Divination by Coffee Grounds

One of the most famous and exciting ways of divination, of course, is Divination by Coffee Grounds.
Many hundreds of years it was a favorite of predicting the future in the Middle East and Africa.
With experience, for you will not care where and what coffee you drink and from which the cup. But at the moment, not being a high-skilled worker (given that you are reading these recommendations), you should follow some rules.
Important at a Divination by Coffee Grounds even small, insignificant figures and details that you see. It is made up of them all sense of divination.
A cup with a coffee grounds keeps a lot of secrets and answers. The main thing to interpret them. You can begin practicing in the morning, pouring his morning coffee cup and learn to look, what to expect today.
With time and experience, this activity will become a favorite among your friends. Wherever you looked, which company was not hit, you will always be in focus. It would not say people do not believe in any of divination, he will never miss a moment to look into the future.
Divination by Coffee Grounds 
What you need:
1. Ground coffee (instant not necessary).
2. Cezve.
3. Cup (round, bright, no interior pictures, smooth).
4. Desire.
5. Imagination.
6. Little time.

How to make coffee for divination

The classic way — one teaspoon of coffee per 100 grams of cold water.
But the best drink is coffee made from 2 tbsp. spoons of coffee, meal and 1 tbsp. tablespoons finely.
Add sugar is not recommended, and milk — is prohibited.
And so:
1. In Cezve (Turk) pours cold water and put 3 tablespoons of ground coffee for each spoonful of saying: the first — «in the past», the second — «for now», the third — «the future.» Cezve put on a slow fire.
2. Remember! Coffee should not boil! Mix three times clockwise, three times against, again three times clockwise.
3. As soon as the drink foam, remove from heat and pour the coffee into a round, white, without drawing the cup.
4. Holding a cup in his left hand, and imagining that this vessel, which absorbed the wisdom of the ages, slowly, slowly, drink a coffee, to focus on their issues.
5. Leave in the cup about a tablespoon of liquid. If liquid remains too low, it may not be guessing.
6. Making a cup of three vigorous circular motion clockwise (this is done in order to evenly distribute the grounds for a cup to the brim), turn it on a flat white saucer, wait a while and start divination by coffee grounds.
How to look and what to look for:
Need to look relaxed, not trying to find what you want to see. Just watch and imagine what figure what it's like. If you start to get tired, you're doing something wrong. Transfer the divination for another time.
The bottom of the cup — the past. The closer to the center of the bottom of the pattern, the more they are distant from the present
The middle part of the cup — the present.
The upper part of the cup — the future. The closer to the edge of the patterns are, the faster they will occur (weeks to months).
Near the handle — the most intense manifestation of the events taking place at the moment.
The size of the symbol on the sign depends on its impact on the life of the questioner.
Dark spots — internal human problems.
Light areas — a joyous and happy time.
Start with simple elements, gradually moving to the small and complex.
Observe ethics! If you see something wrong, we should not «pour» it on the questioner. You may have made a mistake. Type of experience to start.
Successful divinations!
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Interesting facts about coffee

Coffee trees are of three types: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica. 70% of the population prefer arabica coffee, the rest — robusta, which has a rough taste and 50% more caffeine. Coffee trees can grow up to 9 feet, but for the convenience of picking berries they grow up to 3 meters. On the branches of a tree — the bright red berries, which are located inside the coffee beans. They are harvested, dried and purified to green corn, then fried. Roasting is performed at a temperature of 260 degrees. Grain doubled and «pops». After a while there was another cotton, which means readiness.
* All coffee trees grow in so-called coffee belt in the world. It is situated between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. In the U.S., coffee is grown only in the state of Hawaii.
* Coffee is the second most merchantability after oil.
* Product vechnospeshaschego for the modern man — instant coffee and how it came up with making a Japanese American, scientist Satori Kato in 1901. The invention of the principle of industrial production belongs to George Washington. It happened in 1906. Almost namesake president expected in cafes wife. Sitting over a cup of coffee, he saw the coffee powder on a silver spoon — coffee condensed vapors.
* Espresso — this is not the type of coffee tree, no type of coffee and method of flavored drink. Water under high pressure passes through a layer of hard-packed coffee, and as a result gives a seductive foam. Espresso is prepared on the basis of: Americano, latte, breve, cappuccino, mocha and mokachino.

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