How to make a Love Spells with Blood from a Finger – What the consequences

Hoq tomake Love Spells with Blood from a FingerThe main purpose of the spell is to bind together the fate of men and women. But depending on the circumstances and the ceremony conducted by the the consequences could be different. Somewhere a love spell will help to establish a relationship with a happy outcome, and it will forever change the destiny of man. This is especially true of conspiracies which are made in the blood. Practicing magicians resort to such rituals, at least when no other methods don't work. And then there is a legitimate question, why they do so, because it is the most powerful and fast-acting love spells always brings the desired result.


Finger Blood Love Spells - Problems that may arise

It's all in the consequences. The opinions of practicing magicians in this matter although disagree, but something unique. Some believe that such a spell can cause in a young man sexual dysfunction and aging, which will begin ahead of time. Others claim that this ritual is similar to poisoning, in which the person is fully subordinated to the girl, turning into a weak-willed creature.

Omens of the blood are of 2 types: dirty and clean.

Dirty are performed with monthly blood. As a result, relationships begin to prevail exclusively carnal pleasures, and all other components of living together fade into the background or disappear entirely.

Pure love spells are done on blood from a vein, artery or finger. After this guy completely loses his identity. Blood is a strong component of magic rituals. It carries information, which can easily change the destiny of man, and not always for the better. So, before we proceed to strong spells and rituals is good to weigh. But if the decision is made, then there is no need to hesitate.


Incantations and rituals love spell of the blood from finger


All a love spell done on the growing moon and preferably on Friday. For some of them it is important that the day of the week was even. Blood is taken only with the ring finger.

Love spells on blood from a finger for food is often, because its effect is almost instantly.

For the first ceremony will need to purchase a red wine and a sterile needle. Piercing ring finger you need to visualize the future in a happy relationship, then drop a few drops to the drink, saying:

"As the wine is filled with my blood, and you (person's name) will be filled with passion. Miss me, and think every hour".
Hex drink treat for her boyfriend. Performing the ritual in advance, so as not to arouse suspicion. To pour wine from the bottle into a separate container to speak, put in a dark place and get with the case. The second ritual is carried out with the help of sugar and candles in red. If spark plug need to think about those moments when you were together. Then prick the finger and say, on the blood:

"My blood is part of me and it is expensive. Albeit I'll be (name of person) in the same way."
After pronouncing the words, the blood drip on the sugar. This procedure is repeated two more times. That is, sugar must be off in three drops of blood. After the ceremony the candle is left to burn out, its remains buried in the ground. Said sugar added to food or drink.

Love Spells guy's blood from the finger can be done in the simplest way. Prick your finger with a needle and add a drop of their blood to drink, saying:

"As the blood in my body flowing, so you in this world without me do not get along".

The main thing is not to add fresh blood into hot drinks or hard alcohol (brandy, whiskey). Blood tends to coagulate (and in this environment, it happens instantly), and the effect of this is lost. As it is a very simple way, the result will not last long. Will need to constantly refresh the spell, but we can't do more than three times, otherwise the ritual will lose strength.

It's not always possible to feed or water person that much, there is another rite that you can clean. For it will need a photo of a man in full growth pot, which is in the house more than 3 months and a red candle. The ritual is carried out for three nights before the full moon.

At first light the candle, then from the pot to rip a leaf or flower (if present), and burn with the words:

"You're the victim, given the slaughter for my black spell, you reward".

The ashes collect in an empty, clean pot. Then you need to take a photo of puncturing the finger and speaking of blood draw a line from the solar plexus to the head man. Photo is burned with the same words. The remaining ashes must be mixed with the ashes from the flower and divided into two equal parts. One part buried in a flower pot, and another sprinkled the threshold of the house chosen. As soon as the piece of ash will go to his house, the love spells  will start to operate. It is important to know

Love spells are of limited duration. Over time, the strength of the spell weakens and disappears. On average, the effect of the conspiracy can last from 6 months to 3 years. If a guy starts to behave like something else – cold, detached, this means that the ritual has lost its power and must be repeated. Also the effect disappears after the baby is born. The appearance of the baby takes all the energy of binding, made by magical rites. The spell can be repeated, but its effect will not be as strong, and the woman is in danger of being abandoned.

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