Love spells. Methods of impact and consequences

Love spell. Methods of impact and consequences lovespellsLove spells — a conscious energy influence on the aura of another person, in order to awaken in him reciprocal feelings. (Through the magic voodoo spells to love reading, and other traditional methods of modern witchcraft or psychic). With the help of different tools can be called love magic light and love interest, Kindle animal passion fill suhotu. Depending on the methods and factors specific situation results of such magic can be quite different.


The feelings of the subject of love spell?

Many methods are based on a combination of energy flows (male and female), up to the technician, "overlay". This magic — a double edged sword, and operates in both directions. In the first few days, and the customer, and, especially, the recipient may feel palpitations (when black spells — to the symptoms of arrhythmia, difficulty to breathe, especially in the morning), and increased motor activity (want to run, jump) at the "overlay "(twice the energy output required). In addition to the increased heart rate, in the first day after a love spell (changes in energy integration), there are also a rare tremor (and inexplicable inability to sleep), burning from the inside, the feeling of "everything hurts" (in the absence of physical pain). Later, these symptoms disappear, and, as a rule, are not repeated.
In bewitches in communication may be a feeling of euphoria and a "cloud in the head" in the presence of the customer, increased sex drive, there is a state of altered consciousness (as in a light trance, bright love or the early stages of intoxication). "White" omens stimulate strong affection, adoration (as when activated cortical areas of the brain responsible for the approval, love, a sense of intimacy, of a loved one). Black omens based on the principle of "plait" act differently: without it bad to him (the customer) — is even worse. Apathy, weakness, hair loss, brittle nails, frequent colds, unexplained irritation: these are just a few signs of black love spell. And if the methods are similar to mild alcohol or rather perfectly matched to the spirits, the zombie forces to be with the customer, without changing anything inside: recipient always feels "wrong." Naturally, no full relations after such witchcraft can not be built.

In some cases, usually referring to the help of love spells?

