How to respond to an insult?

The world, unfortunately, is not perfect. Maybe if it was different, it would be boring, but some of the manifestations of this imperfection can not just deliver unpleasant moments, they can permanently unsettle.

Insults always unpleasant, but for those who can not adequately respond to them, they are often the cause for depression. How to respond to an insult and is it worth it? I prefer not to answer. Why? I do this for several reasons.

First, I am lost to the brutality. Of course, then I find the arguments made, but, as they say, the train had already left. Second, spend time to find relations with a man capable of offending the other, I think the irrational, as far from thinking that I could change it for the better.

Thirdly, I have weak vocal chords and shout rowdy can hardly, and often in verbal battles wins the one with louder voice. Fourth, the response attack provokes a scandal, and the classical string «offense — the answer — an insult to the answer» can be infinite. In the end, I give in, and win, as you know someone who makes a point. I prefer to put an end immediately, without going through all the intermediate steps.

This does not mean that I am doing the right thing is also not always possible to ignore the insult. Since the question of how to respond to an insult, I have always been for myself, I brought a few lines of conduct, which, depending on the circumstances, help to keep the situation under control.

First of all, do not take offense at his own expense and literally. If a person has a bad mood or have flaws in education, it does not mean that I am to blame for this.

Constructive criticism and insult — two different things. Insult, as a rule, does not have anything to do with who we really are. Hence the phrase: «Do you have a specific proposal?» Puts the opponent in a deadlock. Particular he has nothing, or would he, and began to talk.

If you do not know how to respond to an insult, but it will certainly have to do to keep their dignity, respond with humor. Of course, this is easier said than done, but repartee if not defuse the situation, it will help with honor out of the situation. In any case, hearing in his address something unpleasant, try to stay calm. Just remember that the person you no and his opinion (if it is an opinion, not a simple attack on your side) you are not interested.
Try not to raise your voice, respond calmly and with dignity. Can not do, because it shows that you're upset. Keep track of your emotions, focus on them, not insults. Sometimes it is friendly enough to ask again what the person said. Pretend you did not hear, or just thinking and did not pay attention to his statement. Repeat offense will only avowed ham. With a match for I would not have become, but it's especially my character. Someone will call it cowardice, but I prefer to call it common sense, and guided them in such situations.

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