Stars and Tarot to help officials

Hard to imagine, but even government officials are sometimes superstitious and prone to mysticism. For example, Desiu Colla, the mayor of a Brazilian town of Sao Francisco de Paula, I am sure that in December we are waiting for the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayan Indians. A Bolivian judge Gualberto Cusi takes judicial decisions, wondering at the leaves of the coca plant.
Desiu Colla spoke to residents of the city with a warning of impending natural disasters, which should fall upon them at the end of the year — such as flood, drought, tsunami or an earthquake… It is officially called on citizens to strengthen their homes, as well as to food and water.

When the mayor announced that he has time to prepare for Maya apocalypse predicted in the case of global catastrophe may, within three months of shelter in his house without going outside ...

It seems that among the South American officials the most thriving real cult of mysticism. For example, a judge from Bolivia Gualberto Cusi no secret that makes judicial verdicts, using the traditional fortune-telling on the leaves of the coca plant.

Magic is not the first foreign head of state. In Africa, as we know, practiced magic sacrifice. And if you think that the authorities are struggling with this, you are mistaken.

For example, in 1989 for alleged involvement in ritual murder was condemned by Minister of Internal Affairs of Liberia. Failed to prevent the crime: the victim cut off his head and pulled the heart ...

There are persistent rumors that Bill Clinton twice helped become the president… Haitian voodoo priests! Historian and archaeologist Joel Ruth says that before the 1992 elections, the future president was introduced by the deposed ruler of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who promised to find a tool that can influence the upcoming elections.

Clinton brought Aristide to the Haitian priest Gerard Jean-Juste, wearing the title of chief priest of voodoo — hungana. He made a ritual curse on the imposition of the main rival Clinton — George W. Bush. Soon after Bush's ratings plummeted, his health deteriorated. As a reward for helping Bill Clinton, Aristide wrote a check for a large sum, and helped him to recover as president of Haiti.

In 1995, Clinton decided to re-hire the services of Haitian sorcerers and supposedly arrived in Haiti, and then took part in the ritual of black magic.

Re-election was held. But this time the American president did not keep his promise — to provide the State of Haiti substantial cash loans, for which he was punished. The scandal with Monica Lewinsky, as Joel says Ruth — the work of vengeful priests ...

Without the occult has not done and the last presidential campaign in the U.S… For example, Sen. John McCain argued that waiting for election support from… aliens who cooperate with the U.S. government since the collapse of a spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

However, Peruvian shamans were more aliens from outer space. On the eve of the elections, they have repeatedly made magic rituals over the images of McCain and Barack Obama. At the same time on the side of McCain, there were only two sorcerer, and on the side of Obama — the whole nine. The outcome of all
known ...
And in France in early October 2008 went on sale a tutorial on voodoo, which was presented a satirical biography of President Nicolas Sarkozy. The book is accompanied doll, released in two versions (the doll, «the boy» portrayed himself Sarkozy, «the girl» — his rival for the presidential race, Ségolène Ruayyal 2007), as well as a set of 12 needles and instructions for their use ...

The most popular magic and witchcraft are not only officials but also the players. African football teams have long been kept «in state» sorcerers and shamans, who receive substantial fees for having carried out directly at the stadium during the game rituals that increase the chances of athletes to win… Not so long ago adopted this fashion, and the Europeans.

On the eve of the match between Russia and Spain in the semifinal of «Euro-2008» some company «Suatro» invited Spanish fans for just 10 euros to buy a special kit designed to… Corrupts the enemy curse of voodoo. The set includes a doll depicting a football player in the form of a flag of Russia. Doll attached to four pins and a set of flags of countries participating in the championship.

The meaning of the ritual was to be to stick a pin in the figure of the player. According to the beliefs vuduistov thus harmed the astral phantom on who you want to Corrupts damage or a curse. As they say, no comment ...

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