Online tarot reading. Divination tarot reading. Consultation witch Reddy

What can you learn after tarot reading?
In this topic, post your question, which can be understood by reading tarot cards, using the advice of a witch Reddy.
At the moment you can get advice — personal online tarot reading — in the following areas:

Situation. Online tarot reading

— Reasons situations assignments, forecast.
— At what level or stage is your job, relationships, activities, ideas.
— Life. Relationship (with a partner, children, parents) Reading tarot will teach:
— What is currently happening in the relationship, and what challenges face us as a couple?
— How will develop our relations?
— What can you recommend that the relationship with the person became more harmonious?
— What will happen in the future couple
— Will you be with that person in a loving relationship?
— It feels to you is this person?
— What are the prospects of relations?
— Why and why you met (karmic debt pair)?
— What will be the fate of the meeting and whether such?
— Whether the kids in or out of wedlock?
— Issue a love triangle, why wait?
— Issues of friendship, reconciliation, Papp relations back husband back. return — his wife back. return guy back, get the girl back.
— Marital problems
— Problems in the family home

Future. Online tarot reading

— The forecast for month / six months / year in selected areas of life (relationships, money, health)
— Assessment of the prospects you mentioned options in every area of life (eg options for employment, recreation, etc.)
— What happens if you take a certain decision and begin to act accordingly

Work, Business, Money. Online Tarot Reading

— A promising investment, cooperation and development in this area, the reorganization of the company, etc.?
— The outlook on development recommendations.
— As far as this man is good for me as a business partner?
— How favorable and promising to engage professionally in these activities?
— How favorable and promising to stay in the same place of work (in the profession)?
— Can open your own business?
— Prospects of transactions
— Why money does not go to me?
— Why you can not get a high-paying job?

Health. Online Tarot reading

— My health, for what is necessary to track and pay attention chumy
— Why I have a bad feeling?
— What will be the upcoming surgery?
— If I have a genetic disease and birth?
Karma, magical effects, abilities and talents. Online Tarot Reading
— If I have a jinx, curse, spell?
— What karmic task in front of me?
— What are my talents?
— If I have magical powers?
— The secret of your family
Diagnosis chakras / energy. Online Tarot Reading
This is a special tarot reading provides an overview of the work of a particular chakra, as well as on the ongoing processes in those organs and bodies, for which they correspond. You can recognize the disease processes of the physical plane. This definition of the type of your energy, talents, direction of development. Does not answer the direct question «who work», but suggestive and greatly enhance your self-knowledge and an understanding of why you or that your properties and characteristics. Allows the correct accents in life helps to make choices.
— Where to find a lost item?
— Where to find a lost person?
— Will come true if you want or how to make the dream a reality?
— What is waiting for me on the trip (trip)?
You may be difficult to formulate your question — in this case, you can briefly describe the situation / problem, I would suggest the possible job options.
The cost of online tarot reading — consulting witches:
The estimated cost of the work you will know if you will write me a letter. Estimated cost — from $ 300 us.
For good advice (tarot reading) takes 3-4 alignment of tarot (+ qualifying disposition taro) to consider more comprehensive and accurate. Therefore, the price — Tarot Readings — negotiated individually, after the pre-scheme will be composed of questions.
Tarot reading — the only pre-paid — if you write to me the first time. For regular customers — you can pay after tarot reading.
How to get an online tarot reading?
Send me email —
In the letter you summarize the essence of the question, problem or situation and what you want to achieve. Write your name, date of birth, the names of all those whom ask. The letter attach your photograph where the face is clearly seen.
After reading your question, I will send you an e-mail, which I will write further conditions.
How does a session online tarot reading?
It is important that before consulting / guessing you were in a good mood and good — it will simplify my work, and will be more comfortable and you and me.
You ask me a question or give voice to the problem / situation and together we select the most precise formulation to obtain the most accurate answer from taro, defined scheme of work.
Then I pick up the necessary decomposed tarot and tarot spread on the desired pattern, and then I read tarot cards in the context of the question and situation. You can ask additional questions, often details are very important.
Regardless of what you know, I will try to make recommendations to change the situation in the right direction for you, if you want to, of course.

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