Honey Love Spells using photo, hair, milk or without picture

how to make Honey Love Spell using photo, hair, milk or without pictureHoney is ideal for casting love spells. Honey is sweet and sticky. 1 quality associated with sweetness of love, 2 – inevitability of the coming of feelings and the inability to get rid of it. There are many types of spells for love with honey using black magic or white magic. These methods differ in the orientation of their exposure. With  help honey love spells you can attract the love of a guy or girl, get back wife or husband or strengthen existing relationships.

How to make Love Spells with Honey using 2 Photos

For the ritual you need 2 small pictures: yours and your love, without other people. Take honey jar. The jar shall be of such size that the photo is free to sink this jar. The honey should be liquid. The ritual to do during a growing moon, to love grew.
Advance not take a new towel, a bed sheet and any piece of clean cloth.
Get a room and read Honey Love spell:

«Live honey, in honey, the honey of each other's love slave (the names). How difficult of honey wash, so it will be difficult (names) from his own happiness to remove it. Amen.»

After these words, all the way down 2 photos in a jar of honey. The jar must be closed tightly and wrap with a cloth. You have a sweet family life, in which you are both immersed, and the cloth will symbolize marital happiness. The jar should be stored in a place where no one will find.

Easy Honey Jar Love Spells using Milk and Honey (Without picture)

This ritual you have to do before meeting with your favorite guy or girl.  You have to take a bath with milk and honey, which is also known as «Cleopatra's bath». Great queen charmed many men by the beauty of the face and tenderness of the skin. One of the main secrets of her beauty there was a bath, which the queen regularly make. The main components for this ritual was honey and donkey milk. The last ingredient in our day to difficult, so you can use the more available cow's milk.
Fill the bathtub with water. You should stay a place for milk (enough 2 gal). The water must be opaque. Add an arbitrary amount of liquid honey. When all components are mixed, remove your clothing.
Next, read the " Love Spell using Honey", standing in front of the bathroom:

«I dress up for you (guy or girl), no clothes, and in love, tenderness and affection. When you look at me – you will forget all others. I e in a bath included, but in the marital bed with you lie. Amen. Amen. Amen.»

3 times dip in the bath with honey and milk. After that you need some time to soak in the bath. If meeting guy or girl in this day does not be, a love spell with honey will have to repeat.

Simple Love spell using Honey and Hair without Pictures

To your life with a woman (or man) was sweet and long, you need to make a powerful love spell using honey and hair. Honey does not rot and does not deteriorate, always sweet and pleasant. On this property of honey based and powerful ritual which works quickly. Put your hair and
 her (or his) hair in a small jar of liquid honey and say the text Hair and honey love spell":
«How are these the hair to be always together, so for us to be together forever. Like that hair honey surrounded, and our life will be sweet. Amen!».
Close the cap tightly. Speak the text with feelings and emotions. While this Bank nobody will notice the spell will have effect.

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