As aging signs of the Zodiac

Of course, it goes on, who will have more wrinkles and gray hair, and, above all, the attitude of the representatives of different zodiac signs for «autumn of life.» After all, having different characters, signs of the zodiac and the age differently.
Representatives of some characters is easily reconciled with the manifestations of age, becoming a nice home, and grandparents, while others are fighting fiercely to old age, using the whole arsenal of cosmetic plastic surgery and achievements, three young hard without giving up the mini skirts even when no longer in a girlish age, and the fourth are old long before the onset of this age ...

Aries prefers to ignore his years. He lives one moment, trying to think that tomorrow never comes. His good spirits keeps him youthful energy to the most senile years. Maybe in 60 years, Aries, and will not walk in black leather jackets, but that's to get involved with motorcycles will be the same frenzied energy as forty years earlier.

Taurus love to eat well — sometimes too well — so with age, they usually gain a considerable fraction of excess weight. Over the years, stubborn Taurus has become less flexible — both mentally and physically. However, they have good stamina, and even though the disease will live a very long time.

Gemini in his youth a purpose and scheduled to go ahead, it is absolutely not going to slow down with age. Do not expect that Gemini will come home from work early, even in old age you will not see them resting in front of the fireplace. Their career continued until his retirement and, if possible, even long after it.

Cancer are of 2 types: those who never grow up, and those who in old age loves to take care of all the others, like Mother Teresa. Like Leo, Cancer would like very much to those around him respected «noble gray hair.» Cancer make great 'classical' and grandparents, what they want to see most of the children.

Leo on the nature of power and indulgent, that in time will become progressively stronger. In old age it is already seasoned, calm, stately, and overgrown with excess fat individuals. They will want more and more universal respect, authority and even of worship, as well as be a role model, that is why they try to achieve the main goals in life and settle down as soon as possible.

Most Virgo are beginning to age more and more negative about the world around them, especially if they allow their propensity to over-critical spin out of control. They like to keep myself in good shape and good health are constantly improving their brain activity, and therefore meet the age — usually — toned ladies and gentlemen, albeit a rather strict, but smart.

Libra is very concerned about their own appearance, so they will go to any measure, as long as possible to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and extra pounds. As a rule, they succeed. And even at 80 years old Libra will convince others that it was not yet forty.

Scorpios are representative of old and stately. They like to think of themselves as philosophers, have accumulated over the years is enough wisdom, and in fact it is so. But, unfortunately, very often the older Scorpios are too fixated on their ideas and beliefs down to obstinacy, and even obsession.

Sagittarius, like Aries, by all means do not want to think about retirement. Sometimes so much so that they are transformed into an obsession, and they begin to pester others with questions about his alleged age, hoping to get a couple of compliments. However, these compliments are usually justified, because the Aries, despite the reluctance to take care of herself in full measure, manage to maintain the attractiveness and sex appeal to a ripe old age.

Capricorn — the sign most associated with the time, largely because it manages Saturn — the planet is responsible for the future. But what's interesting — for themselves Capricorn time flows as it were in the opposite direction. Capricorns are born a sort of «little old men», not for years serious, responsible and
wise, but as they mature in their character adds more childishness, and the old Capricorn has already committed children.

Aquarius has the effect of Saturn is also quite strong, so they, like Capricorn, a kid is very serious, sometimes even snobby and conceited. Over the years, as Aquarius are becoming more and more eccentric, stop caring about what people think of them around, and in 80 years may still be causing quite a dress and behave as they please.

Pisces, like no other sign of the zodiac, the panic fear old age. And not so much on their appearance, but because so much has been done, not lived, is not satisfied! That is why the fish like to summarize the stages of his life, compare balances, calculate the savings. But the smaller fish will be worried on this score, the longer it will survive, because there is nothing that shortens life as a perpetual concern.

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