Victim of a love spells

victim of a love spellIf you are a beginner in magic, then you need to know the signs of the victim's love spells. After all, the only way you can determine — right or wrong has been committed by a love spell, manifested a negative, not a perfect spell on him, and in general it is one of the basic knowledge needed to magician.
Sometimes, when the spell has already been committed, but the man did not yet know the house begin to break sharply electrical appliances, watches. Rapidly deteriorating health, lost jewelry. This means that the higher plane already at war. Particularly sharp wives feel it — their intuition is very difficult to cheat. And if plus everything there is and some of the following symptoms, immediately contact a skilled spellcaster. He will diagnose, find out if your husband or damage spell. And if any help to remove or curse spell. Just do not try to do it yourself if you have no talent for magic.

Thus, the main features of a love spells. How do I know the sacrifice love spell


1. The desire of the victim to the love spells to the person who made or ordered spell. While other persons of the opposite sex is no longer bewitch pull completely. Bewitches begins to feel that without the object of love, he can not live, but the connection for some reason a little happy. Having sex with a woman who charmed him bewitch a man, instead of joy, feeling frustrated and guilty. But still goes to the woman again and again.
 2. Apathy, lethargy. Victims of love spelsl rarely admit that they are under some strange influence, and what happened to them was something wrong. On the contrary, they often believe that everything is under control, although relatives of the victim noticed the inadequacy of his behavior. But when asked to see a black magic spellcaster, victim often flatly refuses.
 3. Trouble at work are growing, because sacrifice make love spells abruptly lost interest in everything except the man ordered a spell 
4. Feelings of hopelessness and depression
5. Fear of losing a lover or sweetheart, and humiliated in front of them.
6. The simultaneous feeling of hatred and a lover and the fact that you can not live without it.
7. Tearfulness and sentimentality, a sense of self-pity.
8. Poor sleep and fatigue, recurrent nightmares.
9. Indifference to the family.
10. Blows of fate and growing like a snowball failure.
11. Appearance in different pockets from nowhere who took things — land, salt, poppy. Or at the threshold of the apartment — the spilled water, hairballs. Especially dangerous are stuck in the door frame rusted nails and needles.

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