Sperm (Semen) Love Spells that work

love spells using sperm how to makeLove spells are magical rituals that make for the purpose of getting someone's love. The ritual sperm love spells. This is used to influence women's and men's energy. As a practicing witch, I want to introduce you to the basics of the love spell with semen, to tell about all the important nuances and to show examples of the most powerful rituals using male sperm.


How to make love spells using sperm. 5 options


Love spells using semen is a ritual of black magic, is the oldest magical ritual. The goal is to tie a man (boyfriend) or a woman (girl) to him for a long period, completely to take from him or her the desire to be together with other women or men.

The strength of sperm love spell lies in the fact that it uses the energy of procreation and the energy of life. This ritual aims at sexual suppression and establishing an inseparable connection with the author of a love spell.
Semen love spells requires the author to have a clear concentration and ability to correctly channel the flow of energy. This is a spell of black magic, so the light-mindedness or inexperience of the caster can lead to consequences, the best of which will be the opposite effect.

In my practice, many cases when despairing women and men came to me, complained that they had independently made a love spell using semen and the spell either did not work at all, or gave absolutely the opposite result. The reason is the inexperience of such "spellcasters".


How to get semen for a love spell


Male sperm is going after sex:

- from the used condom
- from the vagina.

I advise you to use option 2, since the male seed that has been in the female body absorbed its energy, which causes a stronger bond between the woman and the man in the process of casting the spell.

Sex between a woman and a man is accompanied by powerful sexual energy. Sperm is a genetic trace of a man, and therefore the love spells with sperm acts on the physical body of the object and clearly works, causing a strong sexual attraction.


Free sperm love spells Recipes


1. Rubbing in your body

Used to tie a man to a woman. After sex, the girl takes the sperm of her beloved guy, rubs the semen around her body, pronouncing the text of the spell:

"How does your sperm connect with me (the name of the man), and you will always be with me, you will not go anywhere. All your thoughts will only be about me (woman's name). You will not have (the guy's name) another girl, except me. Only I (the girl's name) will be your favorite and desired. So it will be! Amen".

2. Love spells using sperm and voodoo doll

Ritual is done on Friday, on the growing moon. Take any worn her or his clothes (tie, sock, handkerchief, hair elastic, panties), make an empty inside the doll, leave the edges unmade. Inside the doll put the mixture of pubic hair and sperm, sew up. After sex, light a red candle and drip melted wax on a voodoo doll (where there should be genitals), while reading the spell:

"Burning passion (her or his name) kindle to me (your name), with your body seek to me. Desire me day and night. Do not extinguish a hot passion (his or her name), do not break my spell. My word is strong, as I said - it will be for sure. "

The doll is hidden next to the house of a man (woman) or where he or she often happens.

3. Attract a girl with food with semen

This semen love spells is committed to the growing Moon. In pottery from pottery, saliva and blood are mixed from the woman's finger, the guy's sperm and the read text love spells with sperm:

"Let my blood wake up love in your blood, it will kindle a passion, you, (his name), will call to me.I can day and night only dream of me, with no one but me, in bed to be unwilling. Desire, passion of burning , (Name of the guy) bring to me, my word is strong, to be what I wish. "

This sorcery mixture should be mixed in food and drink for a guy, at any time.

4. Involve a guy with food with sperm

Ritual is done in the phase of the Moon's growth, on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Fresh sperm need to be enchanted and mixed into food for the girl.

The text of the spell:

"How not to give birth to children without male sperm, and not to be (her name) without me (your name). Amen".


Another  5 option involving sperm in  love spell look in this video


©  Witch Reddy


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