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Surely each of us had been in that situation: walking down the street, and you're smiling girl. How not to go and not a date, especially since she apparently is not bad? After all, a new acquaintance — it's always interesting. Or, what happens more often with us, users of the Internet, we spend a few hours sitting at the computer screen and sending one word suggestions — such Me custom messages for dating. And tremblingly awaited answer. No matter where it is — ICQ, Chat or Online Dating Site! All of us are off to meet with the reality of the man who had so much, and was intrigued by the unusual smiley manner of writing, plus sometimes when meeting over the Internet even manages to steal the picture. And if you're lucky — it really belongs to the person who sent it to you.
Then, stunned by his looks and this unusual deep inner peace, you still decided to take this step, and invites him to meet. Interesting communication and acquaintance on the Internet develops into a desire to do the same thing live. He certainly agrees. Then you're living in the same city, but whose acquaintance, online correspondence, assign a convenient place for the meeting: at the entrance to the park, or maybe near the train station ticket office, or around one-third of birch on the right side of the wide alley that leads to the theater, in Overall, it's your business. Just as is the case with the selection of a suitable time.
So, when it's all settled, you are an incredible pulse on your wrist sit at the mirror, paint, brush the hair in the hope that an acquaintance through the Internet will result in the half, which you have been waiting for my whole life! As a true lady you allow yourself to be late, while inventing an excuse for your untimely arrival. Here it is — a sacred place designated by the Internet, next to him is a guy. You come and start dating again ...
In fact, all may not be as when communicating on the Internet. Do not forget that online dating — it is always under the guise of communication. You always easy to talk to someone who can not see you, and perhaps never will have that opportunity. Therefore dating online is much easier than in real life. Let us remember that we are familiar windows in Internet messages (through them and start dating), which implies a dialogue. In real life, we can not remain silent while walking next to a man, and it will still be communication, which is so unusual when meeting people online.
So. If things are not so bad, how do you know if your partner wants to continue this in order to further explore the vicinity?
The first sign of disappointment when meeting, when someone notices you sadly, «You is not the same as the pictures in the internet.» This phrase can have two connotations. On the one hand, he or she is unhappy with the new acquaintance. On the other hand, in reality, a person can look much more attractive than in the photo sent over the Internet, and if he is a true gentleman, be sure to add: «You're much nicer».
Be sure to ask the guy in what area he lives. And if he will call you the most distant, desolate and dark area of the city, while emphasizing the enormous problems with transport — is clear: a new acquaintance on the Internet fails, he does not intend to accompany you, and, therefore, does not want to spend an extra hour with you. But if he says that he does not care and he will go home on foot, as the hero of an old song, which ran from the train, — all is not lost! Such knowledge can be continued, and the time spent on communication via the Internet, less than nothing.
Do not be upset if it came without flowers. The youth of today is far from the romance, and even the thought does not come, bring flowers when meeting online. But push him on it — your job!
Another symptom of frustration when two people whose acquaintance passed through the Internet, is suddenly swallowed silently. After all, it would seem, quite uncharacteristic silence that windbag, which days ago you met over the internet. But here it is impossible to make a mistake, not taking into account the positive, but in moderation, quality person — shyness and modesty. In general, whether over the Internet or on the street was your first encounter, the guy on the first date should be the initiator. If the first meeting, he does not know where to go, then he is either a foreigner or further acquaintance and communication he's not interested!
Each of us to communicate with someone unpleasant infirm of purpose, and indifferent to the events in your life. But this is yet another sign of discontent and lack of interest to share with you our plans for the next hundred years!
A striking example of indifference when meeting after meeting over the Internet appears in skukota and indifference to you. A phone call to his friend and finding out what he was doing tonight and does not want you to go have a beer. This conversation can continue until you have gently remove it to stop, sit down in a minibus and will wave his hand, and he will be happy. The man who is obsessed by you, usually off your mobile at the first call, and in addition, asks you for an apology. It would seek to extend the dating, and learn all the things that could not be done over the Internet.
Keep in mind also the fact that if you have recently had a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to forget about it and start all over again — in any case, do not talk about their feelings on the first date. Assumes familiarity story about some stories of life, but no Internet or in reality it is not necessary to speak about the recent separation, of course, if you have not asked about it. And especially do not compare your past partner aloud to the man who now is with you. All people are unique! And you can not compare the two people on the same parameters! Perhaps when meeting online chat held much easier, but if you do not talk about, discuss former partner — not a good topic! If this happens on your first date — think!
And when he does not ask for your contact number, landing you in public transport — all clear: this acquaintance through the Internet can put a full stop! Look for another partner!
And you do not despair! Besides, you would have to give a medal! Not everyone can tolerate a few hours walking the nihilist shy and terrible skeptic unchanged realist, not a bit believed in a miracle. Through such knowledge ever have to go through if it is supposed to start on the Internet.
Girls, do not forget that although your talkativeness and is due to physiological (you still have the speech center in the area three times more than men), excessive talkativeness sometimes crazy! Think about what you can share with a stranger when they first met and what to leave for later.
Another piece of advice when meeting online. Going on a blind date with no photos, try to build as much as possible at least ideas and images of the man who was going to meet. For often frustrated when meeting in real life are the very reason that you have built yourself a ideal.
We only strive for perfection, but never be able to become one. Because with him, as the asymptote to the graph of the function can never cross!

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