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Sooner or later, any man asks himself this very hurtful and unpleasant question, “Is my wife cheating on me?” It also applies to those who claim to be completely sure of their spouses. But is it possible to be 100% sure of anything? People often say, “Trust but verify!” and they are right. Besides, today’s world advocates loose morals and there are a bunch of Don Juans who know how to woo women and are looking for one night stands. So, how can you find out if your wife resisted the temptation or not? Let’s start with some theory.
Infidelity Its Types
Infidelity is a complex phenomenon. Despite its seeming simplicity, there are many types of infidelity and each one requires a separate approach. The most widespread types of infidelity include:
Your wife cheated on you once (maybe under alcohol). It happens quite often: she finds herself, let’s say, at a party, while her husband’s away and encounters a womanizer who she can’t resist. Another example of this type of infidelity is a love affair which starts when a wife is away on vacation (the affair may span 1-2 weeks).
The wife lies to her husband and has a lover. From the point of view of family relations, this type of infidelity is the most dangerous as such love affairs – strong, secret and romantic – make the wife forget about her husband; the woman’s always looking forward to seeing her lover again.
Infidelity is caused by sexual dissatisfaction, no emotional bond with the lover observed. In this case, the husband should think about it carefully, as his inability to sexually satisfy his wife may destabilize their relationship.
There are a lot of methods how to find out is a wife is cheating on her husband and each method has its peculiarities. For example, you can find out if your wife’s cheating on you regularly by watching her. However, you won’t be able to find out if she cheats on you occasionally, for example when she claims to go to her friend’s birthday party.
There is one universal way people have been using for centuries – infidelity fortune telling. Don’t be skeptical about it, as very soon you’ll understand that it’s actually the most universal way. Besides, its “quality-price ratio” is way better than that of any other method.
Wife’s infidelity-revealing methods and their comparison. Private detective, Doctor’s services, Infidelity test and Magical fidelity check (tarot reading about cheating wife)
1. So, you ask yourself, “How can I find out if my wife’s cheating on me?” The first idea that crosses your mind is a private detective. However, it’s very complicated and expensive. Prices usually start at $1,000 a day (street surveillance + $500 or more per hour if you want photo or video proof). On top of that, the results can be inconsistent. For example, if a wife’s lover is her coworker and they meet in the office, street surveillance can bring no results, while the bugs in her purse will record no suspicions noises as the wife didn’t take the purse with her when she walked to, let’s say, a storage room to meet her lover. A seven-day printout of her phone calls and text messages (yes, it’s illegal but some detectives offer this service) will cost you from $600 to $1,500. After that, you will have to figure out on your own who called your wife and find out if she would be able to explain it.
2. You can find out if your wife’s had sex with another man with the help of a gynecologist, given the following two conditions are observed: your wife agrees to such an examination and she hasn’t taken a shower after she had sex with her lover. It’s a DNA test and it’s very pricey, too. The test will determine if there is sperm of another man in your wife’s vagina, as well as particles of skin, saliva, mucus. The samples will be compared with the husband’s biological samples. (Yes, you’re going to have to take this test, too!) It’s impossible to determine if there was a sexual intercourse by examining your wife’s vagina’s shape, length, muscles visually (unless she’s been a virgin). The average price of a DNA test is around $1,000.
3. Free online wife’s infidelity (cheating) fortune telling websites. Alas, such websites won’t answer your question whether your wife’s cheating on you. This method is rather doubtful. The computer will generate a random vague answer, and thus can make you fear more when there is no reason for you to worry at all, or calm you down when you should actually start to worry. Read: What is hidden behind free online fortune telling websites?
4. Wife’s &cheating — infidelity online tests. Taking this test, you will have to answer a number of questions, such as “How often do you talk with your wife over the phone?” “How often do you have sex with your wife?” and so on. But the fact that your wife doesn’t call you from work can be explained by the fact that she’s too busy, right? While couples who’ve been married for 3-5 years can have sex not very often because they’re psychologically tired of each other.
Read: Why are all wife’s infidelity tests only 50% trustworthy?
5. &Tarot reading about cheating wife. A magical fidelity check is what can give you a definite answer to your question. The witch always feels the energy of another man. While you can hide it from a detective, you can’t hide it from an experienced witch.
By reading energy flows, a witch will describe you in detail the circumstances under which your wife cheated on you. She’ll give you dates and describe the lover.
Today, physics confirms the existence of the planet’s energy and information fields. So what a witch does doesn’t run counter to science. So, when you ask a witch if your wife has a lover, don’t think you’re crazy.
When should you ask yourself if your wife has a lover?
Below are some signs indicating a cheating wife:
She works long hours
She hides her cell phone from you
She deletes all her incoming and outgoing calls and texts (or, if she’s not careful enough, you find text messages sent by her lover)
She doesn’t want to have sex with you. When you do have sex, she stays emotionless and obviously doesn’t enjoy it.
She goes out with her “girlfriends” suspiciously often (nightclubs, to celebrate something).
She wants to go on vacation without you
She constantly finds excuses not to be with you
She is not as gentle and caring as before
Noticing these symptoms, go to a witch immediately. She will help you find out if your wife’s cheating on you and also point out your relationship problems.
Wife’s infidelity fortune telling (tarot reading about wife)
I, Witch Reddy, offer you to find out whether your wife is cheating on you with the help of clairvoyance, Tarot cards and runes. Diagnostics credibility is up to 95%.
I can give you answers to the following questions:
— Is you wife is cheating on you?
If she does:
— Why?
— For how long?
— How serious is it?
— What are your wife’s feelings towards you and her lover?
— What are her plans for the future: does she want to be with you or will leave you whenever she has a chance (if the lover asks her to)?
If you have a photograph of a man who you think has sex with your wife, I will be able to tell you what their relations are.
If you think your wife cheated on you once and know the date, I will be able to tell you if she cheated on you on that very day.
If you want my help, make sure you bring me two photos (you and your wife) or one photo with the two of you. I will also need to know your names. If you have, bring me a photo of your suspect (and name) + a list of questions answers to which you want to receive. If you can’t think of any question, I will answer the standard questions as listed above.
I won’t need to know your date of birth (last or middle name, address, job, copies of your documents) to carry out magical diagnostics.
Price Tarot reading about cheating wife- 300$ us

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