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People start value their health only when they lose it. As far as we’re healthy and feel good, we don’t think about our health. However, once something goes wrong, we have to deal with a whole lot of problems: determining the cause of the ailment, health diagnostics, multiple visits to the hospital. This is when we have to deal with our medicine: endless lines, rudeness and indifference of the personnel, unpleasant and uncomfortable procedures which become that psychological barrier a person can overcome only when he has no other choice. So he prefers to put up with the ailment and not to think about it at all. He just gets used to pain he feels.
It is very dangerous. Diseases don’t usually pass on their own. They remain, sucking the strength out of the body, progress, and may lead to acute conditions and complications. Chronic diseases are time bombs. However, lack of treatment is not the worst part of it. Are you surprised? Don’t be.
Health diagnostics is a key to successful treatment
The main drawback of our medicine is not its lines or unfriendly personnel, it’s its medical errors. As a rule, health diagnostics is carried out with carelessness and negligence. When a patient asks the doctor, “What is it?” the latter usually gives no definite answer and institutes some general therapy. As a result, the patient doesn’t feel better. Instead, he gets even worse because of all those medicines prescribed by guesswork. Usually only rich or powerful people can afford expensive high tech health diagnostics that includes MRI, science intensive analyses and other procedures. So, what can you do if you feel unwell and don’t want to entrust doubtful specialists of public hospitals with your health? What if it concerns a child’s health, which is the most important thing in the world for any parent? A solution exists. It’s health diagnostics with the help of the Tarot of doctor Paracels.
The psychic reading about health and Tarot reading of doctor Paracels is a unique tool in the skilled hands.
Paracels (from Latin Paracelsus) – the one who exceled that very Celsius the scale temperature was named after) is a medieval Roman doctor who invented his own system of disease diagnostics. He lived and worked in Europe (where Switzerland is located now). The Tarot of doctor Paracels is named after this doctor as he was among the founders of modern pharmacology and health diagnostics as he established their basic principles. He realized that humans are microcosms and their health diagnostics should be based on analysis of the balance of all the body elements and systems.
Health divination and tarot readig using the Tarot of doctor Paracels allows the fortune teller to reveal the patient’s energy field malfunction, diagnose the disease and determine its cause. This method has been successfully applied for many years. Within a shorter period of time, it often gives more accurate results than modern medicine.
What can the personal Tarot reading about health divination of doctor Paracels tell you?
The Tarot of doctor Paracels allows the fortune teller to diagnose the patient’s health. There are different techniques for diagnosing each organ and each subsystem, as well as determining the body elements balance. Only an experienced and, more importantly, gifted witch can use the cards to see the problems the patient has and determine the exact causes of the disease.
If a patient suffers from more than one disease, she will be able to establish tendencies and regularities which can explain the current state of the patient’s health. First of all, she establishes general tendencies and determines main problems, then carries out health tarot reading (fortune telling about health) to examine the causes of the disease.
In other words, General divination — Health Fortune Telling &and Psychic reading about health is carried out to provide general but detailed information on all organs. In the course of the session, most dangerous tendencies requiring clarification are pointed out, which are then followed by Clarifying Health Fortune Telling.
Clarifying Health psychic reading and Fortune Telling allows the fortune teller to specify the determined diseases and answer the questions of the patients. For example, it’s a great prognostication tool: the patient will find out the way his disease with develop, optimal treatment, possible results of surgery. Health tarot reading and health fortune telling gives very detailed answers, such as how exactly the patient should be treated, what should be changed about his treatment and which medicine is best for him.
Pregnancy requires a specific approach. A pregnant woman is a true miracle and deserves special attention. A pregnant woman needs the right preventive health care and only health fortune telling and psychic tarot reading can give it to her.
Don’t be too late
Summing it all up, we can say that health fortune telling (tarot reading on health) is a great way to find out about the disease you have, find the right treatment and prevent risks. It doesn’t mean you should disregard traditional medicine. However, additional knowledge you receive thanks to health tarot psychic fortune telling can help you a lot or can even improve your treatment. After that, it will be your choice: whether to find a healer and treat your disease with the help of magic, or go to a doctor and undergo a traditional course of treatment.
I offer Health Diagnostics using the Tarot reading and psychic reading of doctor Paracels
— General layout – determining problem organs – consultation price 300$us
— Clarifying layout – disease development, treatment results, elective surgery results; how good for you is your selected treatment method, doctor, hospital, etc.- consultation price 400$us
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I don’t need your date of birth and other personal information (such as address, job, copies of documents) for magical diagnostics.&
Only your photo and first name
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