How to make Love Spells with Tarot Cards (Tarot love spells)

love spells using tarot cardsTarot cards are considered to be a truly mysterious thing for a variety of fortune-telling, rituals and love spell. Currently, they have become extremely popular. After all, with a deck of Tarot cards, you can make miracles, unite lovers, and mend relations with the partner and begin a new life. Also, these cards can be used as a talisman or amulet against evil intent and negative impact. Love Spells is also very often done with the use of Tarot for love spells, but how to make it really strong and rid yourself of the negative consequences?


Tarot Love Spells and Tarot Cards proper use for magic Spells


At the beginning of the work with a deck you need to know that all sorts of mystical effects has a direct relationship to black magic and dark spirits. You should be sure to desires, otherwise it is recommended to come for help to this Charmer. Because only the master can perform all operations correctly and to save people from the negative consequences and retribution for their actions. However, sometimes situations arise when a loved spouse goes to the rival, and the wife needs to get her husband into the family with the help of Tarot cards.


In the implementation tarot love spells need to know a few basic nuances 


If a person plans to carry out a love spell, be sure to buy a new deck that had not been used. You can't bargain when you buy and take delivery. Also, no one can show the Tarot cards and the more you want to hold. Cards need to store the energy of the owner, but not by outsiders.

When a person opens a Tarot deck, you need to follow certain rules. Need to make a special ritual and the spell. The longer the person can find Tarot cards, the more energy they retain. You can also choose not to buy cards, and to draw them yourself. Need to know what created the Tarot spells with your own hands can give no less miracles than the present deck.


Simple Love spells husband on the Tarot cards


To make a love spell is necessary to prepare for the implementation of the rite. You must make a ritual  tarot love spells on the full moon in an odd-numbered day. We have to be careful not to fall during the night of a solar Eclipse. It is in this period of time the energy is out of control and can be routed absolutely not where originally planned. In the end, a person will have very negative consequences for later life. The elect can fall in love with charming and passionate for life, or, conversely, to hate him for the rest of their days.

The Tarot deck includes 12 masculine cards. You need to carefully look at them and figure out who most of them symbolizes is the right choice. It is best love spell is right for the tarot card with the cups. They symbolize the heart and soul. When choosing the right card is to give it the name of a loved one. And then should lament these words:

"I will bind you (name),
Will call you (name),
Everything feels card
I give you,
All that to say, tell.
Be it!".

It is also recommended to write the name of the beloved on the back of the card. Then she will feel what is meant. When performing a love ritual, you need to spread the cards on the table and mix them. Need of the means to pull the cards individually, and when you pick card, you should put it on white fabric. Then you need to sprinkle a little salt on the cards and say:

"Sitting in the castle of his grandfather,
He's a hundred years,
Chalk it beard grey
Better than a broom,
How to say grandfather
And will life in the light
Grandfather asked and he scratched his beard.
Let (name) toils,
I (name) all the time bows.
Amen, Amen, Amen!".

Then you need to put the card together with the salt in the fabric, and then hide under the furniture, as if to seal it. You need to store it for one week or longer.

The ace of pence can lead the energy to the harmony, so it is best to hide under the pillow. If the result will be in a week, you should repeat the entire procedure. Salt need to get under the threshold chosen and sprinkle it.


Strong love spell with magic Tarot cards spells


This rite is ancient, but we use people in the know. This ritual is quite complex but it has a huge effect. You should know that it is associated with black magic. You need to take the old deck of cards to their power had sufficient power. Need to do the ritual at midnight under a full moon. You need to lay on the table cloth of white color and put on it the three candles from the Church in the form of a triangle. In the middle need to also light a candle. Should be in the deck to find two cards that symbolize lovers. They need to be put in the center of the triangle and say:

"Three candles in the circle are connected,
The fourth candle is languishing in captivity,
And you're going to languish in my captivity,
Forever we are tied,
In the sweet languor heart languishes,
On the other you are forever untied."
It is possible for a quick prick with a needle finger and brush the cards blood. It should say:

"My blood has connected us with you!".
Then need to put the pictures in a place that nobody can find, and store.


Tarot magic Love spells and consequences

If a person is going to implement the love spell, he must know what affects the psyche and mind of another person. This includes the use of black magic, which must sooner or later pay off. You can get back the energy and feel the negative consequences. That is why it is best to turn to professionals to protect themselves and the chosen one from the negative.

Also, the rituals have a Statute of limitations. They can last for several years and then people suddenly see the light and forget your love. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically update the spell. Love spells using Tarot cards very effective but you still need to think things through and consider the details before to carry out the ceremony. The most important thing in the Union of two people is honesty and understanding!


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