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Text love spells that work realQuickly bewitch her beloved boyfriend can be alone and free, and we will tell you how to do it. A text love spell boyfriend is done at home and the presence of the person who sent the magic love spell is not necessary. We have been told how to do a love spell on a guy photo and already if you watched this ceremony, then you know that it's not that complicated, but it's not about that. In this article you will know the true power of love magic, able to very quickly give you what you need and make a love spell for the love of a man at any distance in a very short time. Choose one of the following is the text of a love spell


Quick text love spells on a knot

The easiest way to charm yourself guy at home without his picture is to find in the floor, the wall or the door jamb at home dry twig. Circle his ring finger of the right hand three times while reading a love words to her beloved boyfriend:

Like you, twig, dried, sohni, ( name) I, (name). Amen.


Quick text love spell red candle

We have already talked about a love spell on the candle and the moon, this fast love spell, not included in those topics are not forgotten. This magical rite of love magic will help you to do a quick spell to love yourself. For this, at midnight at home go to the window and if the sky is clear and you can see the moon, light a red candle a previously prepared and having bitten your tongue, read the words of a quick spell:

I, tab (your name) bit

The servant of God (name of man) to his prissila.

He was bored, day and night I weep,

Vacation from love did not know.

Bad drinking, bad eating, day and night I wanted.

So be it. Amen.

Extinguish the candle and let it completely burn, and then go to sleep until the morning, not talking to anyone else.

Quick free text a love spells  for guy

Don't know how to charm a guy? This will help you a this fast love spell. At the meeting with the beloved look closely into his eyes and without blinking to himself three times say the text is a love spell:

Adam and eve sinned, the children of the people,

Because the loved each other.

And you will love me.

Before the wedding, this ritual will not finish, but do love a guy stronger will help.

love spells text on dostanceText Love Spells of the guy in the distance

Buy red wine or opening a bottle recite her a love of words that will help you to bewitch a beloved guy to you. Don't be afraid to drink with him the wine from this bottle, the effect of love spell is directed only at boyfriend. Text love spell of the guy in the distance:

The angels of heaven, the forces of this world.

How will I call you for help

Like, I'll ask you to give me strength superhuman,

Unearthly enchantment, so did I, (name),

To tie their bonds (name),

So he could not to break them forever

Nor night, nor day, nor quiet in the evening or morning light.

And as this drink will spill on all vessels,

Will razgorodit all his blood,

So spill all the veins and blood vessels (name)

His passion for (name) to inflamed his love to me

Every day stronger, hotter,

So he got drunk from the passion its me

How drunk on this wine.


Another text a love spells of the guy in the distance that you can perform by yourself at home. For this love spell away from the guy whom you want to attract, use Holy water accumulated on Christmas night. If there is such water, pour it in a crystal glass, read love potion spell and give drink to the beloved guy.

Holds, dries, does not depart away.

As rivers dry up in the desert

As lost milk from the breast with grief,

As burn and dry trees from the forest fire,

So dried up and withered (name) no (name).

As dry source if will dry up the streams that feed it,

As the sun burns hot in the desert, stunted thorn,

So ROC and suffered (name) at (name).

Like holding the door for school, how to hold the baby by the mother's breast,

Like a fish out of water, striving to the water,

So (name) was kept, and sought to (name),

And do not depart in every hour, in every moment.

Will I, (name), not crossed himself,

Going along the wide street, not blessed,

Walk to rapid river, not praying.

How will I quench your thirst in the pure river

So (name) could assuage your sadness and grief next to me,

Looking at me, listening to me, caressing me, drinking the water that I give.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

In order to attract a guy you like at any distance, you need to select the most suitable from the given text a love spell with which to handle any student, and will be able to charm a cute classmate


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