Love spells by Phone

Love spells by cell phone can not be called an old and trusted magic, because it is the means of communication have appeared recently. However, practice shows that such rituals work. Why this love spell is often used?
The simplicity of the ritual. Does not require complex manipulations, often you just need to cast the spell. And the phone is always near at hand. Efficiency. The voice is the conductor of soul and body. Dialing a familiar number, we establish a connection with the person, which is necessary for casting spells. Accessibility. If a guy or a girl does not want to eat and drink out of your hands, avoids contact, then a phone call he must answer. In addition, sometimes the ritual requires only his phone number or photo. The can do on a mobile phone, he won't even know about it.

Love spells to voice using cell phone

Often use not the phone itself, for the spell, and the voice of the beloved, and the phone is only connecting link. To make this spell of love, you just need to call the guy or girl and say certain words. Here are a few versions of this love spell with phone.
Calling to the man, you need to ask him about something to tell, and listening to, as he says, to repeat myself:

"I am your voice now I hear, and you, my love, I breathe. I will be one for you, desirable and true, the best wife."

Another version of this love spell, shorter:

"Your voice I hear, and you breathe me. Amen."

You also need to call the man, and no matter what he will answer the phone, to say these words. Then up in the morning with anyone you can not talk and it is better not to hear. Also to call the man, and when he will speak with you on each exhale about himself to say "I love you" and breath, "love me."
Strong love spell through the phone. For this love spell you will need a sponge, milk and phone. It is best to use pasteurized milk from the store and natural. It to heat up a bit, pour in a bowl and moisten a new sponge, so that the milk flowed from it, if only the sponge is not pressed.
When you're ready, undress, the body should not be any clothes, even underwear. Enter the phone number of a loved one and talking to him, try to keep his answers were sincere and friendly. To do this is to prepare in advance, learn the subject that he cares about. A telephone conversation should abruptly discontinue. Later, you can say that there has been a disconnection. As soon as you finish talking, press the sponge to the lips first, then to the heart, and in the end to the genitalia, saying the words free mantra: "You without me is like a child without milk — will decay, wither. Return — happiness will gain. Amen."

A love spells using a photo from a phone

Using the camera on their mobile phone to take a photo of a loved one. For a ceremony not so important the quality of the photo or angle, you can even shoot from behind. But it is desirable that the photo was a picture of the whole person, i.e. he was captured in full growth.
When the picture is ready, you can use any love spell on a photo. But there is a special ceremony that takes place on a photo with a mobile phone. If you want to use them, remember that the ritual can't tell anyone. Need to go to Church and buy the biggest candle, and also to score a bottle of Holy water. In the evening prepared candle you need to spray Holy water and light a match placed in front of him. Take in your left hand phone with photos and three times say the text of the spell:
"You're the one who will come, You're the one who's waiting for me, Happiness you and me will find, Will be an everlasting love spell". After that you need to take a candle in hand and three times to cross with the flame of a favorite photo, saying: "my Word hard from century to century Lepko. Fire burn, wax Church closed. Amen." Then the candle needs to put out a finger (not blow out) and hide in a safe place.

A love spells with cell phone

You met with a young man and really want him to ring you back. Usually after such a short communication you have no photos or any belongings of the guy, which would make a love spell. But if he gave you your phone number, you can easily perform the rite with him. Write down this number on a sheet of paper. Holding it in his hands, think about your meeting, remember his look and words. Then take a lighted Church candle and say a text love spells TV open window. If you do it right, will speak with conviction, confidence, a man will remember you and will dial your number, set up an appointment. The text of the spell, write down on a white sheet and read it with him and not with the computer. You can learn these words. To say free text spells the love you need as long as your candle does not itself decide to go out, but the words need to be repeated at least 3 times. At this time it is advisable to imagine as the guy reaches for the phone and dials your number, to see his face.
"My Falcon, you're clear, desirable and beautiful! How good we were together was to remember, heart and soul for me you are open this up. My room soon and remember to date me!"

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