How to know the future?

How to know the future?To know the future, is it possible? Guessing on the fate — it is an illusion or reality? With the help of tarot cards you can slightly lift the veil of the mysteries that surrounded your life.

First of all, remember, the answer to your questions anyway gives any alignment, and background information that will soon take place in your life, you are sure to get. Do not try to look too far: to know the future can only be for a year. All that happens is not likely to be easy to learn, one must have the knowledge of astrology and horoscopes preparation to know the future and identify patterns, try to know more than what the standard alignment. If you want to make a serious balance of his fate, then, unless you have a dedication to «the road of destiny», it is better to do it on the Tarot cards. However, the restriction of «year» will not work: the alignment can not be detailed, and therefore the main trends anyway be identified.

You've heard of that to know the future through divination itself is impossible. But if you have personal contact with the Company now your cards, then you can do the alignment on the fate of himself. However, it will be harder than guessing a stranger to know the future, because it is believed that a person should know that it is prepared, and the true answer depends entirely on whether you deserve it or not. Since you can not ask this in your cards, think three times before guessing to know the future: the power behind the cards, may decide that you are not worthy to know the future.

In order to know the future, perfect regular solitaire, transformed in the scenario to predict the future, they are particularly good for the prediction itself. The most famous game of patience to know the future is called «Solitaire», see how it is spread, it is possible. The basic principle is that cards are laid out horizontally in eight rows from left to right. The upper row of eight cards, then — seven more — six, etc. Aces should be postponed and then begin to shift color cards in the suit: a free six — to seven, seven — to eight, and so on. Importantly, to keep the suit and the cards. Accordingly, all cards are gradually going to deferred aces and line up accordingly. On the empty seats can move incomplete columns of cards that are not «ready» for that to go to the king and ace deferred.

To know the future for «headscarf» in the following way. Each column represents a week, each row represents any problems or questions that you have to think for yourself. Assume: love, career, illness, children, your financial status, etc. When you start to collect solitaire, you can determine the future of an issue by the way to which card will fall. For example, first you came ace of spades, traditionally called strike, difficulties and so on. And if the king of spades away, then continue with these difficulties will not, they will be resolved and everything will work out. And the six of diamonds, assume responsibility of the seven in the same week, which involved an ace of spades. So, one person, «hiding» under the king of diamonds, will make you worry about what it will conjecture in the sixth row. It is only at first sight difficult to know the future, but in reality — not at all, the whole thing only constant practice.

Alignment to know the future, the exact same way, but the Tarot cards. The deck should be used in full: Senior Arcana Arcana with junior. In the first two rows should be eleven cards, then the number of cards is reduced by one, to the same place on the right one should be left blank. Do not be scared of the Major Arcana «Death»: it symbolizes the physical death, but the death of the old life and the dramatic changes in the future. Major Arcana shift only in the empty columns, one card at each place, and on top of them did not place. What will come at once, and gone, but the rest of the cards (and there are many), will symbolize the difficulties that you will encounter throughout their lives.

If you learn patience, «Solitaire», you can easily find a future for themselves and their friends.

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