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Homosexual magic — love (sex) spell — THIS IS NOT A MYTH! They really exist and can provide a bright future members of the same sex, of course, if you do them correctly.
Homosexual magic -love spell (lesbian love spell gay love spell), a magic ritual aimed at establishing closer energy ties between two persons of the same sex. The consequence of this love spell is acquaintance, close communication, a huge sympathy and in the end the love between men (women). In other words, this love spell helps a guy or a girl to change their orientation or supports already fading relationship.
Vehicles of this ritual is not too different from the one used in the ordinary love spell. But, unlike the traditional version, the effect of such a ritual is often stronger because of the similarity of Energy (male or female) lover and beloved. Imposition of a strong and durable connection between the chakras two people.
Homosexual magic — love spell (lesbian love spell gay love spell) is easy to do if the object of passion is representative of different sexual orientation, he was gay or lesbian. He (she) treats such feelings as natural and will not resist them. But if a man like only the opposite sex, and he disapproves of homosexuality, then attempt to exposure may cause rejection, fear, or even a nervous breakdown because of his fight with growing attraction. In this case, you must first try to change the outlook of man so that he was not afraid of appearing in his senses and stopped communicating with you, and then proceed to the ritual.
Sometimes I have to make homosexual magic ritual — lesbian love spell gay love spell. 19 years of practice I have developed methods and their author was well enough to understand this kind of a lesbian gay love spell that allows me to make good results.
To those people who wants to make the homosexual magic ritual — spell (lesbian love spell gay love spell), I'm just saying — the information on this you will hardly find it credible information, and same-sex love spell to make yourself the more you will not be able to.
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Gay love spell.

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Lesbian love spells 

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Gay sex spells 

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Lesbian sex spells 

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Gay break-up relationship spells

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Lesbian break-up relationship spells

Lesbian break-up relationship spell
Lesbian break-up  spell


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To what gods do ritual for homosexual magic — love spell (lesbian love spell gay love spell)? 
When performing a ritual to enhance the effect should be encouraged to help the ancient gods who were patrons of homosexual love. Depending on which culture people close contact to a particular deity.
Examples of such are the Aztec gods — Hochipili — patronized by male homosexuality and male prostitution. It can be used to carry out same-sex love spell on the man whose energy is close to Indians.
Baforet — androgynous deity who is sometimes considered the patron saint of homosexuality, you can call holding same-sex love spell.
Ttsuvan — the patron of young Chinese prostitutes, he was also God, sodomy, will help to same-sex love spell on the eastern type of people.
Venus Kasteen, Afrodina Urania, Ishtar — patroness of female homosexuality — can take advantage of these goddesses, making same-sex love spell on a woman.
The Roman god Priapus — suitable for the type of energy for most people of European type, and often called upon when making same-sex love spell on men.
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