Love Potion. Recipes and formulas

Almost all of the Love Potion drawn on the growing moon. For the manufacture of some potions you only need one day. For the full exposure of other missing and decades. In any case, we must remember that the final transfer of the charging time and the right influences your magic bullet to become night «light of the moon.» If you make a ritual and the action performed for a time, then let them come to the third, eighth or ninth lunar days or at the very full moon. The traditional days of the week for this magic — Monday and Friday, and the time of this magical actions should match your desire and mood.
Love potion #1
The main effect of any love potion is not in his composition, but in the way of preparation. You can use the most ordinary spring water, put into it all his passion and desire and have better results than if you used a multidimensional tool, but did not support him your feelings. For your magic you will need a «love triangle.» Cut out the thick white paper equilateral triangle. The length of its sides must be equal to 33 cm Write on one side of the triangle its name, the name of the other person you bewitch, and the third word «love.» Perform the ritual every day waxing Moon at any time after sunset. Put it in the center of the room a small table. Cover it with a red or black cloth and put her you made a triangle. Light a candle. Pour into a crystal glass plain water or any other beverage that you decided to use as a love potion. Place the glass in the center of this triangle witch. Take a candle in his right hand and hold it over the top corner of the triangle. Start the movement of your arm and a candle from this corner to the bottom right corner and call the desired spell of force:
Continue along the horizontal side of the triangle to the right to the left and say the incantation:
Now, from the lower left corner of your way up, closing the magical figure of the triangle:
During the movement of a candle, try not to look directly at the flame, see the center of the triangle, and fire notices only corner of my eye. By doing so, you will definitely see how the fire leaves a non-vanishing trace repeating closed loop triangle. Of course, this fiery path must exist in your imagination, and it is through your imagination, your dreams and visions should be part of the material world. So make sure to be aware of that and what you're doing. Be sure to imagine that all of your feelings and aspirations as a result of your magic acts are of increasing relevance and materiality of the real world. Repeat the movement two more times, saying all of the same spell. First, your voice should sound is not very loud, but with each new movement ascribed to its words of all the great power and strength. It is not necessary to shout. Just gradually gave them a greater importance and hardness. Invest in them a strong desire and passion. Having completed these steps, put his left hand over the right potion, and the hand holding the candle just above the left hand. Say a new mantra:
Adlavah South, Corgi avydalo.
Pyro tagul, ahvadol.
Ueder hole kofado, ode to the oud.
Next, you have to leave your hand with a candle, where it was before, and his left hand to make a circular motion clockwise. Please do it in silence, and then, when they themselves feel the need to, start to repeat the mantra:
Ahalael atabl.
El lekamur, Azvah.
Ode Fowler Lama ode Lakh.
Do this for as long as your inner excitement reaches its highest point. All this time necessarily represent those effects that must be prepared to call you a potion that is to create mental images of the future together with your favorite person. Think of passion and desire, love and tenderness that will show to you the one who will try your magic bullet. At some point you will realize that all of these representations is an accomplished reality that all this is really happening. Then abruptly stop the movement and zaduyte candle. When the flame goes out from him will only vanishing smoke, try to grab the smoke left hand and squeeze it in your fist. Take the right hand with a candle extinguished aside. Sharp movement of his left hand down to the disclosure of the fingers in a fist as if to throw smoke potion. It does not matter whether you have time to grab a fist real smoke or not. This gesture is more symbolic than realistic. It expresses your will, and not to do. Everything that has happened must be made quickly and together in one go. Your potion ready. Your ritual is completed. You can submit your prepared drink.
Love potion # 2
Within three days of leave for 20 grams of basil in half a liter of rum. Then filter this infusion through the ground coffee pour coffee strainer and pour into it the infusion. Add the strained infusion of 10 g of ginger and then soaking it in three days, after which it will again pour it through the coffee. Continue to insist on a potion coriander, which take 5 grams finished drug is very strong. Suggest it to your chosen one at the end of a romantic dinner to a desired result within a minute after you apply it.
