Love spells Only Words

love spells only wordThe strength of many a love spell to attract a loved one, largely depends on the power of magical words. Additionally, the magic offers a lot of rituals that use love spells only words, to not engage in any other action. Such practices have pagan roots, and came from the ancient times. But over time, most of the rituals were adapted to the Christian egregor.



Strong love spells only words for food

It is important to understand that you can be effective only if the spoken phrase is embedded a strong feeling of love on the part of the performer of the rite. It allows to provide strong, targeted message energy. In most cases only words love spell is used in order to cast a spell on the food which you want to treat a loved one than to charm it to yourself.

Love spells using only words and milk

Very popular is the spell for milk, which is considered a powerful energy product.
Magical words which conjure milk, can be:
"As a child without milk disappears, loses weight, and dies like a child in mother's needs, so let (name prepareimage person) your body loses without me, (your own name). Let him in a strange corner not wandering at other women don't stare. To me, he may cleave and near me holds like a mother in front of his own child.

Let he walks behind me, like a foal for the Mare. Let it not depart from me as the door from the jamb of the door not moving away. Let distant lands is committed to return it only to me one. Cows on pasture always to reach for the hay, and bees to the fragrant flowers, and I'm the only one he'll need in the whole world. The words are strong and sturdy, so be it. Amen."
love spells only words On the nuts for your favorite

Also very popular is a ritual in the nuts, which subsequently need to treat a loved one

In this case, love spell only words use as follows:
"I (own name), I love sincerely and strongly (name of favorite). How I yearn day and night about him, and he will think constantly of me and away without me to grieve. So he would come quickly to me, would we live happily happily ever after, acquire good. Cupcakes are sweet together but the tea flavored with honey to drink. My word is strong to the soul (the name of the beloved) is required to reach and hard to engage. So be it and nothing else. Amen."

Only Words Love spells with candy

If you strongly dislike the person, it is possible to use, for example, short love spells with only words on gingerbread just before tea with a loved one. Most importantly, having pastry, put his heart and soul to spoken word.
Word of the spell can be read as follows:
"As the lips of my beloved, (name of beloved) treats touch, his strong feelings for me (your own name) in his soul to Wake up. Said will come to pass. Amen."

love spells using only wordOther options love spells using only words

Often used only words, which contains an appeal to natural forces. They are usually held in the open air in certain conditions. Very popular are love spells to the wind. This is a very strong effect, but the ritual have full confidence in their abilities. Remember that a natural disaster does not forgive mistakes and wrong rites possible negative consequences.

Spells only words to the wind

Very popular are the a love spell to the wind. The following ceremony is held during a thunderstorm when wide open window. You need to wait a whirlwind that burst into the room.
After that, speak with feeling and very emotional these words:
"I, (your own name) calls on the powers of the earth to his aid. Rages in the nature of the wind and it is capable of. He opens the depths of the sea and overturns boulders of the earth. So let him help my wish come true. Let it be in my life by the law, and I will thank him for it low bow. Want my dear, (the name of the beloved), a strong passion for me and burned before my eyes stood up. To day he is without me, the dark night seemed to me his heart with joy overflowing. Amen."

Love Spell with the air currents

There is spells, which requires the involvement of a powerful flow of air. Approval skilled mages, the ritual will be effective, if it is out in the mountains. But also allowed to carry out the ceremony on the roof of a skyscraper. To pronounce word need, feeling the flow of air.
They sound as follows:
"The winds are strong, you are different: red, black, and yellow, and white. I, (your own name) talking to you and hope to help yours. Make it so that my dear, (name loved one) love me sincerely and forever. The force of the wind, let it fill his soul with deep feelings for me. Amen."

For this ritual must pay, breaking a dollar bill into small pieces, put them in the wind.
The word is a very powerful tool. As it is filled with energy of the person performing the ritual. It is very important to charge the spoken phrase with positive energy, as it will minimize negative consequences.

Making love spells only words, it is very important to prepare. For maximum message focused on the impact of a very important morale. The performer of the rite should feel confident and he should not have the slightest doubt about the effectiveness of magic ritual.
It is also important to rule out any possible distractions during the ceremony. The clothing of the contractor shall be loose and not restrict movement, in addition to this, you should remove all jewelry and make-up. Before the ritual, it is recommended to go for a swim.

It is important to observe the sacrament of the rite. Anyone, even the closest people can not tell you about their plans. And, of course, impossible to do a love spell as a curiosity. Another condition for the success of the rite – a positive attitude. Otherwise, all the wishes in a love spell can samsonites on the opposite.

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