Your guy (girl) bewitch . Love spell symptoms. Real evidence

Your guy girl bewitch Love spell symptoms Real evidenceWomen have long enjoyed the magic love potion, not only to attract and keep a man, but someone else's lead. Vending married man may become the object of magic, if other methods do not help. Men often leave their family, succumbing to the passions, but it so happens that can not understand his reasons for leaving home for the sake of that which does not like.

There are many cases where occult activities carried out their own friends and good friends are women. So, caring friend, helping wallpaper paste, it hides my hair, making family life begins to unravel the spouses before our eyes. Tender-hearted neighbor, her husband treats other people's pies, stuffed with a love potion, an employee pours tea, etc. Sometimes the clothes, pockets or service portfolio of the men thrown in small objects such as needles, pins, beads, feathers, hair, etc.

Envious and treacherous lover can do a love spell on their own or to order, she did not even think about the fact that the spell can be dangerous. Other common methods are aggressive love magic, and to embroil first spouse, and then a «pet» a frustrated man and enter into his confidence.

Amateur privorotnye rites and magical manipulation, gleaned in the books, too, can be effective, because, ultimately, the effectiveness of magic is the power of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and strong-willed, and not a special expertise and knowledge.

The fact that her husband became the object of love potion of magic, can be calculated using intuition, combined with the logic and observation. It also helps, so-called «woman's mail,» which certainly contains some fragmentary information, news and gossip about other people's feelings or intentions. Get the right information when communicating, both with their own friends and acquaintances of her husband.

Are specialists, performing any wishes mistress-ordered it, so in addition to the love spell, damage can be done on the relationship then between the husband and wife begin scandals, all the annoying man, he tears off his evil on any occasion.

In order to protect the family Mirror Protection single women who like to arrange your happiness on someone else's misfortune, should clarify the stages of love spell.

1) When you start «programs love spells» suddenly seemed to her husband withdraws into himself, becomes wistful, a little talking, tends to seclusion. Uncomfortable: the energy and the psychological, walks around the apartment, finding a place ceases to engage in hobbies.

2) Another (but not mandatory) sign of the love potion of the program can be partial or complete disregard for sexual relations with his wife. This effect is observed in the rituals of love ties (egilet).

3) The third phase — out of the situation out of control when privorozhenny loses value. The man did not seem to hear and not understand what he is told he has «tin» the eye that is not the form, it becomes like a zombie. At this stage, girlfriend already has power and is capable of vit a rope, in general, a man is ready to leave the family, even if it did not.

4) If the equipment used magic voodoo or witchcraft, using the village cemetery merchandise (black wedding), this spell does energy damage to a man, so after a stressful condition, he may have a health problem.

5) The final chord of love spell can be a lining. At the instigation of the Magician, zakazchitsa throws a charm under the door thing to block the road to the husband's marital home. Lining can be superficially quite harmless and do not attract the attention of: sand, earth, pin, thread, cereals, seed hulls, etc.

How to spell  husband's influence on his wife

Some women who do not believe in omens, should remember that when ordering a «married man» does not necessarily spell. Damage can be done at his wife. This is a kind of insurance to the occult influence did not affect the health of men.

Then the wife can be «cold» in bed, or painful, tired, grumpy, irritable, and soon she would drive her husband out of the house. Recovering himself, she suddenly realizes that this is not done deliberately, and under the influence of a sudden flood of emotions.

Occult attack, the ultimate objective — the destruction of the family and the old relations to prevent the same magic and healing ways. After all, a love spell — it is also a kind of damage, which sooner or later touches and wives and even children. Wait until the «self-resolve» — is meaningless.

The scenes of jealousy and tantrums will be little use. Requires patience and careful selection of a magic specialist in order to overcome the problem of «love spell» rather than throwing from one to another.
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