Rules love spells

Love spell enjoys fabulous popularity, and with it, many of us want to restore the family or a loved one to return. But before you begin the ritual, you must learn the rules of love spell.

But what are the rules, and do all that is necessary for them to follow? Not it be easier just to follow written in the book of the network or ritual? Of course, if you're already a skilled magician, you can even make their own rules for charms. But that's for beginners independence can be downright dangerous.

Rules of the omens were developed ancient magicians and priests, to observe the world, to draw conclusions and assesses the effect of different rites. These rules over the years have not changed, modern magicians only slightly modified them for our modern perception.

Rules of the charms is quite simple, but to fulfill them all, a man must constantly practice and work on yourself. Without that following the rules will be difficult.

Rules of the love spells

1. When carrying out their own love spell you have to control your thoughts. Think that you are now living with her lover, that you are happy with him and that he loves you.

2. You need to be sure of the solutions of the omens, and believe in him. Any magical acts are carried out only when the firm belief of man in himself, and in the success of a love spells.

3. Observance of the rituals. In general, white omens are held on the growing moon, and is the best day of the first half Friday. If this is not possible, try to spend at least a ritual before sunset.

4. One of the most complex rules - that's what spell should go. After spending a love spell, emotionally and mentally disconnect from that, let higher powers themselves complete it. And the best solution is to forget about the magic and the fact that you did spell.

5. Make sure that in the course of the ceremony you will not be disturbed. This is of great importance. After all, if you are distracted, you can not focus, as it should, and you will fail.

6. Unplug all electrical appliances - recorder, TV, telephones. Just think of what you want to get. If you want to achieve the desired result with a love spell, you just need to turn away from anything that might distract you, anyway.

7. Close all the mirrors, unless they participate in the ritual.

8. Clean up your energy. For example, go to the shower. Only here you should not just wash and wash away all the information. Just become the water and think about how you clear of all unnecessary you.

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