Interesting about superstitions

We are in a certain sense are in the thrall of superstition and prejudice. The impact of these external factors, the internal sometimes negatively affect our lives. That in this case? Treat everything with humor and not become a slave imposed idiocy. But those who are hard to get rid of psihologocheskogo pressure of external factors — reduce this negative.

For example, in France, if the party was in the company of 13 people, for a moderate fee fourteenth take special agency. Other ways to avoid a meeting with that number. If a person lives in a 13th apartment, he can change the number on the door of 12 +1.

Bad dreams.

It is important to a person's behavior after awakening. If you are frightened by a bad dream, wake up, get up under cold running water and say: «Just as water flows away and dream gone.» There is another way: Find a private place and tell a bad dream itself. Then he did not come to pass. But anyone else should not be talking.

Obviously not congratulations.

According to this will take, to celebrate the birthday in advance you can not — you can not live up to it. However, when there is simply no other way, it is necessary to change the occasion! Instead of birthday note invented holiday — good mood, or the Day of his accession to the throne, or any other. For the celebration of such a day is not punished by fate.

Back — a bad omen.

People say: «If half-way back — no way.» In Russia, it was believed that when he returned, it is necessary to look at yourself in the mirror and display language. In Poland, there is another sign: if you come back half-way, it is necessary to sit down or even touch a soft spot any seat — as if you have already returned, but we have to go somewhere.

Salt is scattered.

Need to laugh and hit his forehead. This will help avoid disputes.

The bird flew into the house.

If a bird flew into the room, in this house it is better not to spend the night. Spend the night with relatives or friends. So you can soften the effect of one of the most ominous signs. It is believed that the souls of the dead birds and the bird that had entered the house — bad news. Bird gently to release without damaging its wings.

A woman with an empty bucket.

Since ancient times it was believed that if the morning, coming out of the house, you met a woman — it's a failure, and if a man — good luck. It went from the Indians, who were convinced that a woman consumes energy, and a man always gives it back. A sign from India came to us in a slightly different form: if you meet a woman with empty buckets — it promises trouble. By the way, this is a continuation of the signs: a man with a bucket — to luck!

Seeing a woman with empty buckets, you should get around to it in an arc. Another possible sign of the cross and spit three times over your left shoulder. Of women with empty buckets and helps two crossed fingers in the pocket (not fig.) You can also use an example of Pushkin's grandmother Maria Alexeyevna Hannibal. She immediately returned home, if there are a peasant went to fetch water.

Black cat.

If it passed you the way, do not hurry to get upset. Indeed, in its entirety, this sign looks like this: if a black cat crossing the road right man — is to the good, and to the left to the right — for trouble. The women — on the contrary.

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