Love potion # 3
Speak the most common water or any other drink:
You're with me, I'm with you.
I'm with you, you're with me.
Water does not spill,
hobnob with us.
Give drink half of the water charmed his handpicked and half drink themselves. When he would drink his share, mentally repeat the second sentence of the spell. When do drink the water, remember the first part of the magic word.
Love potion # 4
This potion can be used by women in love with his girlfriend. In the first Friday after the new moon pour two tablespoons of finely chopped colors periwinkle quarter liter of vodka, which add half the almonds and three drops of his own blood. Leave for a week and it means next Friday it simmer for half an hour on low heat. Add three drops of the potion to drink your lady.
Love potion # 5
In practice, many magical things from our everyday environment are considered symbolic and have a deep mystical meaning. For example, a mortar and pestle, designed for grinding various culinary components represent the male and female sex organs. The process itself is seen as a magical grinding intercourse, triggering real action. Mash in a porcelain mortar and pestle seven coriander seeds. By doing this, mentally repeat the name of the person you love and presents a picture of your physical intimacy. Collect all the resulting powder in a copper bowl and fill it with a key or distilled water. Put another empty bowl on the floor in front of him, and take a cup of potion in hand. Pour the potion from a height of one meter in an empty bowl. Do this exactly seven times, pouring a potion from the second bowl first, and then again from the first to the second. Think of how every action of your new potion gaining power and authority over those whom it is intended to be. Stir in the receipt of funds in the drink or food to someone you want to enchant. Do so no later than one day after the potion.
Love potion № 6
Mix in the palm of his left hand pinch of black licorice root, two pinches of flowers or leaves of passion fruit, three pinches of cumin and cardamom. Toss the mixture in a bottle filled with rum. Insist potion one lunar quarter, then strain it. Ten drops of a love drug would be sufficient to cause the love and desire.
Love potion # 7
In 300 g of alcohol need to press five pinches of fennel and five pinches of lovage. A week later, add to them three pinches of black pepper, a pinch of cinnamon and let withstood this composition one more week. After this coming Friday, that all conditions of magic, light a candle and walk around with it around the room, which are going to make their magic. The result should be an insurmountable wall for the dark forces of light and fire. Pour cooked all your infusion in a shallow dish or bowl. Light it from the candle and fill in the blue flame of burning alcohol palms of both hands. Keep your palms flat and work out their circular motion. The left hand should move clockwise, and the right — against this trend. Your palms should alternately in and out of a flame of fire. All your movements should be fused and continuous. Hands move slowly and gently. With these passes, you give some of their energy MAGICAL potion, fill it with a new magical meaning and content. For this particular chant mantra:
Kalkava, Odonak, Mafara, Eger!
Fadofal azanaks,
Progeria arhagel, Adonijah perel.
Having finished the spell, continue to make circular movements. After a minute or two and repeat the mantra again take a brief pause. Next spell pronounced for the third time. When the last word will be fulfilled, hands stop moving. Take a small teaspoon of the right hand, and the pre-prepared glass to the left. Scoop spoon a little fiery substance and carefully transfer it to the vessel. By doing this, say a short spell:
LabelWhole icons ace gawa.
Again, a new part of the fiery scoop substance and also pour it into the jar. Repeat the last spell. Do all five or more times, until you have the right, in your opinion, the amount of potions. But remember that the number of parts of water magic cast vessel, must be odd. When you decide that you only need the potion, put the spoon aside, approach the mouth of the container to your lips and say the spell of the formula with the necessary calculations, the air that accompanies your words got into the vessel:
Kadabur ogayyas question Spera.
Omur Afat. Rated Guerra.
