, shame, you feel in the dream that it would be better to sink into the ground. And preferably, right now.

Experts say that such dreams are dreamed, when we hide something from a person or group of people, on which we depend. For example, a typical example, you have not done their job and promise to bring the head every day report that you have not started.

You say that everything is ready, but… you forgot to stick at home with the report, the printer is broken… Generally, you hide the truth, and as a result you dream that you are naked in public, and you are very, very ashamed. These dreams have seen almost everyone. Secretive nature, they see them all the time.

This «strip» can dream and those who feel unprepared to address important problems, and the time inevitably comes the deadline. This dream will see a lazy student before an exam, which will be hard to hide that part of the knowledge he was «naked.»

By the way, for students of the exam is a very popular subject of unpleasant dreams. But even if you have protected your certificate thirty years ago, you run the risk of waking up too early in a cold sweat with the idea that failed miserably.

In the dream, everything happens: the exam should be handed over «here and now» but the trouble is — you can not find an audience in which he is held, or a pen does not write, crib accidentally fell out of his pocket, and without it you do not remember…. And nowhere to go.

Nightmare-test represents a simple thing: life throws you a challenge. And you do not feel able to accept it. And always set aside some important work perfectly in my heart knowing that the inevitable is coming, and the changes will still come — today or tomorrow. And certainly not get away.

But back to the nudity in dreams. If you dreamed of yourself dressed as Adam and Eve and stand in a crowd of people, say, a mall, but people pass by and you do not see — what is it? You are something from someone hiding, but take it easy: the secret of your very few people interested. It's just a trifle.

And finally, the last option — you were naked in public, but you are not at all worried — that's a good dream, it illustrates the openness of your world and self-sufficiency. You just want a little more extroverted and communication, friends, and often somewhere to be.

Another frequently recurring theme of dreams — the fall. You fly to great heights, flying, fly, fly, and… wake up. Typically, children explain that while these dreams they grow. And it's true. However, falling dreams, and adults. That already has another meaning. And the reason is this: under your control, something important happened, and nothing you can do about it. But something must be done, or really — fall, cataclysm, catastrophe.

The plot of the chase. Dreams on this topic — some of the worst. They symbolize the human desire to escape from problems or complex issues, crowding round him. Monsters that are chasing us in these dreams — «visualization» of problems. Problems can not only be external. In the dream, the man can «chase» of his own heavy drinking, drug addiction, and other dependencies, etc.

In the light of day, if all that is perceived as a problem, an effort of will you try to switch to something less painful, that is, escape, and sometimes it fails. But in the dream comes to you Freddy Krueger, with whom you have to play catch-up ...

And, of course, flying. Flying in dreams usually symbolize the beautiful, sublime, romantic things that we daydream. There are natures that tend to this more than others (think of the Manilow «Dead Souls») — are in the dreams fly often and high.

But no one dreamers know the exciting feeling of flying. This dream is also an indication that you have complete control over events and the order of things, feel comfortable, firmly know that nothing and no one will knock you on the road.

So, with outstretched hands, you reesh proudly into the sky. All of a sudden bam! — Hit his forehead on the Eiffel Tower.

Why is it so? It's got someone on your way to the goal, and that «someone», and look to, seize the initiative and make thee an emergency landing. And suddenly engulfed the flight of fear means that in reality you tormented by the question: is not too high I flew? Do not over-estimated their capabilities? Do cope with problems that are swung? ..

Thoughts on «and I deserve this?» Can also visit you in the way of running in place. You run, run, run, but always find out that you stand on the spot. Or trying to escape, but his legs could barely move. In all likelihood, the signal that sends your unconscious mind, is simple: too much of themselves hung, a cap may not be for Senka… The will of the will, if the spate of power — and I got carried away I pulled ten tysch as five hundred — and has had it — as in the song by Vladimir Vysotsky.

In the dream, the teeth fall out. And all at once, they can only spit out. This dream — an indicator of daily doubts about their appearance and abilities of a normal conversation. But in many dream books give a more frightening interpretation — to illness and even death of a relative. But psychologists say that it's not that scary. Yet he can dream of the chief, who suspects that he is not authority to their subordinates.

This is only the most basic, repetitive themes of dreams and their interpretation are also the most common. Sure, our intuition is sometimes «knows» better understanding — what happens to us, what are the reasons that should be taken. But in his actions, people are not guided by the same dreams. And attempts to interpret them as a metaphysical subtext condemns science.


— Most of the dream lasts from 5 to 20 minutes.
— The majority of dreams — color.
— Over a lifetime the average person dreams about 6 hours.
— Blind from birth dream, stories which are based on touch, smell and sound.
— When people snore they do not dream.
— In ancient Rome, a few dreams, dreamed of social importance to citizens, broached in the Senate.

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