Sex superstitious people of the world

Kalash tribe in the north of Pakistan, called «drop paganism in the sea of Islam.» On the eve of the holiday, dedicated to the glorification of love and fertility, local girls compete in the ritual profanity.

Legend has it that the evil spirits to hear the «whole truth» about the local residents, will lose all interest in them, and will not intrigue. In this case, during a «verbal orgies» men and women are changing clothes.

Thus, they heat the desire, although any physical contact in this period is strictly prohibited. Only after the day of sacrifice and public revelry, and in the church one hour Sadzhigor slaughtered a hundred sheep, a tribe can in good conscience make love.

Saundatti temple in southern India — is where the inexperienced traveler surely fall into a light stupor. Pilgrims leave offerings to the gods and the temple, recite the mantra and hiding behind a heavy drapery. Behind this veil, in exchange for their donations temple, young women and young men fuck with pilgrims.

So happened that clear and enlightening, this is only possible by the saving of congress. But leave lustful thoughts! These acts of love dedicated to the «mother of the world» goddess Yellama, son of the legend was beheaded.

Believers and Servants of worship fall into a trance. A ritual called «maituna.» And pip language those who call this church brothel and action — the sacred prostitution.

Although the parishioners no lack of experience ...

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