How to make Love Spells using Personal Items. What the consequences

Love spells using personal items beloved boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the very strong rituals of love magic. It is the items that you often use people, have a direct connection on the energy level. If you do love spell with personal items, then you can achieve those strong emotions in the soul of the owner that are necessary. For spells can approach a subject that is often used by the owner, whether a lighter, a notebook or handkerchief.



Love Spells with the personal items beloved and rituals


To make a love spell with your personal favorite thing, you need some way to take the thing for a while. You can steal or ask for some time. The main thing is to show determination and ingenuity to become the owner of the coveted item. The most effective are such love spells personal item, which is used clothing. Of course, it is possible to do, if the person was in a relationship with someone who plans to charm, but suddenly felt that the feelings have cooled.

Need to know what the rituals are done strictly at a certain time. Different periods of the day can have different effects on people. Rituals do sometimes night, sometimes morning, evening or afternoon. However, the majority of magical rites do it at night, preferably at midnight.


Ritual Personal items love spells and their description

An important condition for casting items love spells is that charming man was all alone and as focused on his action. It is also worth to hang curtains in the room and create a mystical atmosphere. It is recommended to light the candles in order to concentrate the energy in one place. Quick love spell on the beloved thing

If you are not bewitch in the state for a long period to possess the thing beloved, it is possible to do a quick spell. For this you only need to take the thing prepareimage even for a few minutes.

You then bring the object as close to your mouth and aseptate spell:

"The bright Sun with a silver Moon, the Blue sky with dark ground, and you with me forever".
You then blow on the object and visualize how it absorbs all the feelings and love, then slowly envelops them chosen. You must know that this version of the spell can have on human influence, if hexing has a strong energy and has a predisposition to the psychic. After all, you need to send the strongest energy charge in the thing beloved.


Love spell with personal items on photography

Photography as well as personal objects, stores the energy of the person depicted. You need to use only those photos that were made recently, not later than six months before the planned ceremony. The ritual must take place at night. In an empty room you need to light two candles and place them near your photo and chosen. Personal favorite, which was at bewitch, you need to hold.
When everything is ready, we should say the spell:

"2 wedding candles burning in the night
Emotions are running high, you are transferred,
The thing that will bring my love and passion in you will ignite,
How many times to touch her so much love will be typed!"

When casting, you have to put images on top of each other, and the personal thing between them. Then you should blow out the candles and go to bed. The main thing all the time to imagine the thoughts of a future together with primorazhivaniem and be confident in success.


A love Spells using personal items with water

This ritual must be done in the evening before bedtime. After the vote, in any case can not communicate with people, you need all the time to dream about the chosen one and sharing with him the future, to present it in all details. The rite of passage should be purchased in the Church three candles. You need to install them on the empty table in the form of a triangle, and in the center you want to put the Cup with Holy water. With plain water the ritual will fail, it will not have any effect on the beloved.

The water falls personal items chosen and spoken words:

"Holy, clean water, and only you can help me one.
The chosen one came to me, his heart to me turn.
Let his love burn.
No water change the day and can't live without me.
Just blink it and thought it'll be only about me.
Holy, clean water, only you can help me one.".

This spell allows you to charm any and return to the departed in the family, to restore the relationship of lovers. With this ritual you can even remove the effects of other charms because he has tremendous power.


The consequences of a love spell items chosen

Love Spell with personal belongings have great power, but you should know that you must use only white magic in love love spells with personal items. This is necessary in order to avoid terrible consequences and to protect the energy of someone bewitch and who is doing the ceremony.

Need to know what a love spells should be done with caution, not only because they help you to find your soulmate. Because you can damage your energy level, both their own and prepareimage object. The main thing is to believe that everything will work out, and that person really needs to use a spell that he was confident in his actions. After the withdrawal of love spell can be a big problem.

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