Divination on tea

Among us there are many immigrants from China, but the people do not like to show their hidden knowledge and beliefs. And because the information about Chinese numerology on tea, which we have, rather scarce.

Guessing on the tea and everyone can, in the morning you just need to make a strong tea in a cup, cover and saucer and wait until the drink is ready. During this time, it is desirable to balance your thoughts, discard unwanted thoughts, should focus on the problem. Not only is the tea will help you to know the future, he is also able to improve the body. In China, this drink are not just with respect, and with trembling.

Those who believe in the results of the tea divination, saying that the position of tea leaves in a cup is closely related to human biofield Gad. Tea is a drink in China, embodying a combination of energy «yin» and «yang». For man pours a transparent, clean boiling black tea leaves, tea-time — is the interaction of two types of energy.

So, when the tea is brewed, the saucer clean and look at the position of tea leaves. If two of them float on the right and one — on the left, you can be happy with what you sent down to a happy omen. Anyone who saw the cup like a sign, guaranteed success in love and business, wealth, prosperity, wealth but must be used wisely, you should not, for example, to lend money to.

On the contrary, is a bad sign if the two blurred tea leaves on each side of the cup, and one «hung» in the thick drink. Such scenario bodes family quarrels, strife and turmoil. In addition, we can expect the deteriorating financial situation, in short, things go from bad to worse.

Today, the popularity and demand sale of tours to China — our countrymen are interested East. That is why more and more wondering on tea, arranged the furniture according to Feng Shui, etc. I want to believe that the wise Chinese do know more than we Europeans. Sometimes, though, and divination on the tea can not answer an important question — if the tea leaves are all gone to the bottom, in the water to swim only a couple of them, it means that the situation is not stable, it may be anything. Money matters and for a sign, rather bad, although he kept the chance of a successful outcome of a difficult situation.

By the way, the issue of visas to China — this is a good opportunity to learn the traditions of this country. For example, a properly brewed tea provides a «high» blessing. There is no sight of happiness to those who when brewing tea in the water were all tea leaves. But it is only the fact that the water was not warmed properly. Perhaps, one should listen to the advice of the wise men from China? After all, they never would think of making tea in a hurry, to use this approach it is important to drink special. Then will you health, happiness, luck and prosperity.

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