Slavic horoscope

Modern horoscopes are oriented to the western astrology. But our ancient ancestors are also thought that is born under the influence of the heavenly powers. The annual solar cycle — Svarog circle consisted of time intervals, each of which was under the control of various sacred deities. All of them had a temper and was conductor between the realms of nature and man.

Svarog circle. Slavic horoscope

March 21 — April 20

This period was considered the first month of the Slavic calendar. People born under the auspices of Yarily — forever young, looking at the world with eyes wide open. From the spring sun god, they inherited a lot of sexual energy, causing frequent change of partners, leaving behind a string of broken hearts.

Thus they escape from boredom. People-Yarily drink this life in big gulps, not wanting to deny myself anything. Just fell in love for real, they acquire the ability to give and not just take.

April 21 — May 21

The goddess of love, harmony and order. Wherever she was — everywhere there is a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is this aura of home attracts Lada money and other benefits. The goddess of love Lada helps, so a person born in this period need not fear being alone.

Lola (Letnitsa)
May 22 — June 2

Lola — Perun's wife, she is Gromovitsa, the goddess of thunder and lightning. People tagged Cherish, a warm heart and soul of a kind, they can declare themselves without fear of being misunderstood. Well aware of the «rules of the game,» curious, have practical minds and intuition.

June 3 — June 12

When the field work ended, our ancestors marked off spring with rites. Kostroma ensure the future fertility of the land. Children of Kostroma — talented and eloquent, as if the earth itself forces said their mouths. So there speaking skills, writing skills, etc. They often pursue mystical chance and coincidence.

June 13 — June 21

Dodola — the patroness of young girls and their secrets. Dodola People come into this world for relaxation and contemplation. They do not like to make efforts to achieve their goals. They need an experienced mentor, patron, or just a good friend. In spite of infantilism, people born in this period — very lucky. For them, the flowing rivers of milk and a gap-grass blooms.

June 22 — July 22

In the sacred «Book of Veles» — the creator of truth, like Hermes or Odin. Navy God, the God of Magic, the Secret God. Children tend to Veles around the beyond, often running into the depths of his subconscious from the surrounding reality. Strongly feel a connection with nature.

Ivan Kupala
6 — 7 July

stands apart from other days. On this day, people are stoked fires of magic — the eyes of the world, gathered berries and flowers, danced and sang. According to popular tradition — it is a sign of procreation, of the dynasty. Man Kupalo happy if honors and respects the laws of nature and the universe. Secret forces make their favorite special knowledge, allowing you to dispose of your choice.

July 23 — August 23

The name comes from the deity to «give» and «share.» In humans Dazhdbog pride combined with intelligence and self-sufficiency. If they do not realize the time its ambitions, it may become a tyrant. Their distinctive feature — the judgment. They do not come from anyone on the occasion, come up with their own strategy. They make professionals, excellent managers, lawyers and attorneys.

August 24 — September 8

Maya — divine life-giving forces of nature — the sun with the rain. Depicted as a mature beauty, holding ears of corn and ripe fruit. Mature beauty — a symbol of the harvest. But, as Mother Nature, Maya needs careful handling and care. Man Maya — a lover of all pure and natural, has a sense of action and sensitivity to the misfortunes of others. Can not stand harsh environment and any discomfort.

September 9 — September 11

Virgin Life and Fate. People born under the sign of Rozhanitsy, shy, lazy but loving hobby, able to self-denial. These are the people of his words and deeds. Ardent passion they seem to illness, they lack faith in the fact that it is love that can overcome all obstacles.

September 12 — September 27

Exclusively female deity. Protects intimacy and childbearing. Two weeks Mokosh — «Indian Summer» call to cherish every moment and not waste time in vain. People born during this period (especially women) can achieve great success in any activity, if not lazy. Able to find common ground with people. Their most successful weather — rain, a place of power — a water source.

Culture Svarozich
September 28 — October 15

Represents the fire of the earth, gives warmth and light, but can kill by sending drought and fires. It is also a God of Victory. If children culture Svarozich the first half of life survive in the struggle, the second will bring honor and wealth. In any relationship, is not compatible with Mokosh.

Mara (Morena)
October 16 — November 1

Goddess of Winter, the wife of Koshchei, cruel and unforgiving. Morena is full of latent power. Hardy, uncompromising, maintains good health until old age. Realizing its internal resources and learning to manage them, Morena gets exactly what she wanted. Success brings bad weather, rain and strong wind.

November 2 — November 8

Semargl — the god of the moon, the keeper of the hearth, crops and seeds, intimate feelings between women and men. The most opportune time — night. Standing guard at night, Semargl can send their pets prophetic dreams and revelations that will help them to comprehend the meaning of life, and raises intuition, which saves in difficult everyday situations.

Skiper-beast (Skiper)
November 9 — November 30

Skiper-beast — the leader of all snakes and creatures Navi — the underworld of the invisible world. Therefore, people born under the sign of the beast-Skiper have the ability to sense danger from a distance, to see the dark side of behavior of others and the reverse side of things. They need to honor their elders and it is useful to access the wisdom of their ancestors.

December 1 — December 10

Prototype Vyrgoni we can meet in Greek mythology, the image of Medusa the Gorgon. These are the characters going back to a single source that is associated with praariyskoy culture of death. People born in the period Vyrgoni, independent by nature, possessing boundless imagination.

Sensuality and persistence distinguishes these people. Can not tolerate hard work, have a great need for comfort, are prone to deception and cheating. Women compete with men, selfish and inflexible. As a partner, choose a different representative of the social environment, religion or race.

Kitovras (Karachun)
December 11 — December 23

Born in this period, the patron-poluchelovek polukon. This is a mythical centaur, whom it is said: «Wisdom and strength is nice, but has a weakness for wine.» The surrounding are often tempted to use it for their own selfish purposes, but it can reach the heights in all spheres of life, if it does not become overly gravitate to the pleasures and worldly pleasures. Man Karachun have poor health, the closer the day of his birth to the most fierce day — December 23.

Perun (Unicorn)
December 24 — January 20

Perun — the oldest and majestic of all the culture Svarozich. Lightbringer God of Fire and lightning. Perun is rarely inspires love, but always respect. If his energy and passion do not find your application, it may become unusually aggressive. The positive type of Perun — brave, warrior, defender, a negative — a rowdy, rowdy, playboy, a martinet.

January 21 — February 20

God of wind, giving the flexibility of mind and intellect. Man is able to get out of Stribog any situation. His soul — the source of new ideas and good beginnings. The most devoted friend, as well as responsive and responsible partner for marriage. Stribog protects people wise and cautious, and impulsive and makes life difficult for those who have stumbled at every step.

February 21 — March 20

Rod — a fundamental principle of the creation of the universe, where all children came from one origin. The symbol of family unity, and all living things in the world. So a person born under the sign of Rhoda feels her involvement to all things. Start a family, protects it from any adversity, and rarely divorced.

Rod provides the knowledge of human psychology and opens the secret motives and actions. A mysterious man for others and not too clear for himself. Love can ignite his blood for a long time, why he can make ill-considered actions.

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