Saying this spell immediately Zakuporte vessel stopper so that the echo of your last words was his eternal captive. Remaining in the bowl alcohol infusion should burn down completely. When it will start to smoke grass, fumigate the smoke jar of prepared drug. Candle also must burn through. Disappearance of her flame — a signal to all present forces withdraw. This potion can be used within six years of preparation. Time can even strengthen its privorotnye properties, but only under the condition that the vessel will remain always tightly closed.
Love potion #8
Scrape off with a sharp knife, «template» (fleshy growth on the forehead), a chicken or a horse. Well this growth dry up, and then interpret it in the powder. Keep the powder in a stoppered glass container in a dry dark place for no more than a month. Uttering a secret spell podsypte this tool in your chosen meal:
Taya fop, coxcomb taya,
taya dude, atkun Lyoto, atkun faot.
Make sure it's on a Wednesday or Friday and the rest of the day mentally repeat the words you have spoken.
Love potion #9
Pour into a bowl two teaspoons of herb and herb rue devil, cover them with a glass of aged brandy or whiskey and simmer this composition on low heat, until it has become a third less. Cooled down potion strain, pour it into a vessel with a glass stopper and store up to use no more than one day. This potion should be added to food or drink no more than ten drops.
Love potion # 10
Tear down and well dry up petals from one red and one white rose. Burn them over a flame pink candles and throw their ashes in a small amount of pure alcohol. Add the composition of three drops of blood, obtained from the middle finger of your left hand (the woman can use the menstrual blood), three pinches of ginger powder, two pinches worn to powder anise seeds and angelica root, a pinch of licorice, a pinch of cumin and coriander.
This potion is very strong. All three of his drops will be enough to your partner could feel, in whom he really needs, to whom he should worship, whose name has to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning.
Love potion # 11
On Monday night, go to the sparsely populated place, to advance you Primechenie high pine. Bring a strong red thread. Tie it around a tree trunk and say:
Lada iga vada choir ideal chaos NOME handicap.
After three days, on Thursday evening, return to this pine tree and broke the thread, remove it from the tree Speak at break thread:
Lada yoke chaos das.
When he got home, put the thread into a small vial and fill it with alcohol. This love potion can be added to food or drink only on Monday, and only on the growing moon.
Love potion number 12
Pour into a bottle of dark glass rum 100 g and 100 g of brandy, add a half teaspoon of attrition in the root powder cassia and the same amount of dried flowers of this plant. Insist contents one lunar quarter, then strain it. To cause immediate and long-lasting love of passion in the soul and in the body of your chosen one, give him to drink one glass of your potions.
Love potion number 13
For the manufacture of the next love potion you need a porcelain bowl (Pialat) with special properties. If the edge of a finger bowl to drive, there is a monotonous sound. It should be noted that each porcelain bowl is able to reproduce these sounds, but you have to choose the one in which it gets louder and better. Typically, these bowls are medium or large in size and thin walls.
The composition of the potion can be absolutely anyone in particular, it can be a potion made from herbs elecampane you before that for three days, constantly carried with themselves, and then istolkli and filled with spring water.
Pour this potion to the bottom of the bowl. Drive on the edge of her index finger and achieve a smooth monotone sound. Without interrupting the movement and sound, say:
ALIS garhada call.
Lol dufara saidas bend.
Geass motabas likabar, Ohm yoke Laba.
Okahalla sagrab, dumma Hill.
Repeat this mantra several times. Feel how your words are merged and resonated with the sound of porcelain, their energy, repeated efforts, has moved to the potion and they accept. Stop moving your finger. Although external sound porcelain stop internal sound potion disappears.
Pour this drug in a specially prepared for this vessel and its tightly Zakuporte. Add the potion to drink your vote. Hear the sound of your spellcasting neischeznuvshee effect, transformed the entire volume of drink or food.
When this magic music be passed person that you need, it will be in your hands. All the spoken words you will be sweet music to him, and all your actions and behavior will only cause him the admiration and worship.