Most often spell do to regain the lost relationship. It used witchcraft (such as spell to love), is aimed at a return man. The result of such a love spells is achieved by the fact that it increases the available energy channels between people. And the less time has passed since the separation, the easier it will restore relations with the help of some of the magic of love.
Usually the fastest and stable result gives spell spent in the months after the break. In such a case, the effect can be seen in a week or two after the romance spell. If from the moment of parting was less than half a year, restore the old feelings too real, however, the return may require more effort, and the result of love magic is not always immediately visible.
If you do a love spell in a year after the men had left, then the effect of the visible manifestation of the love spell can take anywhere from one to several months. Critical period of the early omens — 9-12 months, when there is no communication between people, if there were a favorite feelings to the other (which means that its "center of gravity" of the / point of attention is not on you), or he does not want to see, or under reason. For example, because of the strong resentment.
Yes, direct contact, meetings — an important factor for the strong love spell (without it, the success rate is not higher than 60%). A love spells— is a complex phenomenon, the result of which is influenced by many factors: it is the phase of the moon at the time of the omens, and energy compatible pair (that connects the magic of love), the condition is called a communication ("to glue the surface, they have to touch"). Simply put, the energy fields of the customer's love of the subject of spells and omens have to interact, and this is possible only at internal communication.
The terms mentioned above, of course, is relative (and sometimes people without communication amenable spell for a couple of days, begins to ring.) In order to determine how effective a particular method of love magic before the start of a spell of love to study in detail all aspects of the relationship, in order to predict — would spell the effective and whether, in general, love magic is suitable in this case.
With the spells (and other kinds of magic love spell) can not only return, but also to create a relationship. This spell is usually used in cases of unrequited love. Love magic and help here. Witchcraft can create love and interest in the soul of the man who until recently was cold, and thus give an impetus for the development of relations between the events. The fact that communication in this case is a must for the success of a love spell (either lovespell on voodoo doll).
It should be noted that there are various ways of omens, both on technical execution, and on the religious component.
Methods of Haitian and African love magic addressed to the spirits of the loa (Orishas) intermediaries — and require animal sacrifices for the success of a love spell. Often referred to as voodoo black magic, but it is not: it is the most ancient ethnic witchcraft, directly associated with voodoo. The cult of the ancestors and the spirits of intermediary distributed in Haiti, Cuba, in various parts of Africa (and this is called the voodoo in the West — generic name like magic, far from the laws of modern society).
African witchcraft practices a great many — it potions, amulets and talismans, various love spells, omens on the trail, turned to the spirits of nature (grass, plants) and even to peers saints (in Haitian voodoo). Love magic in the tradition of voodoo is very strong, but it is available only to the initiated, usually members of ethnic groups. A lot of hype associated with the theme of voodoo. This spell can only make educated priest (Ungan or mambo), who has lived in Cuba or in Africa for many years. And qualify for divination and spell not only for themselves but also to others (this is a very high status, as the Christians — Bishop).
In fact, the unit of "spellcaster" and "witches" (taking to help other people in love magic) really belong to the communities Voodoo — other impostors. And even more so, almost none of the Ukrainians, Russians do not have a proper status for the practice. Ancient magic voodoo is strong, but also how stupid it sounds, "the Brazilian Orthodox grandmother" (one of those that treated spell), also "Voodoo in Russian", usually only a deception. The "best" case — a distorted practice self-taught magician, imagines that he knows voodoo, surrounded by comics on the subject (which has traditionally distorted Ourique (prayers) and Vevey (print spirits)).
It's even worse, because damage can be omens for the customer. Always ask for the name of the community voodoo priest name and status (Wood — is state. O.Gaiti religion), the names of teachers in magic and their contacts (currently not the Stone Age, there is even a phone in Africa, in every large village, magicians also use modern communications). Then you can tell would-be followers of the sorcerer from Voodoo. In the CIS, such (practicing magic voodoo) — units.
There are other traditions of witchcraft, such as "magic village" variety prisushki and love spells. They appeal goes to the elements, Nature, pagan imagery (from a traditional Slavic magic — for example, the dawn), and even a Christian saint.  Spell are "clean", that is just text, and manipulation by candles, eggs, yarn, needles, objects from the cemetery, and other means of folk magic. Often spell to love to read on the wine (alcohol), sweet (eg, carrots) or added to food with menstrual blood. These spells are of a type of "biological" love spell, and facilitate the penetration of the program of witchcraft in energy and consciousness of the "victims" of such love magic.
This method applies to the most reliable and powerful spell. Especially strong omens are made of vodka, red wine, here it is necessary to carry on the blood and omens (with admixture of their selections in the food and food). This is a very reliable spell, but also extremely dangerous. This magic, when used incorrectly, can severely undermine the health of the subject of love magic, and then there will be no time for the passions. Of course, if you are interested in the fate of her lover, the victim of a magic love spell.
Spells are usually read from memory, on an empty stomach, at the open window, facing east. In ancient times, witches out in the field and read out loud prayers and spells for love, referring to the forces of nature and the pagan gods (and later — to the Orthodox saints, angels and archangels). For example, a prayer to the archangel Michael is effective against black magic and wiles of witches.
Should consider methods and rune magic — the legacy of German-Scandinavian paganism (whose bloom falls on II-VII centuries. AD) Runes — the sacred alphabet, concluding the cosmogony of our ancestors of the Indo-Europeans, the ancient Aryans. Like any kind of magic, rune spells (galdor) can be used for good and for evil purposes. It is well known that A. Hitler and his henchmen are directly related to the creation of organizations in Germany (for example, the company "Tula") studied the ancient psychic techniques and methods of witchcraft, powerful magic runes (which is reflected even in the symbolism of the German army and stripes).
Also love spell, based on the power of the Runes, require special test their motivations (Do not lie to them on a pique? In the spirit: "But let a minute now he is running around!"). Violence only begets violence, and stupidity is always punished. Especially in the harsh magic of ancient Vikings. However, Rune — one of the most powerful and sophisticated methods of witchcraft, and galdor has a lot of ways, from coarse to unobtrusive, evoking the most glorious feeling, intertwining threads of fate, which is responsible for the Norns. First of all, the magic of Runes — it's traditional charms on a tree, with images of sacred formulas galdrastafy "helmet of horror", etc.
Signs of witchcraft, which were cut on the weapon, helmet, and whispered (some translate "fleece", like a whisper, others — "cut", and others — "the secret") on potions and magical drinks, read after favorite. There was even a particular type of magical songs, called manseg, poetic spell (with their strict rules words, and frequent use of kenning — "Move", taking magic skaldic).
Oh, and, finally, the known methods, not only magic, but also of modern parapsychology. They differ from the romantic charms and voodoo charms direct manipulation of energy subject omens without involving borrowing power (talismans, evocation and other methods of classical magic). Through bioenergetic exercises can stimulate certain chakras, creating a closed flow (customer — recipient), which gives the effect of a love spell, that is, the emergence of desire, unconscious thrust. As well as love charms, parapsychology techniques can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The result of this "love magic" unpredictable. But usually, it is believed that the most reliable omens are made through classical methods of sorcery (the blood, the wine, sweet). They are time tested and many generations of witches, for whom love magic was one of the essential skills are always in demand.
Special methods of psychic magic should highlight the "ajna suppression" — this is not a suggestion spell of feelings and emotions, but only thoughts (eg, "you want to be with me"), it is now a zombie. Even seemingly acting like a love spell is not like a normal love: in fact, we get a semi-conscious robot with habitual behavioral inertia (hence — central nervous system disorders, and possibly psychiatric diagnosis).
Love spells without consequences. My Video tutorial

