With love spell on menstruation blood POSSIBLE RESULT FOR LIFETIME

 There is a little witch in every woman in the finest sense of the word. This means you don’t have to pay to magicians and fortune-tellers to put a love spell on the man you love. Before putting a love spell, think whether you need it at all. Do you really love this man so much that you’re ready to take such a huge risk? Are you sure you love him so much that you’re ready to use magic to be with him?
All love  spells influence people’s choices by force, so be ready that you’ll have to pay for it eventually. If you still think you should do it because you can’t live without this person, below is an effective love spell that can help you.

Love Spells on a Man using Menstrual Blood

Before going to bed, apply a drop of your menstrual blood to your forehead and say,
“I’m going to bed with a blood stamp on me. This stamp is my longing for God’s servant (his full name). Let God’s servant (his full name) be lovesick for me as this blood dries up on me. Amen.”
Go to bed and don’t talk to anyone until the morning. Make sure you’re alone while performing this ritual and don’t tell anyone about it. Otherwise, the love spell will fail.
You’ll see the first results fast. The man will fall in love with you before you know it. However, the love spell won’t work if you have no strong feelings for the man as the love spell is believed to divide your love between the two of you. To reinforce the spell, two or three months later let the man drink a glass of red wine with a drop of your menstrual blood. Before serving the wine, whisper,
“Drink, finish your wine, love God’s servant (your full name), don’t forget her. Amen.”
Whisper it once in a while before serving food and drinks to your beloved but with no menstrual blood in them. Naturally, when serving food, change the spell into
“Eat, God’s servant (his full name), finish your food, love God’s servant (your full name) and don’t forget her. Amen.”
By casting this spells, you’ll change the man’s fate and undertake responsibility for his happiness.
Note that casting a love spell is much easier than breaking it. Each woman is able to attract any man she wants. So before casting a love spell, try to get him to notice you, fall in love with you by using your natural charm.

© witch Reddy

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