Love spells using Pin

Pins - an essential element of the household. There is always a need for something to pin or clip. Button broke - the pin will replace it with a clothes repair, handicap and little metal instrument will provide invaluable assistance. Open the tip easily pierces the paper and the fabric, but it is important to fix the sharp edge round the castle, otherwise open pin might damage its owner. It is believed that this small object has magical properties.



A useful metal is used in magical rituals. Metal - material capable of accumulating positive and negative energy, and then pass it to the touch. Thus, black and white magic there are lots of omens for which the Commission need a pin. This applies to both lovespells love and cuffs on the evil eye.
And Decay spells also just as, on the contrary, much to his opponent evil and streaks. But the most desperate and even said pins to death . It is better NOT to that desire Because death brings : a lot of grief and unhappiness As the Cause and event dresses the family, because the evil energy returns its double equivalent. But to change anything it's too late.




There is an old custom. Bridesmaid dresses often had to use pins to pin up, veil, flowers or folds in the fabric. Their number is sometimes so great that in order to take dress away, need help. Girlfriend freed the bride from cramped corsets and full skirt , while removing the cloth pins. The single girl, directed That the first pin one of all HER friends fall under a magical effect Action and were due to Marry within the year. Same fate that befell a young woman who accidentally pulled the pin of the bride dresses during her return from Church, the couple held a wedding ceremony.
Was the problem the waiting Yorkie girl who threw the check just after a small item appeared in the hands ! Pin it was necessary to immediately throw it away and forget about it , as the magic spell began to have effect, and prolonged contact with a pin can only spoil the situation . Unenviable fate awaited the bride, next to the conjugal bed, which was forgotten, at least one pin, taken from wedding dresses.

POSITION the tip of the PIN is IMPORTANT FOR Love Spells


With the sharp end of the metal energy gathered in the head of a pin "spread" into the surrounding space and affects the person at whom it is directed the edges. It's a bad sign to lift a finger, sharp end looks at lyubopytstvom or find her on the doorstep, with the point flattened to the door. Wishing evil to another person, a hypocrite could leave an open safety pin in the bag with grits in the house of a hospitable host or stick to it with the pointed end softly into the pillow .
But on the other hand, if you found the pin, the tapered end of a precious stone can bring good luck and happiness . The spell the tip of your finger to pierce a lighted candle, saying aloud the name of the beloved. This reinforces the words of love spells and increases the power of its impact .


Love spells  using pins


Beloved, despite all attempts to keep it in the family, was ready, and left for another woman. It is possible that she used a spell for love or was just completed , using the weakness of human nature. In this situation, the spell will help with the pin, which is supposed to make 12 pins. Night, at midnight, you throw pins into the fire (the fire, the flame in the furnace) with the text of free spells:

"I want to burn the pins, I want to burn heart (the name of the person). Even if he's not eating, not sleeping, not drinking, but with his back to me, I will come. "

Another simple spell on the output can be used for both girls and boys.

Take a clean sheet of white paper, wax candle, and three pins. The ritual to do at night . The melted wax from a burning candle we need to draw the shape of a loved one . On the left side of the chest, where is heart, also need to drip the wax.
After that, open the pin with the sharp end stuck in the paper in the head with the following words :

"Remember, (name) about me, about me, sad, sad!"

After the words of the spell saying that you need to write on the same sheet where you pour the wax. The second conclusion needs to be stuck in the heart area and say :

"Love me!"

This requirement should be set out on paper. It was the turn of the third needle, which is stuck a plaster cast below the belt with the obligatory text , say out loud:

"You want me!"

Word love spells you will have to repeat, touching the hand of each of the pins, the candle will go out, burn the paper and scatter to the wind the remains of the ashes. After a few days, a loved one begins to seek a meeting




The man began to behave strangely, has been delayed from work, delves into what is happening in his family, perhaps under the influence of envy. It is possible that this woman used the services of black magic and made strong spell . People were under this influence, it loses the ability to think correctly and become a puppet in the hands of Housewives.
In order to bring my husband home and to destroy the magic trap, will have to find a pin with a rounded stone base. Energy is transferred by the pin, focuses that it is maintained as long as the sharp edge of a metal object is in the castle. You need to uncover the pin and will charge it again.
Once, when a guy for some reason enough to fall (if any pretext was wrong , he should come), the wife needs to accept it, is to have a heart and try to get people : to remain in the home as long As possible Pleasant memories about past events, about previous romantic encounters, the weekend retreat of the sea, in nature, etc. are positive emotions. We must remember those moments when he and she are inseparable was other and full of love to each other. In the same room should be in a secluded place under an open safety pin . She is charged with the energy of feelings couples have for each other.

Times in favorite leaves, the pin should immediately be closed and put in the box, which should be somewhere near, but not in a conspicuous place. Now we have to hope for the influence of a higher power. Their intervention in the fate of husband and wife, will lead to the fact that the energy of black magic will neutralized and sent back to the owner (the law of the boomerang). The man returned, remembering the past as a vague and unpleasant dream, I wonder what it might attract a lady is a home wrecker.

Precautions love spell with a pin

With a pin you should pay special attention, not only from the point of view of its intended use . You don'T Have to lift a pin from the ground on the street and NOT have to take IT as a gift. If this happens, you have to give something to the pin in response to something of its magical effect will be neutralized.
To take a pin from a stranger, even if there is an unpleasant situation, when torn clothing is something contacts are also. In life a person begins to happen when sorrowful and sadder than unexpected damage to clothing.

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