We ask the question: when can spell damage? If people initially incompatible energy and love, after you get the desired light love magic methods (the same "clean" spell), connects the "heavy artillery" — cast a spell at the cemetery, funeral service for victims of such a spells of love in God's temple (this spell is very Dangerous! fact, deterioration), adds menstrual blood or does spell on vodka.
Powerful spell does not mean the best solution, it is important to understand. As a result, the subject of numerous attempts to love spell is starting to hurt (since his aura roughly "cracked" from the outside), the breakdown — is the evil eye, hence the failure of the disease. Violation of the energetic centers (as a result of black omens) leads to a deterioration in all areas of life, apathy, depression and even suicidal mood of the subject of love spells. In contrast, competent spell of love does not preclude free will, facing the forces of light (Trinity, ahangelam, Christian saint) and is intended to awaken the best feelings in the man, and not to make him a slave diabolical witchcraft. Real magician never engage in this will not! Magic custom and "commercial magic" — not the same thing.
Also love charms (who fully in contemporary literature), where there is an appeal to the demons, and whose activities are aimed at taking away free will. Spells of love helps return light feeling that once attended, and does not break the world view of the subject love spell, trying to impose alien to him conduct program (which is characteristic of the methods of black magic). Diabolical sorcery featured in Tarot as the inverted first noose "Magician": stupidity, error, misuse of power.
It should be noted the definition of black magic: it's witchcraft practices, which in the course of, damage to at least one person (consciously or unplanned). That is why the prediction (test) before the rite so necessary. Forecast shows compatibility couples and developments after the love spell, its feasibility, and give the most effective way of love magic.
Thus, the love spells — is a complex phenomenon and mnogrannoe, the implementation of which should be restricted to specialist (sorcerer, who has spent years studying the magic of life), and not a housewife, read a couple of books with texts of popular love spells.
Approximately 20% of the spell will not have tangible action (when using moderate methods of influence), because of mismatch of the energy characteristics of the pair — and thus incompatibility in bed, at home, in communication. The good life would still not work, some frustration. And which are obtained by rebel and turn to black magic. Awareness is important: do not rape, and then be happy. Victim zombies always knows (at an unconscious level) who are responsible for its poor health and will not fail to break into spontaneous quarrels arising ostensibly nowhere.
Many victims of omens jammed nowhere dumped depression alcohol, others appear suicidal thoughts (includes program self-destruction), there are abnormalities in the perception of the world, nervous disorders and mental retardation (hence the frequent accidents and fractures, when the brain is in a "half-asleep") — a frequent consequence "hits witchcraft." Well, the myth of a "crown of celibacy" also arose by chance: the genus guilty in black spell closes (as healthy cells tend to deprive the cancer), as a result — 2 broken lives, not counting the lives of their potential children. And most importantly, the true destiny of the "halves" with which the victim and the customer omens did not meet after the intervention in the natural course of events.

