Divination with banknotes

Starting any business, can you find out whether you are waiting for success. This tells a simple guessing on bills. Expert «Express Gazeta» in conjectural practices Elsa Halatnyukovskaya will learn the ancient ritual.

Accuracy of guessing the money is high, as it is based on magic numbers. The figures often act as talismans may be precursors of both successes and troubles.

And when they are applied to a material object, their power increases. The main thing — to be able to interpret the values of numbers.

In ancient times, the coin used for divination. Chose unusual: found, charmed, foreign, even stolen. In the XVII century, when paper money speculating on the bills.

You can pull it out of the envelope or purse at random. But it's better if your choice will be something grounded.

Suppose you get the bill for passing, completing the long-awaited purchase. Or you gave it to someone who means a lot to you.

Or if you notice that she «does not want» to leave you, when you stretch it, the seller requests the money to look smaller. Maybe this brand new piece of paper in your wallet just a bit more.
Consistently add all digits notes. Got double digits. Once again, the numbers add up — to the simple numbers from 1 to 9. If the total is 10, 11 or 22, it can not reduce.
The key to the cipher

1 — You will be able to express yourself. Success in any endeavor, especially those related to the field of trade and finance.

2 — not very lucky number portends mixed success in business.

3 — a chance to unlock the creative potential to demonstrate all that capable.

4 — large profit.

5 — career success.

6 — This combination is favorable for creative people associated with the arts.

7 — character limit. This does not mean that you have to deny oneself. Just do not expect gifts from fate, undeserved victory.

8 — will have to work hard. Becoming a shift responsibility to someone else's shoulders, a talisman may harm you.

9 — the number of security. You do not threaten serious shocks, insurmountable obstacles. But do not expect and great victories.

10 — that's luck: supportive Fortune seems to have decided to make you her favorite. But the financial situation is not very stable.

11 — a very powerful number, brings a great success. Relationships with others will be more meaningful, peaceful.

1 2 — financial security. Do not forget to help those who are not doing so well.

Your lucky ticket

Among the bills that pass through your hands, can meet and one that will attract to your financial success. How to know it?

• You are in luck, if the number of your birth coincides with the total numbers on the bill. (Just in case, let us recall how to calculate the code of Birth: day of the birth of the month + + the number of the year of birth. Amount is reduced to simple numbers from 1 to 9.)

• If the room repeated the same combination of numbers, eg 1471471. Number dollar bill consists of eight characters. This is especially useful for magical calculations.

• Optional add the first four digits of the latter. If both halves are equal, the bill has a certain potential.

• Opportunities banknote even more if the sum of each two digits in the same. For example, 15 33 42 24 — a successful combination.

• A great option if you hit the money, the number of which looks like this: 22 22 22 22 or 46 46 64 64. This bill is simply no price!

«His» bill to carry a separate purse pocket and not exchanged. It will bring good luck.

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