How to do a Long Distance Love Spells

In love as in war all means are good. Girls often wonder how to fall in love with the guy to get his attention, to cause to return, and the like. Someone uses to achieve their goals flirt who visit psychological trainings, which teach how to treat a man, someone prefers magic and spells.


Varieties of love spells for a long distance

A magical effect is of two kinds: straight and long distance. Under direct magical rituals involve direct contact with the target number in the result that you want to teach a person enchanted drink or thing that is, to invite a guy who likes to offer wine (or other alcoholic beverage) to which had previously been imposed spell. This is a direct impact. Booze never causes suspicion, and a visit to some quite harmless thing.

Here only not all girls are in such a close relationship with the guys to invite him for a visit. Moreover, there are situations when a girl knows about the man is nothing more than his name. For such cases perfect love spell for a long distance.


The long distance love spells that work

To do a love spell on long distance alone does not need a lot of knowledge and experience, but need a bit of patience. There are rituals and spells that make the pictures, they act quickly, but often the conditions of ritual require that the remaining ashes after the ritual, got to the house, to the person that bewitches. Not all and not always have the opportunity to pour the ashes on the threshold of another house. Moreover, it is not always possible to get hold of a photo of a loved one. For such advanced cases there is a special spell, which was used in ancient times.

To read the text spells at dawn while sitting in bed:

"The marine coast distant is a stone Alatyr. Nobody knows about it, does not know about the mighty power that it hides. This force is infinite, my love is eternal. The power from under the rock I release to (person's name) send.
All bones and joints let the power flow. In the veins, eyes, Breasts, cheeks, hands and feet let seething and boiling about me (your name) said. Let the power of the blood fuels and (person's name) well done to seethe makes me let him always remember.
His heart for the love of (your name) open, obedient (name of person) will. I forever will not forget. For life to sweetheart girl (your name) was. Spells, not to dissuade, and other girls did not look. Strong my word as a sacred stone. The power of the mighty will never dissipate, nor the one who all the water in the sea will drink, nor the one who all the grass on the field would probably – no one will take my order. Amen. Amen. Amen "
To repeat the text of the spell should be daily until the long-awaited result, as practice shows – on the third day, the beloved begins to show signs of attention.

Strong love spell on the blood for a long distance.

Such love spell come only in the most extreme case, but if you do, then you need to. You need to get a picture of the beloved, wherever he was depicted in full growth. Buy red candle and stock up on essential oils, immortelle flowers and a red hammer pepper.

Before starting the ritual you need to cut the immortelle flowers, add red pepper and a few drops of essential oil. The amount of the mixture must be such as to have enough for the rubbing of the candle. It is important to remember that pounded flowers of immortelle should be three times more than red pepper.

When the candle has already grated the mixture it can ignite and start the ritual. A candle on fire with the words:

"As the fire burns, your love is in full swing."
Then you need to pick up a photo and say spell.

"On the graves of lovers immortelle grows, of the eternal Union he leads the speech. Let the same you (person's name) love, me (your name) is born. Feeling you pain and dry, longing for me from morning till night strangles. As my blood falls, love the door will open. My words are eternal, infinite power. Nobody can prevent us to live together. So be it!".

After these words need to drip the blood onto the picture of the man in the chest and burn it. Leave the candle to burn out. When the fire goes out you need to collect the ashes and a piece of candle, to find a place where there are bessmertnika and bury it under the first Bush.

Consequences long distance love spell

Before you start love spell, every girl needs to remember that they can pose a threat to her beloved. Every magical effect is the suppression of someone else's goodwill, as a result, people may start to drink to fly off the handle for no reason, not to find a place, fall into a permanent depression. To remove a love spell long distance usually go to Church or ask for help from experienced casters

To remove a love spell at home is also possible, but only in the case when the ritual was done by the Amateur,but not professional. It is necessary to take 7 Church candles, a photo of the person and nettle leaves. Every day at midnight to begin the ritual: a photo put on a nettle, light a candle and recite prayers (mostly Guardian angel and all the saints). I read until the candle burns out. Repeat this ritual for weeks. When the last candle burns out, all of the items that were present in the ritual, buried where no one goes or simply burn and scatter the ashes to the wind.

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