Does eternal love spells?

Of course not. As the effects of any perfume, alcohol or effect of beautiful clothes, everything goes (and the action spells to love, too). Makeup before going to bed wash, sexy clothing — hide figure flaws, shoot, when left alone. And love the magic of giving the euphoria of communication, eventually completes the action. Peak single moderate effect rarely lasts longer than 3 months, then it can be repeated. But usually when people come up to each other, this period ("candy period") is enough to establish a relationship and feelings remain.
After all, there is not a common love of the void, but as euphoria (a type of behavior, dress, smell, energy man). And further, or pass, or develops in a quiet, serious feelings. Energy links generated by "astral convergence", ie spell, can express myself in a whole year (people carry the subtle vibrations of each other — the same thing happens with spouses).
Black spell much less stable, and usually accompanied by a "break-up", disruptions, Sine Wave (hot-cold), and the length of a zombie more than 5 years. Although there are exceptions.
Generally, in the XX-th century biologists scientifically proven that love — a special mechanism of nature, when our natural immunity (to other individuals, as well), the time is reduced to two beings of the opposite sex to get close, to conceive seed, and then again return to "normal", to enter into the rhythm of life. So often happens, that in marriage "the passion is lost somewhere," former madness, and was replaced by a sense of coming straight (spiritual love, or otherwise attached).
This is quite normal and biologically based: love — a huge stress on the body, and if it continues indefinitely, the nervous organization of man would have been exhausted. That is, the action of the black love spell, imposed when the victim is the same type of behavior, sensation. As a result, a person ages for several years, as a dozen. A persistent lack of immunity leading to frequent illness and early death. Hence the belief is: privorozhennye not last long.
A dangerous spell?
Should be separated by methods priestly — spiritual (eg mantras of Hinduism, to strengthen the potency of men, success with women, personal appeal — an appeal to the deity), it is divine, "Prayer," from which there is no harm. As  in a Christian church, praying for the welfare of the holy marriage. The following type: methods "white magic" — intoxicating sweet languor, similar to the action of spirits pheromones and are not contrary to human nature (in part, all of us — the animals, man is created to impregnate a woman), working at the level of the heart chakra, helping to see the best in a partner. In moderate "doses" of their application does not hurt.
Unless, of course, do not abuse constantly (any witchcraft — like radiation in high doses can be dangerous), there is the risk of "plant" person on your "smell" (energy), a constant state of intoxication — is not normal. However, as well as a strong passion, love (when she already hinders of discernment), in the ordinary course of events. The first day using the methods of white magic love spell in the recipient can be strange symptoms (such as palpitations, fever), but then they go away without a trace, without causing harm. The same "heat" happens sometimes with particularly sensitive lovers, this feature of their body. Methods of love magic, piercing energy field.
Literature sometimes encountered the term "energy koning entering into someone else's aura"), replacing the reception of energy from the energy of the cosmos omens: why not bewitch the victim badly. And with it, not really. Zombie, any black magic, of course, fraught. And has no right to exist — from any ethical point of view.
Is a happy ending after the love spell? Of course, otherwise this magic was not as popular, relevant and necessary for all human history. If people are compatible, even talking in a friendly way, and the action carries a professional (without the help of black magic, making the prediction of pre-forecast by confirming the need for this step), there is every chance that arose after the love spell — ie energy correction, feelings here to stay, and the family only more stronger, becoming a healthy cell of society. In fact, the only literate spell helps to adjust the subtle bodies of two people (their energy) for a harmonious perception of each other, both men and women (which probably would have happened even in the usual way, as applicable, and other conditions — for example, if left alone for a long time) when activated natural need of living beings in procreation.
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