Mirror Love Spells- Powerful ritual with mirror

powerful mirror love spell real workFrom early childhood girls dream about Prince charming, about the big strong love, about how to become mothers. With age, the desire to have a happy family is not going away, but only intensified. As you know, happy families are built on great mutual love. But here begins many of the girls problems. Not easy to find great, and most importantly, mutual love. Here women and will use any methods, only to gain reciprocity in feelings.

Today there are many love spell, spells for love, spells that you can use to force a man to love you. A recklessly stumbling on any magical texts in books and the Internet experience all on itself, not thinking about the consequences.


How to remove the mirror love spells and how dangerous it is — one of the most popular questions. Mirror love spell

Mirror love spell is well known to people practicing magic, and fairly common in certain circles. All a love spell can be divided into a few major categories. As for the mirror, it relates to power spells, and has no relationship to ritual action. It operates solely by the force of the person who makes it. The main role in the mirror love spell play of mirrors, and they help to amplify the energy of the magician.


What you need for a love spells using a mirror

In order to achieve the desired result, and in General to do the ritual you will need:

Two identical mirrors, it is desirable that they were new. The mirror should not be large in size. No more than 15X15 see the shape of the mirror does not really matter. It is better that the mirror was with the holders as you will need to put them.
Candle from the Church. Its color does not matter, unlike size. The candle should not be large, so as to burn it will need no more than 15 minutes. You should consider the fact that the candle needs to burn completely.
The photo of the person whom are you planning to attract. Although the photo is not required, but to enhance the effect, the better they get.
To check out the room in which you decided to caravati. To remove or hang other mirrors, close Windows and doors not only close the window they need more and shuttered.
Matches or lighter, which you will set fire to the candle.
Mel is an ordinary small size.
How to do this ritual. There are several variations of the mirror spell. Here is one of them. Detailed instruction:

The ritual is recommended to perform after sunset.
On the table you need to install two mirrors so that they reflect each other. Thus formed endless mirror corridor.
You need to put a candle between the mirrors.
The entire structure is better to install on the table.
Preferably on the floor to draw a circle, in which you'll sit (table and chair must be in a circle, to draw it need clockwise).
Sit down on a chair so that the candle was in front of you, and the mirrors were on either side of you (one from the right, second from the left).
how to make mirror love spells using black magicBefore you light the candle, attach a picture of a man (women) that you want to say, the mirror on the left (the photo should be attached to the back side of the mirror image to mirror).
Then you can light a candle. Lighting a candle think about the man who bewitches, the desired relations, about what feelings have to feel for this man. Imagine everything in great detail. The mirror will help you to increase the power of desire.
You whisper to repeat the phrase: "(His name) cher cher mogori procher", repeating the phrase as long as the candle goes out. In any case, it is impossible to extinguish a candle.
When burned the candle put the mirror on the table, scratch off strip in a counterclockwise direction. The ritual must be repeated for three days, better to do it during a full moon.
Nothing should distract you during the spell.
Most importantly, before you decide to practice magic, think carefully, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Magic is not childish pranks, it is not to be trifled with.

How to remove a mirror love spells

Victims of black magic can be both men and women. Its consequences are unpredictable, and often negative . Enchanted person becomes aggressive, anxious, loses interest in life's pleasures, feels uncontrollably attracted to a certain person.

In the case that a magical ritual was performed by a professional magician, you should get rid of it is unrealistic. Mirror love spell is not a permanent spell. But it delay is not worth it. This issue plays a big role. If you have decided to get rid of the charms independently, you will need: Two lines of different colors.
Candle, and a small birch cane (preferably V - shaped).
Lighting a candle think about what you don't want to link their lives with the person who gave you the love spells.
At the ends of the canes wrap the thread and break it into two parts.
Bury the remains in the ground in different places.
A magical ritual should be done on the waning moon. It is desirable not to talk to anyone.
And yet I would like to summarize before you contact the magic, consider carefully whether you need sentenced love and whether you are happy having such feelings.

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