How to decipher erotic dreams

Specialists in dreams about sex all the way can not come to a consensus: we are summing up residence in his dreams, to the extent of its modest forces razukrashivaya dull reality? Or, looking happy dreams about sex, so we glance into their subconscious and reveal a well-concealed from themselves the problem?
Here is an explanation of what dreams about sex sex therapist Tracey Cox gives, writes sexyweek.

Dream about sex with a celebrity. Who of us has ever seen in an erotic dream, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, or — for realistok at least Bezrukov and Timothy? Would you like to say that none of the celebrities had never dreamed in a negligee? Tell us about your grandmother, even rejoice ...

But she note the following: if you see a dream about sex with a celebrity, then you sleep in the ancient world as a flaw — a tendency to exhibitionism. Do you crave glamor and waiting, you will not wait the hour of triumph to some noisy party.

What to do when he saw a dream about sex? Find your best dress (the dress, not jeans!) And go to where a lot of music, noise, and the guys like at least for Timothy. And the best — by Brad Pitt.

Dream about sex, and you — with a dildo. There are rumors on the Earth, such that every other woman refused to stay a week or two with a dildo. So what? This is probably so cool — think not only the head, but something else. And a guaranteed orgasm — too cool!

Still dream about sex when you are — with the penis, it means something else. Namely, you aspire to the life of self-assertion. And the penis — a symbol of your success, which, believe me, there, very close. (This refers to the success. What are you thinking?)

Dream about having sex with the enemy or Foe — relax, this dream did not prophesy anything wrong. This dream means that in real life, you're still looking for the perfect lover. A man who is now with you there, alas, you are not satisfied with one hundred percent.

Dream about having sex with a stranger: it's time to arrange a revision to its secret sexual desires. Something of their sexual aspirations you had to drive into the far corner of my subconscious. But they have their evil ears protrude from under the cover of your subconscious mind and you never know, is about to burst out in all its glory out of his madness.

Think it might be worth ahead of the event and send their passion into an organized channel? That is to invite her boyfriend to realize that you secretly see him in his dreams about sex?

The interpretation of dreams about sex goes on, how many people, how many cases of sex, so much about and dreams.
Remember the important thing: he saw a dream about sex, did not realize itself in the looseness and did not understand the dream literally. That is, when he saw a dream about sex with the boss, do not be frightened an unexpected call at his office. Chef's something about your dream does not know anything.

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