Food and Cosmetic procedures according to the lunar calendar

Food and Cosmetic procedures according to the lunar calendarMoon — Lady not only the tides of the world ocean, but also health, well-being and mood. Only a healthy person is truly beautiful.
Natritional recommendations of the lunar calendar are also treatment recommendations, as adopted in time and necessary in this period food harmonizes and restores the organs of the human body, according to the energy of each lunar day. In particular lunar day one should not just resort to preventive, curative and cosmetic procedures, but also to use the products that will be useful.
Today, many people who have attained material wealth, believe that wealth is a measure of the daily consumption of delicacies, delicious meat and fish smoked or pickled foods, and simple food — the lot of poor people. They stop eating soups and porridge, use only high-calorie foods, which in excess violates human health and leads not only to obesity, but also to other more serious diseases. You should know that the food prepared from simple products, not only can be very tasty, more importantly, it is very useful.

Please note that not all the lunar days are the same for energy. There are days auspicious energies: 6 th, 7 th, 12 th, 16 th, 24 th lunar days. These lunar days, the 4-th, 9 th, 15 th, 23 th and 29 th, are carriers of the critical energy. These days, you should be careful and try their actions or emotions not amplify negative energy. Special attention should be paid to the limitations and, if possible, to follow them.

Nutrition — the foundation of health and beauty. Eating habits are due to natural, seasonal, national, religious and family traditions.

All people have different tastes: Like that one does not necessarily have to like the other, so the food cravings are a very personal matter for each individual.

Now more and more people are beginning to realize that from the food we choose, it depends on the health and beauty, and, therefore, happiness. Many people now prefer healthy food and genuinely enjoying the simple food.

In New Moon, one is most relaxed, exhausted, the energy resources of the body are minimal. It is better not to take any procedures, but you can starve to sit on the fruit or juice diet. You can feel the irritation, nervousness. This is especially true for men. You should not drink alcohol on the day of the new moon and two days after.
In the growing moon, our bodies tuned to the absorption, the absorption and retention of all that goes into it. The skin is also easy to accept feed and wetting agents. Because on the growing Moon tried to do all the procedure is on nutrition and hydration of the skin. At this time, have a good procedure, aimed at accelerating growth. For those who want to grow long hair, haircut favorable. If you want to have long nails, manicure do at this time. Favorable physical activities and nature walks.

FULL MOON — time for procedures and operations to strengthen. If you want your hair to fall out less, become thicker, try to cut them precisely at the full moon. Hair cut at the full moon, grow more slowly than usual, but fewer falls. After the full moon can do hair removal, corrective shape eyebrows, hair, hair types African braids. With the full moon is better to starve or eat enough. Refrain from surgery.

Women suffer worse than the full moon, so it is better to be creative in the full moon day, the day before the full moon and the next after that day. You can drink a soothing tea with mint.

The moon's waning body is configured to flow, release, cleansing from all that hinders us. It is easier and quicker to get rid of acne, age spots, freckles, etc. At this time, it is more effective cleaning procedures. Shows the self-regulation of the inner attitude, good to sit in front of a burning candle and analyze your mistakes, so getting rid of them.

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