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For those, looking for a love spell in UK, I will describe a few situations, sent me an email. These stories illustrate how things are with the services of love magic in UK. Someone wants to return to husband, the wife in the family, someone to approach the girl, a lot of different situations.
Under the terms of the confidentiality of correspondence by the witch, the names in the stories changed and the situations themselves, corrected so as not to be recognized. The stories were published with the consent of customers who wanted to return a love.
The first case shows how, without knowing the rules of magic, without the necessary theoretical and practical training, can hurt the wrong magic, rather than conceived to get the result.
Margaret writes:
«At the time I was in my last year of college, a psychologist. Always believed in magic, since my mother went to psychic, she told the truth about us, and even removed the curse from me and my mother. So I'm all always believed. never thought that she dare to something. But I had to. With Michael I met at college, and then we started dating. Recently, he lost interest in me and started to talk about a breakup. I loved him very much, and could not allow that. services on witch… i dont have money and I decided to try myself casting a love spell. I bought a book with spells and cast a love spell on monthly blood. This book has not been written, and I did not know that when do it, I did not know then chl need to control your thoughts and feelings, as they passed the man. I was very afraid that he left me and find another girl. So in the end everything turned out, and I did not understand why love spell did not work. Now all correct accounts, and above all I correct itself, learning to control the thoughts… „
And here is a situation where a guy just looking for love spell in UK, thinking that a personal meeting with the spellcaster can achieve great results.
So, that's part of the letter:
“… My name is Darren. Two years ago, I bewitch girlfriend, Catherine. i found in London- wizard Daniel. I did not want to get to the scam on the Internet and come to those who take personally. Wizard Daniel not wizard. he was a professional psychologist. I wore him the money for 6 months, as under hypnosis. Then I began to think that Daniel feeds me the promised results. Then I decided to look on the Internet, see the forums, I began to delve deeper into what Daniel told me to do. I realized that I was just misled. I found peoples who also lied to this wizard. I dropped everything, I began to engage himself with magic. but I could not.
Then I decided to still rely on those who do not live in UK, through the site I found the other spellcastrs. At first I just spoke at the forum, checked that for the individual. Found them to be competent. Wrote a letter. The work is not over yet though, but I'm already seeing results. I realized that the witch is not important — have come to the personal reception, or photo sent by mail, to the energy distances no „
Yes, to make an effective magical effect, casting a love spell, not have to be close to someone. Astral is a world of energy, it does not have the distance, the time, so all that is produced with energies immediately affects reality, only manifested in the physical world is gradually (although some of the effects are shown at once.)

In life there are situations where the magic comes in a strong emotional impulse, without thinking about the consequences. For example, in a fit of revenge left bewitches girls to his guys to those on their skin feel their own experiences. And then IDUs do not know what to do with a guy bewitch: feelings are gone.
Here is one of those situations where she cast e love spell in London, and regretted it:
“… I have 3 years of dating a guy. It was my first true love feelings. Harry cared for me, in the best novels of restaurants, gifts, beautiful compliments. He arranged my romantic nature walks. And once even accepted hire a horse with an instructor, and rode with me to the house, like a true knight — on a white horse, and with a bouquet of red roses. At first I just graciously accepted his advances. creepy I like the fact that I have a boyfriend, and my friends have ordinary guys. or even empty. I boasted about its relationships. Overall, I was very pleased. then realized that she fell in love, and he began to talk about a joint housing. Overall, everything went very well. I even started to think about the family. I lived in London, and he in Manchester. London he only worked, and rented a room. I was indifferent to it, because I thought he loved me sincerely. Anyway, when we moved in together (in my apartment ), he lowered his ardor. He was rarely talk about love, rarely stopped to kiss. cooled off a bit. I thought that things in everyday life, as they say, life slightly cools people. Overall, I once overheard him talking with a friend, he boasted that he lied to me, and then wants to marry, to live in London. I immediately feel to it all over, I'm a scandal. And he quietly left without excuses and no excuses. Anyway, I decided to take revenge, i bewitched him. guy was glued to me again, just would not let pass. And I have disgusted. and I regretted that bewitches him. then I long cast banishing
spell it from the love spells from the other witches, and I turned the guy away...»
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