Love potion # 14
Mix three pinches of ground coffee, three pinches of attrition in Chabrov root powder, a pinch of orris root, a pinch of sesame seeds and a pinch of dried flower magnolia. Pour the mixture was 150 g rum or brandy and leave potion two lunar quarter in the warmth and darkness. When will the time limit, strain the infusion and give drink to the person you loved.
Love potion # 15
Cut off from the soles of the feet thick skin or callus. It well and wipe dry to a powder. Throw the powder in the drink and say three times:
My legs tightly and firmly to the ground dostupayut,
so and (name) to the accesses to me.
My body is loved herself
so I would be nice and love (name).
This potion will act immediately, provided that it is applied in the environment on the growing moon.
Love potion number 16
Get a strong brandy or whiskey — that can burn. Insist on it week petals white rose, creeping cinquefoil, verbena leaves and periwinkle. (If you can not find all of these plants, use only rose petals.) After the desired time strain the infusion.
Then you pour the prepared infusion into a large bowl and set fire to it. Scoop teaspoon or tablespoon burning potion. Pick up a spoon over a cup and slowly pour the fire back into the bowl. Pronounce in this action:
Naw hadeb for, Achan jack.
Repeat the exercise several times, until we feel that this will be enough, and then pour a few spoonfuls of glowing potions in the vessel prepared for him, saying the next spell of the formula:
Gibara Satur. Igama headlights bottles.
Adel Hamura,-esque loot.
Close the container cap. And put out the remaining potion. Use instant love spell is a potion that you have collected in a vessel, and what was left in the bowl, save for the future.

Love potion number 17
In order to break the wall of indifference, coldness and confusion, place a small bowl of an icicle or ice cube, watch it melt, imagining that just melt away and vanish the barriers and obstacles that separate you from your loved one. When the ice melts completely, gather all kind of water and add it to secretly drink your vote.
Love potion number 18
Gather the alcohol extract of angelica root, or the petals of red roses. Add to it a little water (the proportion of water and alcohol — one to five). When will the first day of the Moon, take two needles in both hands and, holding them crosswise (metal contacts) directly in front of you and say:
Adhadebas Ima Debo Ave daal hal SIV.
Put the needle on the table crosswise and tie them firmly in the middle of a red thread. Tie on both holes needles another red thread. Its length is 5.7 cm to the middle of her tie another thread of the same color, size 15-20 cm Pour cooked early infusion in a bowl or on a plate and set fire to it. Take the right hand end of the thread with a needle and place it over the cup, so that the flames licked the metal, but do not burn through connecting the needle thread. Keep thus thread with needles and repeat spell until all of the alcohol evaporates, and the flame shall not be quenched:
Galleba bards, ibe veko.
Naga Hamal yoke demo.
Omas lapikatur, gimus naodab faraf.
Sato nemos, arcade itaus narhal.
Think of how, under the influence of your words flowing strands bewitches your energy, your love as a magical power goes to the metal cross, interwoven into a spiral and sent flaming potion. When the fire is out, collect the remaining after the moisture and keep it for the love spell your chosen one.
Love potion number 19
Fabricate an alcohol tincture of white lilies. When it's full moon, and the moon will be easily visible, pour this brew into a small bowl. Look at the moon reflected in it and say the plot:
Satellite Gibo, Ogada hamus.
Ibul Gabulov Faro odabas IPAK Debo.
Tal hargabla omiadoks himself hadas redo.
Gib ep hal agate, Naida maize varnish.
This potion should be kept in a container with dark walls. Add it to any food or drink no more than five drops at a time. You can use it not only for the charm of men, but also to initiate a lesbian connection.
Love potion number 20
Put the bottom of a porcelain bowl or copper small round mirror. Pour into the bowl of pure spring water. Looking through the water at his reflection in the mirror and say:
Immago Laboure of kepo, oohs feps.
Sana with wine gomus stalemate and, lo es integer.
Kade els fal, con America.
Debus Lama hadal, flexural to America.
Use this water for cooking foods and drinks that will offer her chosen. This magic is most effective during the growing moon.
