The magic of the Tarot

Man since ancient times, I know the future and predict that prepares him the next day. And for this purpose there are many divination systems. But the magic of the Tarot probably the most attractive of them. After all, the Tarot is much more features than are currently many of us. 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 Minor — is looking to the future and the spiritual path, weather and advice. Feature of the Tarot is that it is quite versatile system that reflects the device of man and the world.
Magic Tarot is essentially archetypal, while energy card allows you to touch the faith, love and hope of man. Major Arcana cards reflect the path of the hero — Jester. Jester — is a kind of nothing, clean sheet of paper. And that's the way we are born, we come into this world. And all the remainder of our way of life — this is the joy of knowing yourself in a world of harmony and peace within us, is to achieve integrity and realization of our potential.

 In a key personality in the esoteric teachings — Crawley, this way of life is directly related to the process of creation of gold, it is gold in alchemical — is the soul of man. As a result, in addition to the obvious connection of tarot cards with astrology, clearly visible and direct relationship with the psychology of the Tarot. After all, the key issues in the symbolism of the Tarot Magic — knowledge of themselves and their problems, self-realization. To better understand the often need as closely scrutinize. Make this helps and visualization of images. Energy Tarot allows you to power and get rid of the blocks and fear.

Magic Tarot books

The magic of the Tarot and its arcana represent the most relevant in the present life dominant archetype. Most dominant of these often fail to realize. Tarot meditation, game technology to help trace the correlation of forces in the inner world, we at the same time to find a fulcrum for maximum realization of the human person.

There is another important aspect of the Tarot as occult and divination system — astrological and kabbalistic attributes. We should not believe in the argument that the Tarot divination somehow programs the person and his destiny. After a prediction — it's just the most likely scenario based on a specific point. The next moment, all may already have changed.

Speaking conventionally, fate — is the basic probability, and each person they own. And what chance have you choose — up to you. And if you do want to change the starting point — and you change the course of events. A Tarot can only give you the most correct way.

Cartomancy Tarot helps to know how to distribute the top in our personality. For example, Senior Arcana represents the divine manifestations, and the world in which we live. The younger Arcana represent the material world and our manifestation in it. And if you are interested in the magic of the Tarot, you can download as textbooks in her training, and instructional videos

Negative same relation to the Tarot by the church rather due to the fact that the church refuses to expand our consciousness. And the ability to rise above the stereotypes of thinking is a step on the way to a knowledge of harmony in the world.

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