How to cast a love spell, to do no harm

There are many recipes, but love, still selfish sense, therefore, try to focus on exactly how to cast a spell, not the emotions that you own. First, you have to believe in something that you can perform the ritual that you can do it. The next step, carefully read the description of the ritual and prepare everything. And third, to proceed to the love spells, you must be sure that the act for the good, no doubt - but if there is no confidence, it is better to give up and wait for a more favorable moment. And so, you are ready, you are sure that you know how to cast a love spell, then you must begin.

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Preferably in a full moon, between eleven pm and midnight. Fill a clear glass with water, about half. Keep it in the left hand and the right drive on the edge of the glass, in a clockwise direction. Seven times, and at this time say a loved one, just seven times. Then put the glass on the window sill. Please note, the data manipulation to be done alone, and glass should be so that outsiders do not see it. The next day, invite that person to him, and gave him tea or coffee, as long as no alcohol, during cooking, in his bowl, add two to three drops of the charmed water. When the guest will drink by you drink, need a few times, very closely, but not for long, look at his nose.

Here's another recipe. It is good that has no side effects, just a man pay attention to you, and gradually will think of you often. One important condition - this man should not be a negative magical effects, and to yourself, therefore, prior to the ritual, it would be nice to make a diagnosis.

Need for ritual: red, fresh apple, it does not need to choose the taste, it is sufficient if it is simply beautiful. A small piece of clean, white paper, a piece of red wool yarn, about half a meter long.

Ritual. On the paper should write the full name and date of birth of the whole of the person to whom you practice divination. Cut the apple in half, put the halves between the paper with the words and put the apple. To half did not disintegrate, they should be prepared to associate wool yarn. The whole process is accompanied by the following words:

"Withered apple. Wither and you (the name of a loved one) to love me"

Giving an apple to dry in the sun, after which it is dried apple bury next to the house chosen.


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