Love potion number 21
Take the herb devil's half teaspoon fenugreek spoonful and a half tablespoons of thyme. Mix the herbs together and fill them with 250 g of alcohol. Steep herbs week, then strain the infusion through the ground coffee. Keep ready philtre in a secret location in the vessel of dark glass at the bottom of which throw a strong red thread. Seizing the opportune moment, add twelve drops of this potion to drink your vote. When the potion is haggard, remove the container and tie a string on her site, imagining that this action you ever svyazuete heart and soul — your and your loved one. Last action (tying knots) optionally perform immediately after use potions, but it should always be performed before the end of the current and the next day.
If the potion is made to acquire more attention and understanding of the person with whom you are living together for several years, then wind the thread around potion soaked middle phalanx of the index finger of your left hand and wear it as a while.
Love potion number 22
On Wednesday afternoon, mix five parts dry juniper berries from the two parts of anise, with two parts of hawthorn flowers and one part yarrow. Throw ten pinches of this herbal mixture into a small glass vial, which before that pour pure alcohol. Having done all this, go to the very depths of the forest, hang the vial of potion on a strong red thread on a young mighty oak tree and say the plot:
As the oak is hard, does not bend
not breaking, does not bend,
so also in (name of your vote) would have stood
me s… and at night, and at night,
morning and afternoon, would not bend, not bursting,
no one but me, not sought.
Go back home afterwards. On Friday morning, again go to the same timber, remove the bottle from the tree and bring it home. Uses the funds for the revival of the old passion of love from her husband or lover. Add one drop of this potion in any of his drinking. Do this every day (or every time your meeting) on the growing moon.
Love potion number 23
Leave for 2 weeks, finely chopped green shoots of rosemary, jasmine flowers and lemon zest in white wine. Then the wine strain. Let's take the potion of your favorite person every Friday for three weeks. Before this time, holding a glass of wine in his right hand covering his upper left hand, imagining that your feelings and aspirations passed potion.
Love potion number 24
Prepare three alcoholic infusion. Infusion-lyubis current cook on Friday, cannabis herb infusion on Monday, and angelica root extract on Thursday. Maintain these extracts a quarter moon, then they strain. When it's time to apply the love potion, mix 15 drops of the first infusion with 10 drops of the second and say:
Malhitab Ozma mountains.
Connect 15 drops second infusion with 10 drops of the third and mark it by a new mantra:
Hut hole ain cor.
Mix 10 drops of the first infusion of 15 drops of the third. In this case, your words should be:
Zaun tau LNR.
Connect the first mixture with the second, saying:
Alaybiz hadma Orr abelara atulyar.
Add to them the third part of and continue to spell:
Dankarion Oman hub raon obi.
The resulting tool to add to the drink just three drops.
Use the rest of infusions for making new potions.
Love potion number 25
At the time of the brightest manifestations of love and passion for his partner quietly collect a few drops of his sweat, saliva or other secretions. Place them in a small glass bottle and fill with alcohol. Keep this love potion for their entire life together and where your passion will fade, use three drops of it to restore the previous heat feelings and instincts.
Love potion number 26
Make a herbal mixture, taking all the ingredients in equal parts to: grass weed, basil, angelica, verbena flowers. Pour three tablespoons of this mixture 250 g of alcohol and add three pinches worn in lotus seed powder. Insist a composition for three days in a dark place, then strain it. Add three drops of the resulting infusion in any drink. Before you suggest it to your loved one, paint pad right middle finger three crosses on the surface of the liquid. Spend first vertical line and mentally say the name of the one who designed your efforts, then horizontal, mentioning at this point his name. Blessed so love potion, slugs rest on the tip of the middle finger drop of love potions and imagine your happy future together with your preferred choice.

