How prayer helps attract love

 In our time, a meeting of true love is considered very rare. We used to live in the world of technology and logic. That is why many enter into a relationship because of simple arithmetic, or, as used to say to people, «convenience». However, all is not lost: use prayer to attract love, you can find happiness.
Today, instead of being open to love and passion, many people are afraid to be left, and relationships often begin with mistrust and suspicion towards each other. No one wants to be cheated and wasting their time. This is what leads to jealousy and separation.
To find true love, you need to change internally. If you think that all you want from the only one, the way it happens. This is the power of thought: what are thinking, then attract.
Prayers are only aides in achieving the objectives. But if you change your attitude, you can not see your fate, even if it will be right under your nose. Conspiracies or rituals work, but in most cases we simply do not give what was intended to happen, spend all their forces to something to put a good defense, so no one can get close to our heart. And it ends with another failure.

To ask for help higher power, you can choose any prayer that is necessary to your liking. This may be the «Our Father» or the usual reference to the Virgin Mary. The main thing with all their heart to want to make your wish come true.
There is also a special prayer and the Guardian Angel, which will attract to your loved one. However, you will need patience, because to say it has to be every morning for 21 days. If you miss again, everything will have to start from the beginning.
«My angel, Guardian, hear me: for you are called to defend my happiness to the end of my days on Earth. Thank you for the help you have given me, and bestow your love for that envelops me with its wings at the right moments. You are my defender and helper, therefore pray, fulfill my desire. Let me find true love overcoming all obstacles in its path. I am here and I am ready to meet my soul mate, and waiting for her appearance. Amen. Amen. Amen.»
 © witch Reddy

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