Erotic dreams to order

All people, except for the phenomenal individuals in need of rest a night. Men, even in a dream think about sex more often than women. According to recent reports, these lucky three times more likely to survive an affair ladies in night dreams. With a strong desire erotic dream can «order». And one of the highlights — emotional.
Men are more often women experience an orgasm during sleep, and they do not have to worry about ejaculation during sleep, the doctors argue that this is a normal hormonal process.

According to statistics from the German magazine Petra, erotic dreams men dreamed three times more likely than the fairer sex. But with age, sex dreams of visiting all the rarer.

Women also dream of love dream of, on average, once every week. The fair sex excite colors, shades of voice or gestures: they see a mysterious stranger in a taxi, or sex in the presence of spectators.

By «classic erotic dreams» include sexual adventures with representatives of the same sex, with colleagues or former lovers.

According to a study conducted by Petra magazine of 1072 women aged 25 to 39 years, 86 percent of respondents believe that in these dreams of juicy lies hidden meaning. And one in four women to realize their erotic dreams into practice.

Sometimes dreamers are watching their amazing hard love or show respect to them unprecedented care. Such dreams may indicate problems in the field of real relationships, lack of love and romance, say psychologists.

Most erotic dreams — harmless or amusing. However, some people dream of rather strange things, such as incest or violence. If you dream such dreams often, it may be the reason for the visit to the psychologist. With the help of special methods can be peremodelirovat or completely stop the dreams of this nature.

By the way, with a strong desire erotic dream can be programmed.

First, it requires a certain physiological conditions. For lunch, please refrain from coffee and tea, and dinner on this day should be easy. Drink more water and do not drink alcoholic beverages. The last will make you feel sluggish and blunt.

Before bedtime, avoid physical and mental effort. In other words, about the nightly jog, gym, or reading, will have to forget.

Secondly, it is very important emotional: Nestle comfortably in bed, lie on your back and place his head quite low. It is better to sleep in complete silence: noises interfere with rest and dream.

Do not fall asleep immediately, and send a dream, where you shall desire: to imagine a partner and a tempting situation. You have to see every movement, every gesture, and his own, and partner. It would be ideal if you could stay at least ten minutes in a state between sleeping and waking.

First, due to lack of experience can go to sleep too early. But after persistent attempts to enjoy your night session is likely to succeed.

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