Love potion number 27
For the compilation of the next love potion fabricate «ink desire.» For a small number of the most common ink, add a drop of his own blood, three of his hair and his three breaths. Using this ink, write on a small mirror his name. When the ink is completely dry, place a mirror in a bowl of melted water or alcohol. Throw into the water three pinches of dried herbs elecampane or powder made from dried rose petals, and say:
Dear name, loved the body and face.
Repeat these simple words as long as the inscription made on the mirror is completely dissolved in water, then pour the potion into a small jar with a tight lid. When presented the right moment, add a few drops of this drug in the drink of your chosen one. Mirror, has participated in the preparation of a love potion, wear it anywhere. From time to time I watch it, presenting it, for those who receive your magic.
Love potion number 29
Night Moon combine the right mix of the following dried herbs and plants: meadow-rue half teaspoon, flowers primrose third of a teaspoon, three pinches of cinnamon, a third of a teaspoon of hibiscus flowers and the same number of leaves of this plant. Pour the resulting herbal mixture glass of brandy and leave the potion before the next full moon in the dark and integrity. After one month of the lunar strain potion and give it to your favorite drink at the minimum. This love potion is very effective for conquering a woman's heart and almost inactive in order to bring the love in my heart the desire men.
Love potion number 30
Here is a simple recipe for a love potion. Nashepchite into an empty glass:
How can a human being
live without drinking a single day,
so and servant (name) could not
I live without a single day.
After that, pour a glass of wine in a spell or drink the water and allow it to your chosen one.
Love potion number 31
Before you make any dish or drink to which sugar is needed, take the following: Set the bowl in a wide short pink candle. Pour into the same cup of sugar to the brim. Top of the plug to be two to three centimeters above the level of sugar. Light a candle. Watch for its flame and think of that as a bright and radiant fire, as bright and radiant your love. Allow the candle burn out completely. Collect all of the sugar, which was melted by fire, but not messing with wax, and use it to make love potion.
Love potion number 33
On a clear morning dawn connect three pieces of grass Elecampane with two parts angelica root and one part yarrow. Pour this mixture into a small canvas bag and wear it tied up to the armpit of his left hand. In the evening, after sunset, remove the bag and, without taking it out of the grass, fill it with boiling water. When the water has cooled, pour the brew. Let's take it to their chosen three drops, add them to any drink.
Love potion number 34
In the evening before going to bed, pour a glass of pure spring water. Put the glass down on a photo of your chosen one. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the lips in this photo and say:
How can this person live without water
because he could not live without my love.
Here's your drink, here's your joy and peace.
Place a glass with a photo under your bed and go to sleep. Do this a few nights in a row, each time pouring in a glass of fresh water. When your pet comes into your house, give him water to drink, which was used for the last time, and your partner will never be more than leave you. It's witchcraft «makes you thirsty,» and able to return to you the one who left you for another, or to bring to you the one who has never been close to you.
Love potion number 35
Add a glass of spring water three pinches of herbs basil, a pinch of dried rose petals, a pinch of attrition in the apple peel powder and a pinch of sea salt. With that potion between his palms, charge the energy of love. Imagine that out of your hands come viscous soft waves to be transmitted magical composition and turn it into a source of your sensuality. Use this potion for cooking or drinking, designed for your vote.
Love potion number 34
Put in a cup of wine, a ring with a sapphire and a spell:
Margabadon una Ephorus foreign Irus Kanaron,
Gaina apulyata gift ist Barousse act Parana.
Vellora al bayunab ohm Jireh Akvelyaron,
sat gebus laetor, east Nausta Barabon.
Keep this ring on his left hand when the drink will be served to your chosen one.
Love potion number 35
Halve large red apple. Collect all his bones and put them in a bottle with alcohol. Place the bottle in every bone separately, each time repeating the same mantra:
Bending frame NPP vada. Note Dakho Ibaka.
Looking for a potion, eat an apple itself, the image of a person you love. Then use the nine drops of this drug to carry out your wishes as to who you were in my thoughts.
Love potion number 36
Uttering spell triple knot your tie and his hair:

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