Lunar Calendar. Which days can make prediction?

Lunar Calendar. Which days can  make prediction?
To rituals aimed at obtaining predictions to be successful, they must be correlated with the lunar rhythms. Moon had always been mistress of magic, and this is no accident, for it is subject to change during and astral energies that are directly dealing magician. Therefore, your experiments and experiences in the field of magic will be more productive if you spend your rituals in the most suitable for them lunar day. This can be seen from any of the lunar calendar, which is sold in a large assortment.
Lunar calendar, 1 day Lunar day. These lunar day is not practical to conduct any operations within the magic. The only exceptions are those actions that are directed to the inner self, that is, exercises to develop psychic abilities. This lunar day is also good for thinking through all magical operations that you are going to perform in this lunar month. Also, now you can start making amulets and talismans to protect during the evocation in order to find out their upcoming events.
Lunar calendar, 2 lunar day. Best guess about the upcoming events, the time frame that does not exceed one month. A good time to start a program for the development of abilities of clairvoyance and any other mystical practices aimed at personal development.
Lunar calendar, 3 lunar day. You can not carry out any activities related to the prophecies. Who should just relax, read esoteric literature. In short, do the education and training to various mystical rituals.
Lunar calendar, 4 lunar day. Good questions that require only one word answer «yes» or «no», as well as issues related to any choice. In addition, as in previous lunar day, well to study the ancient magical teketov, getting theoretical information. During this period, to communicate well with his mentor, a guru, a teacher or a person is to you an authority on the art of magic.
Lunar calendar, 5 lunar day. It should only speculate on topics related to internal changes, ask questions about the state of mind, as well as those directly indicate any major changes in your life. One can only guess at himself. Even if you are someone will ask — politely refuse. Now this is very dangerous, you can not resist the temptation to interpret the prophecy in terms of their self-interest, than you can break the moral code of the magician.
Lunar calendar, 6 lunar day. You can inquire on any topic. In general, the lunar day especially revered by the Druids. On this day, they will perform magic rituals.
Lunar calendar, 7 lunar day. Refer to the Oracle issues related to relationships with people and, above all, family members. Himself to himself seventh lunar day of old was a magical day. And the most powerful magical effect in this period has a word. Therefore, virtually all occult traditions recommended on this day to practice some variety of the word — prayers, cast spells or charms, reciting mantras, etc. As part of the same magic in the period it is best to interpret complex prophecies that have been received in other lunar day.
Lunar calendar, 8 lunar day. Just need to ask the questions that require access to the past, to past events whose consequences are directly related to the present. Also in this lunar day can explain all the issues related to karmic knots and interpret prophecy received in past sessions predictions.
Lunar calendar, 9 lunar day. During this period, it is better to refrain from divination practices. Enjoy a higher level of education, which is an inherent part of any professional magician. In the lunar day data useful to get acquainted with the heritage or the biography of the great purple magicians, prophets and seers.
Lunar calendar, 10 lunar day. Ask only those questions that are related to the family, the family tradition. This is perhaps the only day when you can hold joint sessions call spirits predictions hold general sessions divination. But should participate, only those who do you like in the Spirit, who would be your family, not only in the literal and figurative sense. Some artists in this lunar day was initiated into their tradition or admission to the Order.
Lunar calendar, 11 lunar day. Divination can be done on any topic. One of the best periods for magic rituals and ceremonies, as in the eleventh lunar day, the energy, the strength of nature into a state of high activity.
Lunar calendar, 12 lunar day. Need only specify explicit questions and only those that have a high degree of importance. Access any oracle at this time for nothing — a dangerous undertaking, you may anger the spirits of predictions. As in previous lunar day, now have a good serious rituals and ceremonies in the magic, because the boundary between the worlds is especially subtle. However, in this lies the danger, and, if you're a little mistake in the correct execution of the ritual, then you can expect a lot of trouble.
Lunar calendar, 13 lunar day. These lunar day the intended direction of divination practices towards clarifying issues concerning the future. Ask for clarification of the situation or the past is not recommended.
Lunar calendar, 14 lunar day. Ask only questions related to your internal state or state of mind of who near you. It is also the perfect time for the transition to a new stage in the development of psychic abilities.
Lunar calendar, 15 Lunar day. You can ask any questions. Since ancient times, in all cultures, the fifteenth day of the Moon — Full Moon, was considered the best day for any kind of magical effect, any ritual and ceremony. This period was used extensively by all wizards, witches, sorcerers, black and white magicians. Quarter-to-peak lunar, and hence the astral energy. For this reason, the link between the world of man and other measurements very thin, so that all predictions will be very accurate, and you have the additional power to penetrate into the essence of things. The main thing — do not give in to temptation.
Lunar calendar, 16 Lunar day. Ask questions relating to promotion, career politicians. This is also the best time to clean up the magical tools, cleaning them with water, fire and smoke of incense.
Lunar calendar, 17 &lunar day. Ask only questions relating to sexuality, as well as sensory and emotional spheres. Now the answers to these questions will be particularly accurate.
Lunar calendar, 18 Lunar day . You can ask questions about just you personally. Also, now make good protective charms and amulets used in magic:
Lunar calendar, 19 Lunar day. Of divination, as well as on the interpretation of prophecy, it is better to abstain.
Lunar calendar, 20 Lunar day . During this period, should ask questions about the social in all its directions. In addition, the twentieth lunar days are favorable for the rituals to call the spirits in order to obtain their prophecies.
Lunar calendar, 21 Lunar day . The theme for divination should be creative aspect of life, in particular issues related to art. Great time for a rethinking of the prophecies and his experience in magic.
Lunar calendar, 22 Lunar day . Ask the oracle questions concerning the material side of life — wealth, career, etc. Also, to dedicate this time to the study of ancient magical treatises and books, study of the Holy Scriptures, familiarization of new techniques and expand their knowledge in the field of magic.
Lunar calendar, 23 lunar day.Ot divination better abstain. The 23 day of the Moon — an unfavorable period generally for any magical effect. Dedicate it to rest and meditation.
Lunar calendar, 24 Lunar day . These lunar day is better to ask questions related to the construction, laying of new projects Delhi. Good time for all types of practices and rituals as part of magic.
Lunar calendar, 25 Lunar day. You can ask questions on any topic, but it is best to devote twenty fifth lunar day making tools for divination, runes, tarot cards, etc.
Lunar calendar, 26 lunar day. not divination preferably avoided. Relax.
Lunar calendar, 27 Lunar day. It is advisable to ask questions relating to finance and «knitted with sea travel, and weather issues. Wonderful period for the consecration of divination tools.
Lunar calendar, 28 Lunar day . You can ask any questions, or do anything in the magic.
Lunar calendar, 29 lunar day. Ask only those questions that relate to rupture, death, etc. In general, today was better not to guess, because the day is characterized by difficulty in passing the astral energies that are at an extremely distorted. Interpret the prophecies in this period is also not worth it.
Lunar calendar, 30 Lunar day. The ideal time for questioning the Oracle „global“ theme, covering large time frame. But, unfortunately, this lunar period is very short, so you need to know about it in advance, especially given the fact that it is not in every lunar month.

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