Love spells. Consequences, retribution for the customer and the victim

Love spells. Consequences, retribution for the customer and the victimThe consequences of love spell multifaceted. It does not matter whether you're black or white spell. Here it is appropriate to divide them into impact on who bewitches, for one who bewitches and omens for the customer, if the person doing it is not himself, but by the magician. It should be remembered that we are talking about the possible consequences that may or may not be. As with medicine, reading annotation, almost any pill, you'll find dozens of possible side effects, although this does not mean that they necessarily show up, but they are possible.

Consequences of Love love spells to bewitch (victim)

It is known that the love spell is the suppression of the will of man. The will of man is suppressed in order to introduce an alien outreach program that seeks to fall in love with another man. love spell can be compared with the virus. Like a virus, a love the program, it is necessary to penetrate the human body. Only newscast love spell is not being implemented in a physical body, but in mind. The natural reaction to this process will be an attempt to protect themselves from foreign influence. After all, our subconscious also have protection. The consequence of this struggle are the following troubles:
Nervous stress, emotional exhaustion, lethargy, seizures, aggression. All this is a consequence of the struggle between the safety system and the unconscious man outside information program. All this is shown on an emotional level. Of course, you know that the emotional sphere is closely related to human physiology. Therefore, continue to suffer the physical condition of the person. This is reflected in the fact that the immune system is weakened, which in turn leads to disease. That is, we have the following chain. Consciousness resists outside influence, because of the emotional sphere of human suffering, because, negative emotional background immunity falls, making people get sick with various diseases. Kind of domino effect.
The psychological state of a man who charmed than that is similar to the condition of the person who quits smoking. The same nervousness, irritability, etc. However, it was similar only on symptoms. The reasons are quite different.
Just one of the consequences can be a curse. This problem occurs if the love spell was done incorrectly. For example, the sequence was broken during the ritual. And the ritual incorrectly, can cause quite a different effect. Often, this situation occurs when the love spell is used by the cemetery. That is why the inexperienced novice magicians I advise to avoid such magical practices. If done correctly, this negative effect will never arise.
How to avoid the consequences of love spell to bewitch? Unfortunately, completely avoid the consequences for the person who is going to bewitch impossible. Very rare situations in which information program quickly and painlessly introduced into human consciousness. However, the effects can be mitigated. It may sound strange, but for that, you need to make every effort to pay off your negative emotions «ward.» Stay close to him, let him know that you love him and no one else (it) is not mandatory. Do not give a reason for jealousy. At the same time, if a person wants to be alone give him that opportunity. Of course, if you plan to use the love spell for revenge (which also happens often) you have to do everything exactly the opposite yes.

Consequences of love spells for witches

One of the worst, but not the only consequence for a witch is a backlash, retribution. That is, if witchcraft is created, goes back to the witch. I note that the love spell is not a positive influence. What it is is a modified curse. Therefore, the reverse shock to no good however. As a negative program, returning to the witch, has a very weak spots. That is, if she has a health problem, they compounded the problems in his personal life, personal life crumbles, etc. However, I would like to dispel the myth that avoid retaliation, did not happen. In fact it is not, and people claiming similar or, not at all familiar with the practical magic or deliberately distort the facts.
Every practitioner sorcerer or witch, is familiar with this problem and in order to avoid such trouble, always casting protection. This protection, just the same, and is aimed at something that would withstand retaliation. Know assertion that retaliation and can not be avoided — it is a lie. The question is how to protect yourself from it.
Another less dangerous problem, but no less unpleasant for a witch, may be wasting energy. The fact that the commission of certain magical acts witch can waste huge amounts of energy, which can lead to energy depletion. You can make the following recommendations. Work on your energy potential. Do exercises to strengthen your energy. If you have already encountered the problem of energy depletion, try to get plenty of rest, especially emotionally, after a while your power is restored.
The final negative consequence for a witch who cast a love spell, can have a negative energy impact, in simple terms — the curse. This option is possible owing to the errors, when performing magical operations. Usually in such cases, the goals of the operation are not met, and the witch is a curse.
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The consequences of love spells for customer

In this case means that the person casting a love spell is not alone, but with the help of a professional witch. In this case, the consequences for him could be retaliation. This happens for several reasons. First, the wages are, as for the artist, and for the customer. Second, if the one on whom love spell casting, learn about it and want to remove the love spell, he might want to return it back, in this case, it will return it to the customer.
What to do in order to avoid negative consequences.
As in the case of the witch, the customer needs protection. Usually, a witch casting protection for its customers. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some witches, do not bother to do it. We can say that it is a professional negligence. Mistake, and their clients at risk to pay a high price. So, if you refer to a witch with a request to do a love spell. Ask her to cast your magic defense. Also, you should know that the defense is not eternal and it is necessary to update. Various protective rituals have different shelf life, usually from one to seven years. Therefore ask the witch, the duration is calculated protection.

Can the side effects of love spells to touch children and loved ones

This question is often asked the same when it comes to the consequences of love spell. Unfortunately, they can, but do not be afraid the problem can be solved. Solved it in the same way as in your case, that is, for all people to whom you need to put protection. I generally recommend that people care about protecting their power. It helps not only with possible magical strikes aimed at you. protection will protect you from negative energy with which people face every day.
Now a few words why wages can be transferred not only to you but also to your family. The fact is that everyone has a strong energetic connection with your loved ones. The strongest bond among parents and children. That is rolled back can touch or your children, those who already have or will be, or your parents. It often happens that there is a close energy relationship between the child and not the two parents and the child and one parent. This can be compared to if loved ones were connected to a wire, and rollback is an electrical discharge. To whom he was not sent, the impact will be all, but if they have protection, then all will be well.
The consequences of black magic  and white magic  love spells
Some people believe that love spells made with black magic, lead to negative consequences, such as it is written above. A love spell made with white magic, do not have any risk. In fact it is not true. Despite the fact that some of the love spell belong to the so-called white magic, the principle of them is exactly the same as that of the love spell of black magic. Understand that love spell just can not be different. Otherwise, love spell will not work. Its principle is always the same, namely, the introduction of human consciousness of a new information program, by suppressing his will. Therefore, the so-called white love spell could face the same consequences as black.
In part, this opinion about the safety of «white» and the dangers of «black» love spell came from the desire of commercial white mages look «white and fluffy», compared with the black magicians. Actually began manipulating public opinion, which in turn developed into a mass delusion. What can I say, good intentions do not mislead people. Why I believe that this is so? Because the practitioner and a witch, no matter what color they want to paint myself, knows about the basic principles of magical operations. Knows that any love spell it — the curse, only slightly modified. If the witch does not really have the faintest idea what it is unlikely (it) was a knowledgeable and experienced magician.
In part, this view of black and white love spell arose because of the so-called graveyard charms. They are effective and often used black magic sorcerer. But in the hands of an inexperienced person, they are very dangerous, especially for the most grief magician. If any ritual done incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect.

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